LUCHS who it is!

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  1. The channel is LUCHing pretty good as of late. Thanks for all the support and special thanks to people who share my content. See you tomorrow on stream! Enjoy your sunday <3

  2. love the Luchs. anytime im pissed at how the game works nowadays(pay to win)cough cough… anyway i once had a tier 7 match in Luchs and ammo racked an O-Ni 🙂 instant like 1700 dmg on top of the already good game and Luchs gets high caliber at tier 7 LMAO

  3. Played Luchs long before Pz.I C is a thing. Only playing with stock turret and MK103 for maximum drifting!

  4. would anyone recommend buying the e25 for console? does it ever go on sale?

  5. SirCircon is now the best Wot channel on YouTube

  6. Poor KV-1 was Stock, against my KV-1 he would’ve most Certainly had Certain defeat, still very good play from him 🙂 he deserved that win and got it

  7. This replay was no skill, he was just Luchy.

  8. The low tier german light tanks are stupidly broken.

  9. Señor Circon wish you can look at my T28 game. I immortalized your famous words on it. Turretless TDs are retarded 😉

  10. Wot pc has bots?

  11. No skill here he played vs low tier bots

  12. Christian Brutal Sniper

    It can kill you with cuteness better watch out boi.!

  13. This is why they should give the mark of excellence for lower tier tanks. tier 4 at least

  14. 1:05 it’s literally auto-cannon

  15. can you show how to play to you TD and SPG can support you, please – because they are pushing and :::::

  16. What for 100k subs?

  17. The luchs is great! I also am a fan of the Grant and M3Lee. That dpm makes them worth playing!!! <3

  18. It Luchs like a lot fun until you get Stug or flipped, then give your self a Patton the back and quit.

  19. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Cool game

  20. Frederick Burkert

    When your Luch’s in, it’sin!!

  21. Hetzer = Hamster?

  22. It’s just such a cute little thing.

  23. Kalle Kumpulainen

    suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan

  24. Germans playing zheeee Luchs in platoon :^)

  25. My only complaint was that he left like 2 or 3 trees still standing. 😉

  26. Luch’d and Loaded

  27. By Odhinns beard, Circon, it’s Naz-horn, not Nash-orn

  28. Christophe Deblaton

    I have a 5k damage in e25, on your website 🙂 lots of people hawe watched it 🙂

  29. Hold on… Am I seeing things or does the Luchs have 20 more HP than the AMX ELC….

  30. Today I will show you the luchs, next two minutes showing only the team page, lol


    *LUCHS* guys LUCHS in German means lynx it’s a cat and a dog

    U see what I did there

  32. 79 kills. 35 trees, 15 houses, 10 fences, 5 telephone poles, a car and 8 tanks…

  33. That dude was a Loki savage ?

  34. its not lax its lux

  35. So it is possible to make a tier 4 tank that people like so much they don’t sell it? Wow. I wonder if the balance team knows about this? That ending had to be tense. He spent a ton of time just trying to find the last target and nearly ran out of time.

  36. 6:08 dat damage model..

  37. Luchs, (looks) not lux

  38. auto loader… not ow toe loader

  39. yakking is not you…leave the yak to twat baby

  40. I grind the Luchs cuz it’s so cute.

  41. 5:37-5:45 it looked like he was using that auto aim mod that lets you lock on through stuff.
    IDK for sure tho, but I would hope not…
    Depends if Circon was using free camera or not I guess.

  42. Full HE luchs…

    I dare you

  43. thanks sir….

  44. he made 9km on ensk :))

  45. Мария Шрейдер

    Привет как делишки?

  46. you shoot ONE belt of APCR in this tank….and you WONT make money

  47. The Luchs rocks with a girl crew, even more so with chocolate.

  48. really…

  49. Shouldn’t he have gotten a pascuccis? Or do the others cancel it out or sm?

  50. I played it back when the matchmaking was +3 So with my luchs i could get in matches with tier VII instead of now with only tier VI

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