Loudest Gun In All Of Gaming

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  1. Dunno the bmp 2m grenade launcher is pretty loud when someone spam fires into the back of your turret at the start.

  2. Bosvark is goofy AF. No armor is best armor plus a spread out crew….

  3. Bring out *Le Child* play the ELC! I haven’t seen one yet….

  4. Insane gameplay

  5. hey phly, take out the awful looking japanise ST-A1 tank

  6. Daily videos are the best, see ya friday

  7. Hope they add the missiles

  8. I`d love to see a vid on the merkava mk 4M

  9. Cab we please do another su100p video? It’s even 5 years since you did a video on it and it’s been lowered in br since

  10. I see these regularly at 10.0 and above and they do no worse than at 9.3…

  11. So Phly has a creator account that lets him have everything unlocked?

  12. Puma side armor is almost perfect

  13. Germany 9.3 is very fun with begleit, puma, ozelot and g91

  14. “loudest gun in gaming”
    COD MW2 RAAL MG:laughs in ear bleed

  15. ayo phlydaddy can you play the ikv 103 when the new br changes drop. 400mm pen heatfs round at 4.0

  16. I was grinding the Sheridan when the puma came out, it was miserable.

  17. I have been saying new gamemofes forever and that would be fun and interesting, maybe that’s why they don’t do it

  18. 9:18 unfortunately it doesnt. check out ahead Munitions for the Mantis, its the same shell for slightly higher calibre (35mm)

  19. AHEAD shell in PUMA is not proximity fuse
    AHEAD is advanced time fuse, which is controlled by laser rangefinder and fire control system.
    Computer inputs the distance to the shell with the input at the end of the gun barrel, and shell explodes near the target and sprays tungsten shrapnel.

    BUT GAYJIN DIDN’T MAKE AHEAD FIRE CONTROL MECHANISM, so AHEAD shell of PUMA is just a normal HE with no shrapnel and overpressure
    Yeah, AHEAD is gaijined lol

  20. no armors best armor fun tier

  21. 10:23 don’t forget “More Money” seeing how we got rank 7 premium planes that are nothing really that much different than the rank 6 planes we have already but we have to pay even more money for.

  22. I’m sad that Phly missed the Puma in it’s prime

  23. 6:22 “me after taco bell”

  24. this gun is so distinctive anyone can know what the tank is when it shoots

  25. It’s great until you get uptiered like crazy every game

  26. I wonder, should th epuma be removed from WT now that Germany has put it on ice for the forseeable future? 😀

  27. Imagine a tank so good even german mains cant keep it at its battle rating.

  28. How’s a 2010 ifv in 9.3?

  29. Are you kidding me, this thing even has an SPAA-like ballistic computer? What the actual F….

  30. A quirky vehicle?

    what about the P40 tank? its in italy at 3.3 and has a bit of bouncy armor and armed with a 75mm APHE with about 270g of explosive mass. I think it has a higher explosive mass than the tiger h1/E.

  31. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James the III. Jr

    Type 89 when

  32. Did you not make a video with the same title a few years ago? That time it was I believe the GAZ AAA with a .50cal at BR 1.3 that wad very very loud.

  33. Leclerc would be awesome… not many show the french top tier…

  34. Laser the plane and the ammo will explode eventually… Time for the Mythbusters

  35. I was grinding British 7.3 when the PUMA was released, always up tier and against Germany, PUMAs everywhere, no chans with the Swingfire, Centurion Mk.3 and Centurion Mk.5/1, it was not fun.
    So I went with Germany 7.7, where I have DF105 and Maus + some 7.3 vehicles like Marder A1- , Spz BMP-1 and Leopard 1, guess what, almost all matches where 8.3, but with PUMAs on my side they where fun.
    I understand that Gaijin puts new tanks att a lower then balanced BR due to the hype and grinding you have to do. That results in a lot of played hours.
    Thanks for a nice video!
    I don’t know if PUMA have the loudest gun, how does it compare to the gun that M163 have?

  36. Hey phly their is a japanese aircraft between 3 and 6 BR it has got 2 ridicolous rockets that are pretty much like bombs, hopefully you can take it out and make a video off of it

  37. @Jack Irvine Which Tiger Decal do you mean? The troll one or the beautiful one which you got with the Tiger pack?

  38. SlipperyLordTouchMe

    Yeah the shrapnel shells are controlled by the laser range finder so it’s really bad shell

  39. the way AHEAD works in-game is like the HE-TF on the Flak 88, but instead of exploding next to them, it acts like a 12gauge birdshot going off

  40. Take the strf 9040Bill

  41. tbh i think the z su57-2 could challenge that to the loudest gun

  42. play some low low tier in the next video, what about the Nb.Fz.

  43. wait until they add MELLS for it

  44. maylo rodriguez marte

    Can you take the leopard a1a1 l/44 and g.91 r/4 combo

  45. Struggle bus for next vid

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