^^| LTTB Rampage Replay Cast. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Bloody nice game, wow ! (and nice info)

  2. Wait… Now this is replay cast for us to see it?

  3. I got two games in the challenger, both ace tankers, both 1.5k+ xp, if
    you’re interested


    This tank needs more love if you ask me

  4. I’m wondering why you don’t have Brothers in Arms on your LTTB. Any reason?

  5. discovered the channel quite recently, and man i love the content! :D

  6. The Lttb is one of my absolute favorites in Blitz. But with the other best
    gun. It has 8 degrees of gun depression. Best fun you can have with your
    clothes on lol.

  7. Pretty fun game to watch. Nice meme even

  8. Shiny and Chrome

  9. If Circon gets serious about Youtube, Quickybaby might be in trouble. Dare
    I say, I like Circon better (Humor/Playstyle/obviously the memes).

  10. Deepak Dholpuria (Shanu)

    straight to Valhalla. ?

  11. why have you moved your logo to cover the game score top centre ?confused?

  12. so what’s better? the lttb or bulldog? I find them both great

  13. sick game, expertly played….sick

  14. What the highest base xp you had sircon?

  15. wow!


  17. Arvin Dave Velasco

    gg ez…. love this tank enjoyed it pretty much before I bought t54lt.
    great replay Circ!!!

  18. Great vids Circon! Agree with comments about loving increased content and
    your breakdowns of what you were thinking and doing at each phase of the
    battle. Great stuff mate.

  19. thanks for this video, this type of content is very helpful, it has
    definitely helped me improve

  20. Was much more atmospheric watching this on live stream with the martial
    Russian music playing in the background. ;-)

  21. maybe unistal your hacks its better this way

  22. I like how Circon is trying to defend the “poor” game of 1960 – you know,
    it is not the best, but I thought it would be fun to show.. 🙂

    This was an epic game by any standard

  23. who agree that LTTB is best scout?

  24. Yo Circon! Did you watch the Wg video on the new arta mechanic?

  25. You friki bastrd I am going to re-buy LTTB and hopefully get ACE and some
    MOE. Just because i am bored after 50K+ battles and LTs are very satisfying
    to play for me right now. I know its little bit weird, but I hated LTs for
    a long time and suddenly realized what is wrong with me. Right after your
    Calculated Bulldog replay with Tamada Yoshios Medal on StalinGulag… 😉
    Since then I marked RU, BullDog, T49, T71, WZ-131, T37, ELC and I enjoyed
    it a lot. Now working on Type64 and most probably some more in the future
    until stupid WhoreGaining screw up this class to the death.

  26. i thought you 3marked the LTTB a decade ago

  27. E25 is so fucking balanced. Got the 17. Dec, because WG…
    Also 3 marked the 59-16. Ur not the only one:P

  28. You should carry more HE. LTTB has great HE with 300 alpha which is insane
    against arty and bulldogs.

  29. Awesome! memes :D

  30. I generally don’t post replays as I prefer to keep my ign a secret, but
    since circ asked I had a couple decent numbers games in the T34, I always
    make some bad plays and take some badly aimed shots but overall these were
    pretty solid games.

    The wonders of encounter malinovka without arty…

    And an educational replay on how to not deal with a hulldown T34.

  31. decent game in me type 64, a funny moment at the start dodging 2 jagpanzers


  32. oh shit 2 of my clan members were on your team :D

  33. absolute monster of a game.

  34. Suicide arty? What a fuckin pussy. Probably a facist.
    I have to admit that I like playing arty. However, if I get rundown by a
    light or something? Good on them. My fault for poor positioning and maybe
    target prioritizing. I prefer to go down swinging, cause I may just take
    them down with me.

  35. thanks guys for info:) gl hf:)

  36. enemy *SERCAN501* ( G.W. Panther ) killed himself… might just wanna
    report him ;)

  37. Man this video made me realise how awesome the LTTB was and that I honestly
    quite miss it, it’s so much more fun to drive than the T54lwt.

    One of my best wn8 scouts as well :)

  38. I had a 4K damage game in the Cromwell a few days ago. Wish I could upload
    from the Xbox.

  39. Artillery players are the worst kind of players. They sit at the back of
    the map dumping on people the whole game, and at the end they just kill
    themselves rather than paying for their crimes. Cowards all the way around.
    #removearty #makeWoTgreatagain

  40. Sircon can I ask you why did you decide to remove xvm back then? I started
    following you just lately and would like to know what made you give up xvm?
    Thanks for the answer in advance 🙂

    Yeah and another thing: lowest possible roll on LTTB is 135 so you
    definitely did the right thing ;)

  41. Bloodsucker. There’s nothing better than shot gunning some dumbass that
    comes screaming over the hill thinking he has an easy kill. IT MAKES ME
    HARD!!!!!! If I can do that once in 10 matches it’s worth it!

  42. So, I know you tried War Thunder, and I know you quit. I just wonder, what
    made you? (I’m too lazy to look for a video explaining it).

  43. Why no Fadin’s metal on that one?

  44. circon, what streaming software do you use, I want to start but don’t know
    what to use

  45. After this game, stream riped

  46. had a good game yesterday with the m41 walker bulldog 100%cap defance and
    4.6k dmg

  47. Nice replay cast!

  48. Hope you reported that dick arty

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