LTG Review/Guide, Common Mistakes When Pushing

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Source: Taugrim

I the LTG, a tier 7 in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 and tier battles.

This my 2nd stint playing the LTG and I’m doing much better this time around 🙂

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb camouflage (~40 with Camo + BIA)
+ Excellent DPM (1800 base)
+ Good turret protection (~120mm effective)
+ Very low profile hull
+ Solid alpha (180)
+ High alpha HE round (300)
– Very poor gun depression (-5)
– Low view range (360 base) makes it difficult to reach 445m
– Poor accuracy (0.40 base)
– Hit every ugly branch as it fell down the tech tree

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab or Vents

I prefer VStab for improved gun handling, but Vents improves the view range

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can support me on Patreon, send me gold in-game, donate via PayPal, or simply shop on Amazon:



  1. Just got the LTG couple days ago and im kinda liking it

  2. great video as always informative and very smart methodical play…..definitely not boring

  3. Dereck Saeyang-Lawrence

    ignoring cover mechanics and pretending it was skill… ookay

  4. As a light player I find your playstyle not boring but methodical. You are trying to minimize the impact of luck in the equation by repeatable and structured gameplay. Unfortunately there is much less bush cover in the console version so we have to rely on active scouting in a faster paced game. There is a fine line between being useless and suicidal in a fast paced game though . keep up the good work.

    • This is exactly what I’m trying to do – minimize luck with methodical, structured gameplay. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Also, other players get away with yolo all the time, but when I try it I die horribly.

    • I could not have said it better. There is this element of deliberateness (is that a word?) in Taugrim’s gameplay. I want to win the match. Sometimes the aggressive YOLO works, but never for me. Use of the game mechanics in a methodical and intelligent manner will improve the odds of a win. Keeping the light tank alive to play the vision game later in the match also helps.

      I have the LTG in my garage but am working on my MT-25 crew to move up before I activate the new tank.

      Thanks, Taugrim for these very instructional videos.

    • Ozgur, well said. It bothers Me that they removed the cover on many of the console maps.  Our maps have been dumbed down.

    • +Taugrim I learned a lot from your replays. Although some of the tactics are not that effective in the console version I try to apply most of the principles you summarized in your guide video. That does not give me epic one shot results; but consistent play even as bottom tier.

  5. love your vids

  6. Your videos are NOT boring. I need all the advice in WoT I can get. Just watching you helps me avoid common mistakes (I still make them, but less often)

  7. Hi Taugrim, great map and play tips, thanks. I think I’ll get the LTG next, it looks like a tank I can work with. Once again you’ve taken us to school; keep them coming please.

  8. Great stuff as always. I always learn something new from your vids and try to implement it, usually not as well. I shoot in the bush, get spotted, panic, drive into a rock, get tracked and die. Its still fun though. Working my way up the Russian lights.

  9. Boring is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. I think that it is similar to how some people think an MMA fight is boring if there isn’t a KO or submission. Frankie Edgar and GSP are two of my favorite fighters because of the immense skill they possess although they both have a tendency to “go to the judges” rather than get the KO or submission. I’ll take a technicality skilled fighter over a flashy showboat any day. I watch QB because he is an entertaining YouTuber and I like him but I don’t learn as much from him. I actually learn quite a bit from this channel and I look forward to new videos.

  10. GG, great video

  11. Dear Taugrim, definitely not boring. Your videos stand out as the best examples of how to play methodically, strategically and sensibly in order to play this game well.

  12. Grat stuff , learn from you every time, keep it coming

  13. I don’t find your videos boring at all. If I wanted to chuckle constantly i’d look elsewhere but when I’m wanting to learn how to play this game better and have everything explained i look to your vids. Keep doing what you’re doing, you truly are an asset to this community.

  14. Your videos are not boring at all. Actually, it is very informative and helps me play better. I always watch your videos once it is released and I wish you release more videos frequently. Your videos make me wanna play the game and learn more. You are a very good player that is not spamming gold and all premium stuff. Keep it up buddy good job.

  15. IMO your videos are not boring. I would however prefer more medium high tier tank videos.

  16. I got 2 marks on mine also, then got tired of playing it

  17. Shihab Bin Humayoon

    I personally really enjoy your videos, I have learnt a lot from them, unlike other youtubers who use a lot of premium ammo, I really respect the fact that you don’t and the fact that you used common sense to reach super unicorn is inspiring.

  18. I currently started grinding LTG cuz I bought LT-432. So surprised to see you posted this vid!
    Me personally I cannot live without Gold ammo. I put like 3:2 for almost every tank (3 standard ammo for 2 prems).
    (Think of meeting a Japanese heavy, penning them reliably makes me feel less bad, who can aim at one pixel of my exposed outer track and still do 500 dmg)
    But I have a big respect to those who are able to use silver only and still do great with them.
    Thanks for these videos

  19. LTG is also one of the best ‘ramming’ scouts (for ramming other scouts when the opportunity presents itself)

  20. Kind of reminds me of Russian medium stg or guard tank

  21. As a meh LT player enjoy your videos and game play to try and learn or get ideas from.

  22. Good thing T29 was sniping with its Strv gun and not helping killing the Conqueror who’s efforts got all tier 9’s killed…

  23. I’ve got to work on my map knowledge!

  24. Common sense rulez ?
    +What an ugly tank

  25. I wish i could play as boring as you lol.

  26. Great video as always!  Unfortunately I think most players accidentally hit the “M” key at some point early in their gaming experience and have been playing with no visible minimap ever since…  Edit- While watching the video you mentioned the horrible gun depression inherent in most Soviet tanks.  Have you obtained/played the LT 432 light with its unheard of 7 degrees depression?  If so what did you think?  Some people are calling it OP, it definitely seems better than the LTTB

  27. Your videos are great. Nothing boring about them what so ever. The difference between you and Lemmingrush is you do not project the sarcastic elitist attitude towards other players. Your videos are very refreshing. Keep up the great work.

  28. Your videos boring? They must be trolls.

  29. I too am a light player and find your play style refreshing to watch. Common sense does wonders!

  30. Your videos are showing tactical, calculated gameplay that use all the mechanics of WoT in your favor and try to win. It’s not boring at all, I love that style and slowly are making it my own because it works! Keep it up 😀

  31. Another good scout video.

    Any suggestions for tanks for

    IM STILL stuck on it for over a year and want to save my commendations for the 260 unpleasantries.

    • Any tier 9 except for the Chinese light would be a good choice. It’s a matter of whether you prefer an autoloader (AMX 13 90), good turret (T-54 ltwt), gun depression and/or derp (T49), or speed (Ru 251).

      You want high tier battles as there is a lot of HP on both sides, so plenty to spot and deal damage on.

      I would avoid the tier 10 light due to their being underpowered as a class.

  32. Another great video. I don’t think your videos are boring. I love how you explain how and why. Very helpful!

  33. i was in a match with you the other night, and thought, ” I recognize that name somewhere”. lol….. Then I see this video and it hits me. Not sure what the outcome was, but I know I was monitoring some toxicity in the game over the weekend. Had some muppet from the LATAM server on the central one and after-game messaged me in Spanish, all I could make out was “Cheater” and “mods”, which I don’t run any. Was in hellcat on Derpenburg and used bushes to kill his Jackson without being spotted. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you again out there…….

    • Taugrim & I were in a match on Lake (encounter at the white circle in the town on the east, lake road in the middle, valley in the west), & we wiped them out. Latter on a team against Taugrim, he was the last one killed. Which goes to show you, not all games are winnable, so… Good Luck, (plan your moves) & Have Fun (ya know, why you play this game to begin with!). (sic)

    • Some teams are simply uncarryable

      I had a battle about 45 minutes ago in my AMX 12t where I did over 2k damage and 4 kills and the rest of my team combined for ~1.2k and 1 kill. Nine friendlies has 0 damage.

      It was really sad, because I was spotting capably too.

  34. I was looking back through your older videos and I noticed that the only TDs that you have reviewed are the IKEA snipers, the T30 and the invisible hover tank I would love to see you run one of the other TD lines. I am currently running up the German line towards the the Grille 15. I already have the JP E100 quietly rusting in my garage. I am also running up the British line (currently I have the Challenger maxes out) and the Russian line towards the 264 v4 (I have the SU 100 maxed out and, surprisingly, I am loving it.) The French line looks interesting also but the Challenger maxes out my daily allotment for frustration. I am trying to keep my focus small. I am also working on the Leo but that is a painful grind.

  35. Your vids aren’t boring! Ignore the people who say that. Your videos are very helpful, and I’ve learned a lot from them.

  36. For me it’s not boring, you play light tanks in most of the videos, which for me is a class that I respect, because I believe it’s the hardest of all, not to mention that my quest is knowledge, so most of your videos are useful. Of course in a few days I’ll know a lot of things, but it will be due to you and other streamers like Skill4ltu and Darkllzor.

    also i got second mark on the type64 and i’m doing very well with wz 131 (tier7 chinese ligh tank)), thank you for all the videos <3

    PS: I really like and enjoy your videos, even if i'm not from a country who speaks English, i do understand.
    PS: I think the guy who told your videos are boring, dosen't have the same or more wn8 than you
    PS: Sorry for any english mistake

  37. Some of the best unicums I play with play boring and well positioned for shots until end game, and then trade their high HP with the lowered HP enemies for the win. It’s math, and math can be boring until everything is canceled out.

  38. How can I make a one time donation to you? You certainly have helped my gameplay while being entertaining, and informative without bombast. Patreon has been cumbersome for me.

  39. When i start south on red shire in a light tank i always counter spot on E7 and D7. It is very powerful. They can’t castle and your bishops have a very strong open diagonal to tehmselves. Sorry, wrong game.

  40. More videos bro mooooorrrreeeee

  41. The “boring gameplay” comment was interesting – I’m a light blue player and I’ve noticed that often my best games are the boring ones where everything just lines up perfectly, while my exciting games are usually the result of salvaging bad plays. So I’m wondering, does the game become less exciting as you reach unicum status?

  42. I love what you said to that t-43 player LOVE IT I say the same types of things but some times a bit more nastier then that. I really don’t understand how people can not pick up on how to play this game and be a tier 7 tank I mean really come on. But good video like always Taugrim.

  43. Your Toonmates issue with the E50[Redshire] and subsequently the IS6 as well , although valid[Avalon`s arguement] it was still hillarious the way he went about it..LOL

    • Avalon304 is a really good guy, but he and I both have a limit in terms of stupidity of friendlies. The E50 and O Ho could have cost us the game by throwing their tanks away, especially with the enemy Conqueror.

      Our E50 and O Ho committed very common (and preventable) mistakes when pushing. Hence the video title.

    • +Taugrim indeed. Over extending is a game-wide affliction which NO server or player with common sense is safe from!! I love how you TRY to punch home the fact that COMMON SENSE is a HUGE part of being a decent player (above average) which isn’t hard to attain IF one chooses to use said common sense. Yet 3/4’s if not more of the games player base is lost to that very fact sadly..

  44. Hey Tau, have loved ur videos for a long time! Going all the way back to SWTOR days. Wondering if you would do a how to start a new account series?

  45. I actually laughed when you said a viewer thought your play was boring. There is so much information in your videos that I watch them all two or three times each. The amount of intel you are observing is so high you have to speak quickly and I imagine you have to leave some info out because of time limits. Don’t change a thing and keep ’em coming. Thanks.

  46. I finally hit Unicom stats at about 11k battles all because of your tips and advice man – I love ya thank you!

  47. Really enjoying your videos. Helping me improve a lot.

  48. Santiago Manuel Pellejero

    Your videos aren’t boring. The ones that say that are the tankers that rush in and die at the start

  49. Taugrim are you excited to be gifted your T-50-2 🙂 November 28!

  50. Great video as always taugrim ?
    I’m a bit out of practice when it comes to light tanks these days, because of the new map layouts I’m having to scurry around looking for better tactics.
    I have 2 marked my T92 light tank thanks to your videos and It would be great if you could give me some advice to get me motivated and push it to the 3rd

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