^^| LTTB Memes Stream Highlight

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Thanks for watching!


  1. I_-Treadstone-_I

    Is zoom out legal? I’m so used to it but when installing Aslain modpack
    (which I used in 1 battle btw :D) it said that it might be illegal on EU

  2. Wow, That is one of the worst teams I have ever seen. They were camping so
    far in the back I am rather sure they were trying to get off the map, ha.

  3. lucky game at the eng with the guy AFK…should have more medals, BIA for a
    platoon with the T28 and also a Fadins medal 😉 there was enough time. GG

  4. I lolled so hard 6:03+…. “hello….”… xD You Sir, manage to be funny as
    fck everytime! :D

  5. Double Double 4G

    Yay! It’s Mingles with Circon again :)

  6. Holy carry batman!

  7. LoL
    Now we saw how Circ looks like when he is focused and sweating to win…
    You know, not the usual easy-going stuff…

  8. I had 1 hell of a match like you had in LTTB but in my E25, I was still
    shaking 4 minutes after ! God it felt good.

  9. dick move to hog the amx at the end

  10. tier 8 is the new scrub tier ive noticed lately. the newer generation of
    tankers just dont know how to play their tanks right, they go to the same
    position on the map they always do regardless what tank they are in, its so
    fricken frustrating

  11. what is memes

  12. O M G

  13. Niko Pizza (deathcorelover)

    “Do a face reveal” hahaa

  14. Circon, I loved your tank placement and prioritsing of your targets and the
    way that you use cover to assist in keeping a low profile. I, on the other
    hand am a noob and really enjoy watching your streams and marvel at your
    mastery of the game. It is something that I hope to achieve one day. Please
    keep uploading because it teaches me so much!

  15. What’s your loadout on your LTTB Circon? I’m near there, and I never manage
    to catch you on in the clans since I’m in the US, playing on EU servers.

  16. Oh M6! Keep the gold loaded. Chinese light? Gold loaded! CDC? Guess that
    can be penned with AP…

  17. nice one

  18. lttb gun is fantastic

  19. Mohammed Shurafa

    what time your stream starts ? i wanna watch it live since am out here in

  20. What’s with the trend of heavy tanks sitting back, crying in the corners
    these days? Or am I just imagining things?

  21. GOT THAT TANK TODAY! Any tips SirCircon? ;)

  22. wait what? how the hell is boring to be a mobile bunker?
    atdu is love

  23. Martin “Shifty” Watson

    ‘hanks for watching!’


  24. Now all those plebs camping at the back will see the victory and think they
    had a valid tactic…

  25. dat carry

  26. Vidi mare dan te jebo, što izgide ko’ rasada :D

  27. More stream meme lean light tank dreams on YouTube please, they are great

  28. And then a wild Dez subscribes again :P

  29. This tank maybe good,but for me it will never ever beat M41 Bulldog

  30. Dez with the clutch sub at the end

  31. LTTB>tier7 mediums.

  32. Are you gonna rename the Dream Team to the Meme Team?

  33. can you make a video of how to play light tanks?

  34. Lttb dank meme

  35. nicee

  36. TheTiredBobcat6222

    Nice meme

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