LOW TIER FUN TIER – BABY JAGDTIGER (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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LOW TIER FUN TIER – BABY JAGDTIGER (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, ’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!



  1. phly, u trained me good,u teached me how to pilot snipe and ammo rack
    tanks, thank u phly :)

  2. never do that fucking intro music ever again

  3. what’s up widda noo mewsicks?

  4. Phly plz play the a20g and the m4a1 and go save the normandy!!!

  5. low tier is enjoyable because its generally full of bad players to stomp.


  7. love the music!

  8. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    “attempt 1”
    play the British sherman and mosquito plz phly.
    if anyone knows specific versions plz say im replys. i dont play war
    thunder so i dont know specifics

  9. @phlydaily Fly the Me-262 for ze yermans and try not to get wrecked by some
    MIG 9L’s

  10. Once I was in a IS-1 (my highest tank in my preset) and I was in a battle
    that had a T95….

  11. Phly, Gaijin keeps adding stuff because it’s not yet fully released. The
    beta stage (where War Thunder is) is used to pump out new content as fast
    as they can. At the very end of beta is when the cleanup stage takes place.
    While part of the addition of content is because people are leaving, most
    of it is because of the current stage of development.

  12. you should tell me your twitter (if you have one) and should post whenever
    you start a custom game

  13. M551 and F9F-2/5 Panther!

  14. Two words phly, BR compression..

  15. conqueror and the Canberra LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

  16. COMRADE! Take the M551 Sheridan and the AD-1 and make the Cult of the
    Sheridan proud!

  17. The thumbnail tiger is the picture from my school website holy shit

  18. I think what the problem is, is that the lower tiers have obvious flaws,
    however the higher tiers have to have artificial weaknesses created for
    them and it’s and obvious oversight

  19. This intro is dope!

  20. Um phly I don’t know what you tried to say in German at the beginning
    please respond

  21. KV-85 Phly

  22. get the blitzkrieg going with the pnazer 3 M and the Ju 87. ze Stuka!

  23. Take out the tortoise and the Wyvern. Tortoise and the hare!

  24. Low tier is more fun because you’re against newbies. High tier vehicles may
    not be unbalanced, but you get pwned by players who are really good.

  25. Low tier fun tier Russian Bias: Pe-3 and KV-1S

  26. Kenneth “DeathImpact” Tran

    Higher tier gameplay is balance but the bad players make it unbalance. You
    can only have a good game when you are in a platoon with 2 other competent
    people. I’ve play WT ever since 3.1 when max lvl 20 and it always more than
    half the team die in the first 5-8 minutes without even see the enemy then
    those that die cried OP.

  27. Welcome to ass river? Lmao

  28. Lower tiers are more fun and more balanced because they’re less competitive
    and more people play them.

  29. Panzer 3 M and bf109e, on tier 3 :D

  30. Phly, play the german giants, the Maus and the BV-238.

  31. The true ‘murican combo, M18 Hellcat and PBJ 75mm!

  32. m4a2e8 and P-51D for murica

  33. You should do the German Tiger and ze’ BF-109 Luftwaffa combination. For
    Ze’ Fatzerland!

  34. whos piper? she sounds hot..

  35. The Penatrator 9000

    i wish they add some 2.0-5.0 BR for beginners

  36. The Penatrator 9000

    oops, i forgot to add jets

  37. The Penatrator 9000

    i wish they add 2.0-5.0 jets for beginners is what i mean

  38. The problem with Vote in comments is there is no more great discussion in
    top of comm’
    I learn a lot in WT in Phly video’s commentary ^^’

  39. I don’t know if they’re compatible, but Cromwell and Boomerang would be
    cool. For The Commonwealth!

  40. get the hell fighter and hell cat

  41. Not a suggestion for the next vid, but an idea. If they, Gaijin, are
    actually attempting to keep with what historical documents they have
    available, then it is to be expected that as you advance in tiers, or the
    war, certain tanks will outperform others. The battle rating system, while
    broken, I think is there to ensure that there is SOME variety to prevent
    boredom to a degree.

  42. M18 m8!!

  43. we tell gaijin to fix that shit DM model, fix damn nerfed ammo, zoom… and
    they like DENIED COMRADE !!!
    PzGr penatration reduced by 10%
    APHEBC buffed by 80%
    60 degree armor now bounces with 90% chanse of calibers lower than 120mm
    AP rounds nerfed by 100%
    Diesiel fuel now burn cold and 0% to explode
    Petrol fuel 100% explode chanse, 200% fire chanse

  44. new song is awesome

  45. M551 and b57b good luck

  46. what is you name Phly? is it phillip? and seen you made a channel about war
    thunder (which was a plane game at the time) and your name was phillip, and
    you loved flying. so did you think {fly+phillip=phly}, and that’s how phly
    daily came along??? or is it nothing like that????

  47. ej why you cild a tetrah

  48. its beautifull

  49. u have a daughter?

  50. the littel Tanks are so cute :)

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