LTG – Magic Carpet Ride

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Source: SirCircon


  1. *LTGB tank

  2. Farta missed!

  3. Teams bad cause Polish kids have bit of off school time

  4. great ending 🙂

  5. The turret looks like a deformed Charioteer turret.

  6. can you please review Ru251 & T37. in new patch. thank ?

  7. This tank….. lmao

  8. i freaking love the ltg. The only problem is the 0.4 accuracy that sometimes raises its ugly head. But every light now got mediocre accuracy. And the dispersion values are insane. That thing shoots on the move like a badass. All in all, i managed to get 4 aces in a row with it and its my new elc replacement for stat padding

  9. How would the crew even fit in the hull? Prone position?

  10. The LTG is a good demonstration of the effects of the Zika virus.

  11. I thought stalin’s mattress was a better name 😀

  12. and then we have the 13 75 which was bad before the patch and now is even worse with only 4 shots

  13. there is a serious lack of Gunbarrels in the Thumbnail.
    just saying

  14. turreted elc

  15. LTG – Lay down, Take a nap and Go again.


    Okay wtf why do all russian 85mm’s reload in 4 or 5 seconds and the chinese 85mm on wz131 7 to 8 seconds. EVEN THE TIER 5 KV1 reloads faster.

  17. Balc0ra's Gaming

    This is def my new fav tier 7 LT after they broke the SP 1C’s bully potential. With 2200 DPM you can’t complain.


    Type 62 actually has better soft stats and is actually better but you forgot the Russian factor.

  19. I can show you the worlddd….. shiny shimmering tankkkkkss… tell me princess can you hear the screams from my vanquished enemies..?

  20. A whole new world…

  21. Funny how this thing gets 10 more alpha then the useless BatShit 12t

  22. a moment of silence for the poor bastard in the Cromwell who got killed in the most savage of ways

  23. OP turret

  24. Manuel Scherrer

    im amazed you cam up with the same name as i gave it circon.

  25. A new pancake tank it seems 😀

  26. Lol that last kill just my day

  27. Manuel Scherrer

    who thinks that the t54 light is apiece an even biger peace of shit than befor the patch. or is it youst me

  28. I think lights should be able to fight, but I dont think you should be in a light bouncing shots from lower tier mediums. Even equal tier, like theres a chance that something like a 34/85 bounces off this turret. The T54 ltw is ridiculous, even before. Lower tier shit could bounce off its upper plate. Fighting them in my Bulldog was aids before.

  29. lmao love the last kill

  30. I think you wouldnt even need to shoot anyone in that tank, I bet they’d already die just by looking at it

  31. this thing looks like a shotgun blew the right side of its face away…

  32. is it a good tank?

  33. You straight up made that Cromwell your bitch at the end.

  34. I like to dream right between my PEN machine 😀

  35. Legendary end.

  36. Mini mutant.

  37. The casual ownage of that Chromewheel was just gold 😀

  38. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    Tfw your hull is so low you can hull down on a curb.

  39. the last kill lol

  40. The Undead Mage

    Stalins mattress strikes again

  41. You had your way with that cromwell the way you wanted to GG

  42. Is the LTG any good and/or worth buying if you already have the LTTB?

  43. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I’d like to see you play this more to get a better feel for the tank. In this replay it did really well. On a darker note, anyone else think about one of the closing scenes in Saving Private Ryan when Circon finished the AFK Cromwell? Shhh, shhhh, shhhh.

  44. I love my cyclop.

  45. Walker Bulldog’s XP is glitching since the new patch my XP from my T49 moved to the walker bulldog i was given so i can continue to unlock the T54E1 but i can’t add XP to it.

  46. PhilMcCrackin13 phil

    Any luck on getting the chieftain on ps4? If you ever hop on there, there’s an op going on right now where you can get the t95E2, Brazilian bulldog, t71 etc for free during this month long event on both consoles.

  47. Itsabedpan

  48. Suggestion: don’t send this to jingles he’ll get much excite much jingle

  49. george marnelakis

    I guess i missed something, wth is this!

  50. Daan Bronkhorst

    It’s like the Russian made a normal-ish tank, and something went wrong in the factory and a KV-2 got dropped on it and they said, ”looks like blin now but is good comrade”’

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