LOWEST Tier Tank VS TOP Tier Tanks (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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LOWEST Tier Tank VS TOP Tier Tanks ()


  1. I legit pooped my pants when he killed that is4

  2. lol, thermal imploding rip

  3. Photo you haven’t took out the B-17 in a long time. You have orders to Bomb
    the factors of the nazis. Take your bomber and slick bee escorts you in

    Bomb the fuck out of them

  4. Phly, the lads had a splendid idea. the OP German stolen T-34. But restolen
    by the Soviets and put back into the Russian tech tree. #TooMuchBias


  6. phly do some ninja stuff- play the japanise m24 or m4a3 for the glory of
    the emperor

  7. Na-To
    Ki-44-II otsu

  8. PieWithMoustache PWM

    Another reason to LOVE the mighty Ho-Ro.

  9. get well soon

  10. Louis “Tanker” Wimmer

    The Shot that destroyed the IS-4 was epic.

  11. WTF, I can’t kill a IS-4 with my jagtiger but you.. no comment.

  12. Splish splash challenge- SU-152 and KV-2 only shoot below enemies with HE
    to shrapnel them to shit (attempt #3)

  13. Phly, You should bring back the top 5 epic plays. I loved the series and I
    would enjoy it if you brought it back. Just a suggestion. I feel a few
    others could agree with me.

  14. awesome vid! loved the way phly reacted when he killed something!

  15. Phly used Beast Mode. It was SUPER effective!

  16. i dont know why but today was a bad day for germans

  17. I one shorted three is4 in test drive

  18. Take the m16 into 8.0 battle rating good luck??

  19. ho-ro vs maus

  20. M103 and the F86 with HVARs Attempt #3

  21. Since you did a low tier SPG under the rising sun, how about the M3 75mm
    GMC vs top tier.

  22. M18 at 8.0 (use m56 and cannonberra) enjoy :)

  23. When you killed the is 4 I uninstalled the game. R.I.P Russians. All hail
    Japan and Germany. Heil Bias. For a combo take out the t 34 85 and IL
    28.Last try to reborn russian bias.

  24. Bt5 at 8.0

  25. Andre Kremer (BC120)

    that’s what I love at war thunder even with tier 2 or 3 you can stills do
    something against t5

  26. poly you should fly the mc 202 in a sim battle with a squad they are comedy
    gold sparkles

  27. 10:06 THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN 😀 😀 :D

  28. lolsohardrightnow

  29. i played this thing and i pen nothing…. any angle no pen…. thats why i
    dont play it anymore

  30. Hanomag-Henschel JPz 4-5 German TD

  31. horo the best girl

  32. Lol you use horo and in the tiger II and Horten combo you like hey weird à
    m6a1 and you uses this pls pub this comment?

  33. kv2 vs high br

  34. M-15 and P26 with .50cal 7th try

  35. Phly use the mother fûcking xp55 attempt#15

  36. Now shoot down planes like this.

  37. Phly protect the palace with the fv 4004 Conway

  38. East front combo! 37mm Stuka and Ferdinand (Elefant)

  39. Speaking of the bombs in the ground

    All of the bombs that have been dropped on my head recently have either
    sunken down into the ground, or the indicator for them just doesn’t show,
    anyone else?

  40. take out the Leo A1A1 and Arado with 20mm show that beer is more bias then
    vodka! attempt 7

  41. I was playing with precutziplock just now, and he’d really like to speak to

  42. Kill a Maus with a machine gun

  43. This was probably one of the most entertaining videos you’ve ever made imo,
    along with the airburst rocket video.


  45. Japanese were like: your new vehicles are great but we have the Ho-Ro.

  46. Sub if u like the vid


  47. Lowest Top vs Tier Tier ~thumbnail

  48. ai tao Không cần

    Japanise bias :)

  49. japanese tanks are op. Seriously, naval guns on tanks at tier 1 and
    precision?! That’s bullshit knowing how well (or not) japanese designed
    their tanks back then…

  50. challenge: take a kv2 in top tier and take down a jet with it

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