^^| LTTB RUSHA B Stream Highlight

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  1. The Sanity Assassin

    I heard music… the sound of all the winning twas music to my ears.
    Old Skool ending… Nice Meme =o)

  2. Where is that kolobanovs and pools game? Music on it?


  4. personally when playing through Russian scouts i thought lttb was overall a
    better tank than t54 lt

  5. Cool vid Circon. I am on MT-25 now strolling slowly up the line (mainly
    cause T-37 is more fun to play and I ma doing that line too), but I want to
    ask. I got 1289 WN8 according to wotlabs (I don’t use XVM) so nothing
    great, but I just wanna know how much would you say is LTTB friendly to
    meh-players like me? I know it has no gun depression I know that, but it
    has armour and punchy gun. I am going to get it anyway at some point in the
    future, just curious about your opinion.

  6. Quickyfarty Gaming

    Yo Circon my idea , 3 mark the T-43 its acctualy a fun tank :D

  7. has circon t marked the duck (AMX 40) yet?

  8. Is it on purpose you do not Accelerate Crew Training, @SirCircon?

  9. rush b cyka blyat

  10. +1 Like alone for watching an O-Ho turret fly off like that.

  11. anyone else read SP 1 C in an odd way

  12. Matija Debeljak

    Rush Berlin Cyka Blyat!!!!

  13. ThatAngryGerman

    I am on utub :O HELLO MOM

  14. The Ferdinand must’ve had such a fun game. Get a turret cunt.

  15. circon, do you play csgo?

  16. Rrrasshahn tonks not OP.

  17. Great, man. Please make highlight from that Kolobanov and Pool´s game, i
    beg you.

  18. quietest gameplay ever lol

  19. Captain T. Happy

    Still haven’t seen your tits Circon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Nice japanese flag u weeb

  21. nice capclearing circon

  22. I hate you Circon. The LTTB is the only tank I can’t seem to ace and you
    did it twice. Three MoE, several games with more then 1400 base xp and only
    first class. Like what the fuck man.

  23. Top kek

  24. Giacomo De Nardo

    Circon that O-Ho it was me, I got a pen on the AMX 50 100 before I got
    knocked out (1047 damage) and I got ammoracked due to issues with keyboard
    🙁 I was not able to repair my ammorack even if I had pushed my 4 and 2

  25. Pools and Kolobanovs in one game????? Where ist that replay???

  26. Lol upload the 10kill LTTB :P

  27. i like it so much more when you use the original live commentary instead of
    the overdubbed one. thanks man

  28. These noobs need to get a fucking turret.

  29. Tomáš Kapalko

    3 mar kthe T-44 plox, just plox man

  30. For more memes a type 59 rammed me in a kv5 over and over again until a
    team mate picked him up since hatches op. He did 800 damage to himself then
    called me an idiot/noob for the rest of the game and after.

  31. ✪ lenek (leniuszek0000)

    As i said in chat im opening a turret shop on e-bay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  32. Stealthy Icytail

    3 mark challenger best tenk in game

  33. Martien van Hengel

    haha geweldig mooi hoe die Dicker getracked werd.

  34. Aha Jingles will make a replay from the other :D

  35. could you show us the other game with the LTTB aswell?
    It looked pretty awesome plus 10 kills and 1700+ xp is defenitly what i
    want to watch ;D
    keep it up circon, lovely!

  36. Going live at 17:00CEST Today! >>> http://www.twitch.tv/circon <<< ^^

  37. armoredlightdragon

    3 mark the m 3 lee =3

  38. sick carry

  39. cyka blyat rush B blin

  40. its sad when a light tank has better armor than the T7 med tank (T 43) and
    the lttbs gun its better too like wth

  41. “Look at me mom! I made it!” :D

  42. i will miss the lorraine 40t

  43. Lau Timothy (LockOn)


  44. No music reported

  45. What a game ^^
    Just want the other game in the lttb with pool’s and kolobanov :D

  46. id suggest 3 mark the tiger 2 personally love that tank its a pleasure to

  47. i think if circon tried to 33 mark the t28 prot hed rip his beard off in
    frustration because that tank is a literal piece of shit

  48. circon beeing diligent. happend yesterday and allready a yt vid o/

  49. Try 3-marking something that goes under 20kph

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