^^| LTTB money maker Stream Highlight.

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Source: SirCircon


  1. The Sanity Assassin

    “Why do I hit shift every time I fire? So I can have a view of the
    battlefield again instead of being tunnel visioned” Circon 2016

  2. Dat ending tho: “Fuckin’ got ’em” ?

  3. well that is far better than -79

  4. That is more credits than I make lol

  5. 500th like KAPPA

  6. 2.7k dmg game really? Thats really youtube worthy circon…?

  7. Sir, is this your favorite tier 7 LT ?

  8. Da Memes! I can’t even….

  9. Deutscher Panzer Verband

    Pretty good.

  10. Complete steamroll.

  11. This reminds me, we really need some tier 10 scout tanks in the game.

  12. Gets topgun, casually sips beer. Style man, style.

  13. It is effortless for Circon to play WoT. It’s not a challenge at

  14. i think circon likes the LTTB

  15. Thats how ez is ti get ace on LTTB ? I thought it was played well… i did
    6k spotting and 1k dmg in spic and no ace, then 3.5k dmg and second

  16. What’s with the title? I was expecting you to troll several non-turreted
    tanks, you only ended up killing the only not turretted TD on their entire
    team, because he apparently didn’t care/had better things to do.

  17. Are you planning on doing any walkthrough plays as I really enjoy those the
    most :-)

  18. 79 fu*k yeaaa

  19. Yo Circon why don’t you give Armored warfare another streaming chance now
    that a new patch is out? I know you’re kind of not very effectuve at
    playing AW PvP without having chance to load the skill but eh, you still
    can be good at it and it’s fun to watch!

  20. i was playing arty on my laptop, i whipped out my dick and smacked it on
    the trackpad and got a blind kill

  21. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    Surprise long barrel buttsex!

  22. Nice, love them scouts!

  23. Youtube is being a nightmare last couple of days. I hope it will be 1080p
    later. Enjoy this casual scout game :)

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