^^| LTTB. Thanks enemy team! (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Thanks for watching!


  1. First

    Kill me

  2. if this tank had a few more degrees of gun depression it would be so much better than the bulldog

  3. You mean “Tanks enemy team” ha …ha ….ha……..ha …. k i’ll leave

  4. Love blueberry and fruits

    that gunner kill was from the shot from the t21,not ram

  5. Shouldve sent that sp1c a day of premium lol

  6. im proud of you circon

  7. Oh this is why my LTTB marks are so slowly progressing

  8. Gotta love that Cromwell bounce

  9. mrcannotfindaname

    Am I the only one heard him saying “pussyboob”?

  10. Romeo Dragonface

    Shzapanees Tyga

  11. great map for light tanks

  12. That IS3A probably had the cap mission

  13. i did 6k spotting in my hellcat on derpenburg the other day ahahah i was so proud

  14. do you have 3rd mark on SP1C?

  15. what tank is he 3 marking now ?

  16. Danke IblalI xD

  17. “COMMON GAME, enough of the memes… just kidding, give me more memes, pls!” ~Circon March 2017

  18. This map + Encounter + South spawn + light tank = Memes

  19. I just bought a patriot without that fugly skin. My wot life is now complete.

  20. Good ole steve driving his IS-3 today!!

  21. Also, you’re gonna hate your life with the AMX 13 75. Go full gold, cause the pen will make you want to stab your eyes out, but the gun handling will still be your bane.

  22. Kucy in arabic actually means my pussy hehehe. Ok, i’ll show myself out now.

  23. That SP I C is the hero we need and quite frankly deserve, cos of fucktards like that IS-3A who do nothing the whole game but cap

  24. Gunner being naughty boy giving driver BJ when they ram you.

  25. Hehehehehehhe well ca-

  26. Nice meme! ????

  27. Enemy team, AKA: the other 29 players…

  28. IS-3A. Definitly MVP.

    Or maybe it was the SP1C.

  29. Hello hero SP1C, have a bullet.

  30. We need more players like that Spice Panzer to save the cap before tomatoes on my team full cap when there’s still like 10k hp and 8 tanks left alive!

  31. Is Circon planning to three mark all the tanks in the game? This man is going for a guinness record.

  32. Sir Circon have you done gameplay of the T54 lightweight? I would to see how you play that tank.

  33. colter whitehouse

    I’m proud of you Circon, you made credits!

  34. This game seems pretty cool, has quite good graphics and is an open world game. I played it once maybe 4 years ago but didn’t know how to, but I think I’d like to try it again. Does anyone have any tips on what to do and what not to do maybe?


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