Luck, derp & a smoking barrel – Tiger P – World of Tanks

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  1. Hope you enjoy! dont forget to follow me on I live stream roughly 5 times a week! <3

    • ShUt Up CiRcOn, YoU aRe 3

    • @DeGamesVanDennis The Foch meant that it was 3 against 1 at that time so he was absolutely justified in going for arty since he was closest. I saw this game live and CIrcon failed to mention here that the Foch ended up being in the Top 3 in damage done. He did not have a bad game and therefore felt annoyed by Circon blaming him for anything. Circon was a little quick on blaming the Foch player in chat here.

    • I love my tiger p. It was my first tier 7

    • Hiya Circon, great vid and always a pleasure to see the King of Memes lol that ammo rack was a game changer for sure, if that didnt happen game would be totally in the shitter to say the least. Miss the toons back in the day with Dez, Foch, Jedi, and Snooze those were good times man. Anyways, have a great day ! Meme To Live & Live To Meme 🙂

  2. Circon somehow managing to generate extra spicy memes with a totally spice-less tank.

  3. You can ammo rack a 257 from any angle, back of the turret, side of the turret, front of the pike nose, anymore?

  4. Le PoG P!

  5. Still not sure if Foch won or Pantera lost the game…

  6. Yes I enjoyed the video, whats not to like. Great to have you back.

  7. Confirmed! Increased RNG for streamers lol

  8. ‘Shut up Circon you are 3’
    Wow he got you there

  9. One person has disliked this video, either cause of circon or cause he’s playing the tiger P either way “he is a part of the rebel alliance and a traitor take him away!” personally i love tier 7 and the tiger P, fair battles for you circon, good luck with the 3 markings 🙂

  10. Loving it.

  11. The Sanity Assassin

    Cold Hands Circon… one of the first games he played at the start of his stream… didn’t have his eye in for the shots on the moving AMX 13 57…Circ mentions while playing the game… if that game was played after like 30 mins of playing with this tank, they would have hit… and I for one believe that would be the case.

  12. That Foch is chat tho

  13. Would love to see the end plates. Kind of want to know how the conq and foch did.

  14. So Circon, i know you do not want to hear it, but. You. Are. 333333!!!!!!!! 😀

  15. Yeah Circon, don’t be 3, it’s obviously a thing.. /jk

  16. i accually think that the tiger p is decent for a tier 7 heavy as long as you are a bit lucky with the mm…i prefer it over tiger 1 in a good matchup…

  17. Tbh, I feel tiger p is a bit more noob friendly than tiger I, as it at least some armour to bounce some shots, but its gun is omg.

  18. Glad to hear a good player like you admit that in addition to skill you sometimes need a little luck to pull off the close wins.

  19. sad or expected seeing the Foch’s clan. “RO” sums up his actions n skill … or the lack of it.

  20. May the memes and salt of all the arty players flow, may the RNG of golfing be always in your favor, best content of world of tonks on youtube.

  21. I rage sold this tank 3 times. I’ve never rage sold any other tank in the game. But i’ve attempted this grind 3 times with years in between. It’s not even the worst tank in the game by far but something about it and the games I get in it just exemplify the games worst flaws it seems…

  22. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I’ve always said the same thing about the Tiger P, give it the Tiger I’s DPM. And LOL at the Foch, hilarious.

  23. I love the tiger p, 57% win rate, my t29 and e25 only have 45%

    • I have almost 57% WR on my Tiger P as well 😀 I love it when higher tier tanks bounce of the front of my Tiger P, it’s quite a clickbait tank 😀

    • @Alukat A same here, and I love my churchill gun carrier, I get bum rushed my people who thing it’s an utter turd but forget that its gun is quality

  24. Elgin Borja Asumen

    Tiger P on blitz has 5.8 reload fully pimped out, lol

  25. But you did like a 900 dmg ammorack to this guy ?

  26. Old Mountain Hermit

    I want to thank you, Circon, that you show the struggle of the bad tanks. Bad tanks have feelings too.

    Tiger P spends his life in his basement, shooting gold at better tanks. But he does his best and once in a while, he gets to shine.

  27. It was Steve, he quit rashan HTs and started playing the Foch

  28. keep`em kaming komrad 😉

  29. Well, maybe luck, stuck Foch & smoking barrel ?

  30. Foch’s greatest contribution was simply existing.

  31. At this point you might as well move the Tiger P to tier 6. Armor will still be garbage, and everything else about it is average at best. Maybe give it the short 8.8, adjust hit points and it’s good to go

  32. “it’s a yikes from me”

  33. Carried by the Foch Kappa

  34. I lawled pretty hard when IT happened 😀

  35. Wanted to see the end plates to see how the hero foch did!

  36. When I was grinding through Piger it was not that bad. It honestly felt like a pretty good tier 7 heavy. Maybe it’s just that people underestimated me.

  37. Krystian Olszański

    when i was playing this tank i thought the same thing it should have the same dpm as tiger 1 or slitly worse like 100 dpm less i played tiger p on stock gun it has dpm then

  38. See? you love arta. you went back to save it.
    good ending!

  39. The pantera had a mental fart

  40. Tiger P with the 105 derp when?

  41. This foch is giving me an aneurysm

  42. Circon: “TD’s help us!”
    Circon: “Foch, What are you doing”
    Circon: “this entire game?”
    Foch: “Lol”
    Circon: “Yes indeed, LOL”
    Foch: “Shut up Circon”
    Foch: “you are 3”
    Circon: “I am 3?”
    Circon: “what?”
    Circon: “You came to help 1-2 line way too late”
    Foch: “You as plural”
    Circon: “Needed help vs an IS”
    Circon: “And it took you 5 years to get arty!”

    What a great conversation XD

  43. Tiger P more like Tiger Poo

  44. Even though you had a great game as bottom tier, the end game results were mostly influenced by the lack of the enemy’s tier 9 .the ammo rack of the 257, the frightened t30 and finaly the bizarre ending by the pantera..
    So still, the high tiers will always determine the outcome of the game

  45. just give that TP -8 or even -9 degrees of gun depression in the front and sides (front mounted turret), that would also make this tank more playable.

  46. Hey circ,..keep on bro. It’s all good.

  47. The bias against APCR kills me, it really does lol. It’s not like I use a lot of it but the more grief I get when I do use it simply encourages me to use more since I feel that there is no finer thing than to piss people off in a gaming environment.
    Read that “You don’t like the way I play a game? Cool!”

  48. tiger P grinds to 4 different tanks on four different lines… it’s tortuous to play, but if you want those four tanks (including the Maus) you have to play it.

  49. Happy Birthday for the other day babe, have a great day!

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