Lowe – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

Playing solo on a flank and doing all the correct things for a change…


  1. you get the map up with CTRL ;)

  2. Concur – text book game, good to see solid tactics pay off.
    I probably would have got impatient and pushed earlier which I think would
    have failed or wobbled and went back to help defend the cap.
    Good move panicking the Hellcat into a direct rush back to defend. A
    hellcat can be an awesome opponent.
    Soz if I’m rambling.

  3. I really like the intro of the drawing of a tank in time lapse. When or if
    you have a number of them…. Swop them around please – I miss the Tiger : )
    Did you idolise the Tiger and rush to get it? Have you done a replay of the

  4. My thoughts exactly, I’d have pushed earlier and gone back to defend too

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