^^| LTTB. Deep Bottom Tier. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  2. Notification SQUAAAAAAAAD

  3. AlexComedyGaming

    notification squad goals, 3rd

  4. Does Circ ever read his YT comments?

  5. first

  6. Aron Vanhaeverbeke

    Whats ur fav t7 lt?

  7. Does my bum look deep in this

  8. LTTB is ancient russian for Learn To Troll Bitch

  9. calculated never worried 🙂 nice meme

  10. How about some real bottom tier memes

  11. Awesomesauce 935

    I hate you Circon, you make this look so fucking easy.

  12. does anyone else still have their lttb crew they got during the winter showdown but still don’t have an lttb?

  13. link for download sights ?

  14. Quite a few of us watch your stream and other streamers too and we know that you are concerned at what might happen if Wargaming introduce the Stun Mechanic currently in the Sandbox.
    Let me share some observations with you.
    If the changes go ahead as they stand, which is by no means certain despite what the developers said recently, then it will ruin the enjoyment of the game for dedicated Arty players like myself and the 1200+ other members of my page.
    1. They would not be able to defend themselves alone against lights or mediums;
    2. They would not be able to earn enough xp or credits, as they would be dependent on assistance damage which is currently a small part of their earnings;
    3. They would not be able to one shot a lone enemy tank and stunning them would be pointless if they were too far away from your own team to do anything about it;
    4. They might not be able to counter-battery kill the enemy Arty; and;
    5. They would risk stunning their own team if they fired on any close-engagement.
    The problem is that if the Arty players find that their enjoyment of the game is ruined, it leaves them with a limited range of options, none of which they would be happy with.
    A. They could choose to uninstall and leave the game altogether – even though some have invested huge amounts of time, effort and money in the game;
    B. They could choose to go on strike and refuse to play – in which case then Wargaming might penalise them for inactivity;
    C. They could choose to fire on the scenery so they were not inactive, but not contributing to the battle;
    D. They could choose to fire on their own team to keep them stunned – in which case Wargaming might penalise them for Team Killing;
    E. They could choose to fire upon the enemy – but only so that they stun their own team as well at the same time; or;
    F. They could choose to focus on the highest rated enemy players (XVM) to ruin their game only. To effectively shut down and ‘perma-stun’ the best players and ruin their games (and streaming) permanently.
    None of these options are palatable to us as a group. We much prefer the game the way it is right now and don’t believe that Arty is toxic – despite what the developers say.
    We believe that Arty is essential to the game as it prevents each side taking defensive positions and forces the game to be dynamic.Arty players do support their team play and we teach our members how to respond to requests for fire which tactically assists the team.
    We understand that some players are upset at being removed from the game by a one-shot, but this is really the fault of Wargaming for not teaching new players how to avoid being hit. Indeed there are no tutorials for Arty players either. Everything we learn is picked up from fellow Arty players who share their knowledge freely.
    Countless times I’ve seen you play and you knew that an Arty round would be coming because you were spotted in an open position and you did something about it. You got the hell out of the position before you were hit!
    You said many times that Arty has a role in the game and I’ve seen you actually praise the Piggies for killing an enemy that you needed removed.
    I do hope that you can use all your influence with Wargaming to remind them that if the Arty players are handicapped by the stun mechanic, then this may lead to your game being ruined as well.
    It certainly wouldn’t help any of the streamers if they were perma-stunned.
    I implore you to please stop Wargaming ruining this game.
    Thank you

  15. Circon,can u play with SPIC i really want to see u how do u play it.Ofcourse if u have him in garage.☺

  16. Really awesome game circon, u are a pro

  17. the bottomest of tiers

  18. What a game! Damn

  19. world of tanks add on circons video. someone’s doesn’t know circons audience lol

  20. Could the Rhm have spotted you at 7:07 if he had bino with decent crew?

  21. That Foch dodge took balls, fucking hell! Well done Circon.

  22. Thank Circon
    You just show me the spot where i seem to get spotted from when i going middle

  23. scorpion firing apcr Against tier light

  24. Robbert van der Kleij

    I was the m41 player, f-ed up late in the game, White ammoracked . Realized only until I spotted you that I was with you in the game, about the same time that I realized that you would win this.

  25. lol the skorpion g used apcr on you….nice meme

  26. proč tam kurv a máš českou vlajku 🙂

  27. I love playing the lgbt

  28. Hot potato ?

  29. Romeo Dragonface

    Zshapanees Tyga

  30. Great battle!

  31. You should spend some of the bags of money you get on a new computer your stuff is choppy brother.

  32. nice haircut sir bro 🙂

  33. #SirCircon Can you do a video on Crew Training for Idiots like me who have no idea ! Or have you done one already ? Or is there one done by another WG contributor you can link me too ?

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