LT vz.35 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Just a quicky!

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  1. The Anonymous Patriot

    I free XPed by way past those low tier tanks :|

  2. IIRC, I played this tank on the same map and a team mate in a T1 ended up
    with a massive game. He just dodged and then unloaded his clip.

  3. Do you have any new years resolution(s) Os? Aaaand, have you been to the
    Star Wars island? (If you have seen the movie you know what I’m talking
    about.. ;)

  4. The only thing about this tank that I hated was in a word: Mittengard! That
    map ruins low tier tanks for me. God game and looking forward to the next
    one. Thanks!

  5. I had an interesting moment yesterday, I was playing the T1 HMC on
    Himmelsdorf. It was one of those games where our team completely bulldozed
    the other and with the horrible accuracy and long reload and aim time of
    that tier 2 American SPG I wasn’t able to do anything at all. I got 0
    damage and of course no spotting or anything – and yet I got a 3rd class
    mastery badge! How horribly bad do you have to be to not get a medal in
    this piece of junk? :)

  6. I finally just started the Czech grind, I just unlocked the tier 5 and
    judging from stats i don’t think ill enjoy it. Everything okay on it accept
    one thing, dpm. It’s dpm is really, really, really, bad.

  7. First, ahahaha!

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