LTTB Unicum Review/Guide, Methodically Using Vision and Speed

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I the , a tier in (WoT), with a replay of a tier 10 battle.

The LTTB popular among Russian light tank fans, as it combines excellent mobility with functional hull and turret armor.

While the armor can’t be relied upon to prevent AP penetration by tier 8-10 guns, you can bully lower tier lights and mediums, and the armor protects the LTTB from the triple-overmatch mechanic and lowers the probability of penetrations by HE.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Functional armor for a light tank, without meaningfully sacrificing mobility
+ Excellent turning speed
+ Good accuracy (0.36 base)
+ Good DPM relative to tech tree peers (2k base)
+ Good acceleration
+ Low chance of fire (12%), so you can run food without high risk
– Very poor max gun depression (-5)
– Occasional over-turning / fishtailing
– Somewhat tall profile
– Difficult to reach 445+m of view range without food due to lackluster view range (380m base), unless you have a very skilled crew

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to ” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. At the suggestion of viewers of prior videos, I set up Patreon:

    P.S. if you’re a YouTuber and are curious about monetization options, here’s what I’ve experienced:
    1. very few people interact with a YouTube donate card. I personally find cards disruptive to the flow of the viewing experience, and I wonder whether others are of the same opinion. Not worth using IMO
    2. few people donate via PayPal, but IMO it’s still worth setting up
    3. recently, the most common gift has been in-game goods, either gold or premium tanks

  2. I’ve loved this tank since I played it on the Test Server. It just looks so cool, and is nice and fast!

    Gun depression has made me miss many a shot because I fired while driving over a small bump, though!

    • I’m never fully comfortable in tanks with only -5 or -6 gun depression. You have to be very selective about the terrain you fight on and around.

  3. Out of curiosity, have you tanked in Battlefield and if so how did you like the experience and how does it compare to WoT in your eyes? I’m a huge BF tank fan.

    • I haven’t played BF. I played CoD a bit on console a while back.

      FPS games aren’t really my thing.

    • Taugrim I feel you’d like tanking in BF. It’s a much more strategic/less twitchy experience than playing as infantry. Thanks for the reply!

    • How would you compare the tank experience in both games?

      My guess is that WoT has more invested in tank lines / mechanics than BF.

    • I’m not too familiar with WoT’s mechanics but obviously there are very few tanks in BF, and the mechanics are certainly simpler. Mainly in BF you have to understand where tanks are weak and position yourself accordingly. Where BF seems superior is in the firing mechanism, shells actually travel through space, you have to understand their arcs and adjust according to distance and movement of target, so aim plays a bigger role. In WoT with the reticle mechanic the aiming seems to be done for you. The maps are also richer, have more verticality, destruction of terrain is more detailed. And the experience of playing a tank is different in that since BF is mixed infantry/vehicle combat, vehicles have a greater value, so your performance has a greater impact on the performance of the team.

    • Ahhh, manual aiming?

      I think that’s something I would enjoy, it definitely adds another layer of skill. WoWS has manual aiming like that, but I gave up on that game quickly as I couldn’t re-bind the mouse-look key and that was annoying.

  4. Nice, I saw lemmingrush playing this tank in his last few videos and decided to start grinding it, and now I have a Unicom guide for it☺

    • The LTTB is a very good tank, but the T-54 ltwt is a revelation – THE best flanker I’ve played in the game. And I wasn’t sure whether I was going to enjoy the ltwt.

    • Yeah I love the gun on the T54 mod 1 (pretty much the same gun on the T54 ltwt) but it’s too slow

    • The T-54 mod 1 is having its horsepower increased in an upcoming patch by like 40%, so it will accelerate much more crisply. With that change, and the tank’s good armor profile and ~7 degrees of gun depression frontally, the tank will be very solid at tier 8.

      I was gifted that tank last week, so I look forward to trying it when I reach a good breathing point with my RU lights.

    • Taugrim are the wz132s similar to the lightweight? I don’t really fancy going higher than lttb currently but I’m also at wz131 currently.
      I got a lot to get back to with the new changes. I end up playing like a light tank in a variety of tanks, scoring a lot of assistance via vision game in tanks like lowe, panther 88, kanonen

  5. Love your videos they’ve definitely helped me a lot. Can you offer tips on how to read tank lineups and deciding where to go?

    • Here’s a good resource:

      It doesn’t have all the locations that are viable, but it has a lot of them.

      I’ll continue to talk about deployments in future videos.

  6. I just wish this tank was a little more stable.

    • It is a total spaz when you’re trying to turn quickly while driving fast.

      It reminds me of how squirrelly wheels vehicles were in Armored Warfare.

    • The only thing I wish, that it had more than 5 degrees of gun depression for a tank of its shape.

      At least it’s better than it’s 3 degrees that it had.

  7. I just started this line, some advice or tips for the middle tiers?

    • Playstyles for the MT-25 and LTG are similar to what I showed with the LTTB, but don’t rely on your armor except for the LTG turret, which can bounce some shells.

      I enjoyed the MT-25 and LTTB, but had a stretch of brutal uncarryable teams in the LTG so that colors my perception of the LTG a bit.

  8. Weekly Taugrim video…nice!

  9. nice message from the team player.

  10. I got to play with Taugrim for a match. Thanks to match making. He is an amazing player to have on your team. Very good with team work. He really did impressed me to see him perform in a random match. He is also friendly guy to.

    The match went something like this. I saw Taugrim and said hey to him he replied. I thought to myself lets see what Taugrim got, I worked with him. I was like damn he’s good team player.

  11. A lot off players dont undarstand how lt play and plinging like idots

  12. My fav light tank <3

  13. I use aslain sixth sense mod as it beeps for 12 seconds. Nice position on airfield, I’ll make sure to use it

  14. Awesome video again!

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