Lotti. My old E-100.

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Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-record.com/ !


  1. Incase your wondering, im using a dark grey or so paint to make my E100 look this way. Just dont put on any camo and there you go, blackish E-100. Looks dope i think! 🙂

  2. ThICC black hard e100!

  3. Circon playing the E100? Tffffffffffffff

  4. Should have use AC/DC – Back to Black

  5. boeoeoeoe gold pukers

  6. eat a happymeal full of dicks Circonflexes 2017

  7. whats the song called which circ sings with his suck a dick lyrics?

  8. i am so mad, sad and stresed becuse of artillery you can run but you cant hide. i am not even joking i a siting here cold sweting becuse i cant get away from arty every fucking game, i am so mad that i almost cry, dont even get me started on the broken tier 8 mm becuse that is fucked. and i am grinding a stock centurion + a sta-1 that isnt stock. not even in my t49 can i stay clear of arty becuse when i sit stil for one second its enof for scumbags to click.

    • Yeah arty is still sky cancer, ive been 1 shot while moving at full speed, the only way to be arty safe anymore is to not be spotted

  9. why gold on t10 ? #NoMoreGold

    • i understand your point but isnt it a game where you should search for weakspots and try to pen them even if the enemy shoots gold back at ya? I know that WG cant Balance tanks anyway but you can Change the Players mind at showing nice Battles and not using Gold so they might stop too, you have 92k subs, that means a lot of tankers warch your videos so you can provide them from shooting gold and make this game a better one #NoMoreGold

    • Yeah and snapshotting Type 4 turret front with HEAT is so much better… double standards, anyone?

    • well if he that is 7 was facing right at you and some how you cant see his lower plate.. you would still pen his entire frontal upper glacis because you have gold loaded. lets say if he was actually hull down to you. but he is not facing his turret at you(because he was distracted at that time by the ST-1) you would still auto pen his turret which you couldn’t do with AP unless you hit the right spot with your inaccurate rng based e100 gun which only has a slight chance. yeah that is 7 was not playing really smart but if he was.. he is still fucked because you gold spams.

    • i’m not against using gold rounds. we all do it when we want that beautiful 3 marks on a tank and even when we need 2 and to balance some bullshit(mostly because of 3 5 7 MM which you complains. thank you for that. that MM is completely bullshit. we don’t want that). but don’t complain when someone else gold spams you. because that is whining. you are really skilled. don’t lower yourself man. but if you reduce using gold rounds that would be great. so nobody can say anything. just my opinion though

    • the type 4 can snap-“pen” any tank in the game with its HE whether premium or not, this argument is irrelevant.

  10. e100 is such a godly tank

  11. 5:35 “why is the obj 140 running away from a low health M103” well circon, maybe he was running to defend the friendly base? ?

    • KHRrocks or maybe, that obj is idiot

    • Defending the base from what? Racoons?

    • The other flank had lost, he went back for the JpZ and the T32, which at the time was unspotted. It may not be master level play but going back once your flank is more or less won when the other has lost seldom loses games on the percentages.

    • Matthew Carberry excuse me what jpz? The T32 posed no threat to the base and if the 140 pushed with Circon the match wouldn’t have taken so long

    • watch it again, starting about 5:10, after the 140 started moving, the O-Ho and JPII (called it wrong) were unspotted, as was T32 until 5:40. The former two ended up being down at the base with no guarantee the UDES could/would take them. Again, not saying it was ‘great’ play, especially in hindsight, but it isn’t/wasn’t objectively “wrong” to go back to defend after the other flank loses and you lose sight of half the enemy team.

  12. Damn these German tier 10 scouts are big

  13. Skilfully loading the heat rounds great, an other unicorn which fires excessive premium rounds and uses premium consumables that must be why i am only green

    • Chems Fan I only read half and its another case of “you think you do but you dont” WG uncharacteristically gives you so much shit in this f2p game i got a free t6 dickermax that makes decent credits from a really easy line of misdions, a freaking rare type62 from a marathon that wasnt hard just time consuming and a fucking t8 premium t25 pilot from another marathon, playing those tanks alone over and over nets me so many credits not to mention easy as fuck campaign missions that give alot of crefits and other juicy rewards with all of that i can easily afford to spam heat if i want to but clearly thinking smart is not possible for you.

    • Hmm, I use almost exclusively premium consumables and though I rarely full-out spam gold ammo I use it frequently when specific situations require it, which due to the types of tanks I play is actually fairly frequently with the bad MM these days, but I never put a single penny into this game – specifically because I know the whole game is set up to favor the higher paying users.

      Why would I put a small amount of money into a game knowing that those with far more to spend will still do better than me no matter how hard I try? Congrats, you have bought the rights to complain about being a person who is not good with managing their finances smartly.

      Oh, and to whoever brought it up – The IS-7 is a tank recommended for noobs because it’s armor doesn’t require skill against tanks like the E-100(which do require skill, even with gold ammo), just go hull down and keep them in front of you and their skill level is eliminated – gold rounds in that scenario are equalizing the (lack of) skill level between both tanks and that is exactly the scenario when gold rounds are MOST justified, I can’t believe anyone even brought that situation up as an example of bad gold round usage, rofl. It’s spamming gold against tanks they could pen easily with some skill going for weak spots that is the issue, you can’t push the “skill key” if skill is irrelevant to that whole fight – and sometimes it’s easier to just keep going gold than remembering in the heat of battle to switch back and forth.

      I hate gold spamming but it’s part of the game whether I love it or hate it, either fucking accept that and stop whining like snowflakes or stop playing the game – playing just so you can bitch is fucking retarded.

    • if prem rounds mean uni stats, unicums would make up 60% of the player base.

    • Mimimimimimimimi

  14. You dare to play EW100 without binos and a camo net?? Shame on you sir!

  15. That shot hit me while I was playing on Himmelsdorf

  16. How can you differentiate between using good aim and just spam prem and hope it pens

  17. E100 best scout!

  18. The color on your E-100 looks amazing.


  20. this is why light tanks need a buff you can do a much better job just by parking in one place as a heavy tank and bouncing shells then by doing all the passive scouting or active scouting in the world.

  21. Why is the Panther 8,8 even shooting at an E100? Is there anything to get on this with 203 or 237 pen? I don’t think so. And please: Not Maushen to the Mäuschen. Even if you ignore the umlaut, it’ll be at least Maus-schen. Come on Nederlandse taal is not that far off. It’s Mois-schen. Please.

  22. e100= best german scout^^

  23. WTF that view range

  24. The M103 has been playing too many TDs and the Type 4 was trying to make his team lose ?????

  25. Suzchs mine dick holio fuckers! — Circonflexes in his stevE100

  26. Painting it black makes it run faster right?

  27. I love the shit pitching commentary Circon xD!

  28. i read tittle like (Lolli. My old e100) k

  29. Why is the E 100 black?

  30. 4:43 kawasaki 500

  31. btw remember to sub and like the vid!

  32. L O T T I

  33. “It’s slightly arousing when Artillery misses” ONLY SLIGHTLY?

  34. “Fuck you, eat a dick..!” Circon, 2017

  35. Hi Twitch!

  36. Almost completed the grind to the E100. But I don’t think I will buy it, better keep my crew for the E75. Which is tier for tier a way better tank.

  37. thats what you deserve for HEAT on tier 8s…a lot of misses ! 😉

  38. Please make a video on how to get to max voew range in diffrent ways.

  39. Why is there an on screen notification of what your pen is and what pen is needed for the target you have the cursor on?

  40. Circon reminded me of Darth Vader. When he said “What!” Like in A New Hope when Han comes down with the Falcon.

  41. 5X even bring out the suck my dick from Circon, now all the kids have been saying it lol gg

  42. If you want big games like this be prepared to load premium rounds. It’s in the game and not going away so work the system. “Unnecessary use of premium rounds”, tired of this mantra. Also tired of complaining about Arty even after they nerfed it. With all these super heavies you should hope some Arty helps counter them, since even premium rounds bounce a lot.

  43. Ja, Jeg ser diskusjonenne som føregår her. Du tenker rett men du burde se hvordan avgjørelsenne dine ses av vanlige spillere. Att du skøt 80% gull når det ikke trengtes gjør ett ganske lattlerligt syn fra de fleste.
    Du bryr deg kanskje ikke om å skyte for mye gull men gjennomsnittlege spillere må regulere gul bruken for å ikke gå totalt konkurs med tanke på credits.

    med andre ord: for gjennomsnittlige og dårligere spillere er merkedsføringen din (av hvordan du spiller) stinkende grisebasj som gir ett negativt utslag på hvordan dei.
    Dei vill laste mye mer gull skydd selv når det ikke trengs.

    Du burde bruke ammunisjonen din med åmmhu, for aa inspirere dei fleste som ser deg på en bra måte!

  44. Really HEAT spamming, come on Circon I thought you were better than that.

  45. What a monster game, meanwhile the E-100 on my team earlier today did 0 damage in a 3-5-7 MM.

  46. U need to 3 mark that thing

  47. Dang it lol, almost choked on my food after that nearly fully aimed shot decided to travel eastward bound xD

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