Lynx 6×6 Review/Guide, Common Mistakes with Wheeled Vehicles

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Panhard AML Lynx 6×6, a tier 8 French wheeled light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 and Murovanka battles.

The Lynx 6×6 combines a potent gun with a highly mobile platform, but like other wheeled vehicles it has horrible view range and negligible armor. (Same summary I said of the EBR Hotchkiss, which I also enjoyed.)

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb top speed (80)
+ Superb acceleration
+ High pen HE round (90)
+ Excellent gun depression (-8)
+ Excellent gun handling
+ Excellent silver APCR pen (182)
+ Good silver APCR alpha (240)
– Very low view range (310)
– Paper armor
– Relatively poor accuracy (0.40 base)
– Relatively low DPM
– As with all wheeled vehicles, can’t turn in place and can be awkward in cramped areas

1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. Vents

This tank can get by without VStab due to the low dispersion values. I prefer Vents over VStab the improvement to view range.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. First baby! Good morning Taugrim.

  2. Billy theHappyGamer

    Second yo

  3. The 3 sets of built-in UI settings I recommend are detailed here:

    I may post another video on the Lynx 6×6 – there’s simply so much to talk about 🙂

  4. Yoshi Trompetenschlumpf

    It’s nice to wake up Monday morning to a new road to unicum.

  5. My winrate and wn8 is well above average, and I struggle with shooting these stupid go-carts, which means more than halve of the player base is not skilled enough to manage these stupid tanks. Great feature addition to the game

    • Nandakumar Chandrasekhar

      this class basically outdates all tanks with low shell velocity… a stat wargaming hide and dont tell in-game

    • +Nandakumar Chandrasekhar If it were hidden, nobody were to know about it. Ever.

    • If they were any easier to hit, they’d be straight up underpowered with their horrific view range and hp. The way to counter them is to not let them spot you or be in a position that doesn’t rely on being hidden, and make them beat you in a traditional engagement.

  6. Ha ha I personally chased an EBR 105 in my LT100 just because he beat me to my spotting location. Luckily for me, he didn’t expect me to chase him down and got shut down conveniently thanks to the troll armor and a my team mates.

    Wheeled tanks are annoying to those who play light TANKS. they can’t see anything, and only ruin the lives of regular light tank players.

    • You can litterally outspot the car things with a 50 percent crew in your light i dont really see why they would be annoying

    • +IJH SA yes I agree. The thing is, they are so fast and can close the distance to the good spotting locations that they don’t get hit till we get lit. Since LTs can’t run as fast, they get slaughtered, and the cars just race off somewhere else.

    • If you find yourself losing 1v1’s to wheeled vehicles in a light tank your doing something wrong, especially at tiers 9 and 10 as your own story shows. Even at lower tiers light tanks often have higher DPM and if you position yourself well you should be able to kill them, or at least have as much as a chance as you would against any other light.

      The wheeled tanks are fun but they have such poor view range compared to other lights that you should often be out spotting the wheeled vehicles and often not get lit yourself. The HE round is fun but inconsistent, for every battle it pens is another where it’s no pens and super low damage per shot.

      And I don’t know why you would just try and run away as obviously that is the wrong strategy, especially against wheeled tanks which everyone knows will be the fastest tier for tier. Use your view range and often superior DPM to see them first and shoot them down. Although they’re super fun I don’t find any of the wheelies more of a threat than any other light tank is and in fact in many situations the lack of view range really hurts them versus other light tanks.

  7. would you recommend HE over AP?

  8. IMO wheel tanks are balanced in the “statistical” sense, it’s pretty in the good players hands. It’s like a little tank PLUS. Even higher skill ceiling and lower skill floor than light tanks. My t44100 had easily out spotted a wheel tank. I am those “a-hole” play who installed XVM. Even some of blue players are having trouble playing wheeled vehicles.
    BTW, you are my favorite wot youtuber. I watch your videos again and again. I am a new player. I struggled playing my t92lt, I had a wn8 of 500 on that tank.
    But now I am having fun on that tank, and I am improving the stat on that tank pretty quickly.

  9. seems like you missed lots of shots coz of some kind of lags or something.
    maybe you need some more fps?

    • No, just a combination of not having clear shots (tanks are in bushes and I can’t see the terrain), shots that could have been aimed better, and I think I got unlucky with a couple shots in Murovanka.

  10. This comparison to Kevin Costner made my day. Truly accurate.

    Good one Taugrim 😉

  11. DigitalSynapse0101

    Well played games. The stats for win rates will level off, because more people have the tank now, therefore not just on one side as much. Seeing two on the opposing side only, well then woe be to your team if you have a slow turret, or bad shell velocity vehicles . Most HE rounds are slower in general. And a yolo player in one of these tanks can create absolute mayhem for tanks getting into position. This is kinda their purpose in early game before taking a more conservative position to hold on to hit points until end game. I wholly expect to start seeing three of four on a side before long, if the trend continues.

  12. I mean Ive driven both this and the FL 10 around just right click left clicking on enemy tanks and have found vast amounts of sucess in doing so (though less relevant in the Lynx’s case as I only have 3 battles in it). For their lack of view range these vehciles are probably the most effective scouts in the game now, just because of their speed. I still think theyre broken in the current maps.

    Have you picked up the EBR 90 yet?

    We need to play again soon, Ive been on a semi break from WoT as Ive hit a bit of a slump, but Im gonna try to get back in it. (I also picked up playing Final Fantasy 14 again, so thats eating up some time… I need to find a better balance).

    • I have a long grind ahead of me in the Lynx 6×6. Only have like 40k XP towards unlocking the EBR 90, which seems to be significantly outperforming other tier 9 lights in the early going.

      I went through a huge slump in January, decreased my playing time, and have been doing much better / enjoying the game more.

    • Yea, thats what Im trying with this slump. I dont feel like Im playing differently but things dont appear to be working out… but I know it will pass. They always go.

  13. Nandakumar Chandrasekhar

    make a second one .. pls love ur content … play live ?? on twitch if possible

  14. Finally some more road to unicum ,I need more videos to reach your levels master taugrim

  15. Hi Taugrim, this advice is liquid gold, thanks. BTW your 10:08 comment killed me, I nearly choked my food. – Smoking or having a drink with the other hand, no no no not even close D’oh!

  16. A true good player doesn’t use “special” ammo and learns from the game.

  17. I don’t think it’s because they know you as much as they lose their mind’s about wheeled vehicles. I think they have when they are up against them. I have them try to chase me down all the time. They get enraged…….

  18. So, it’s okay to ignore my team when they bitch that I didn’t run out and die for them to get a shot or two?

  19. So many contributors are enamored with the wheel vehicles at the same time. But for us that could care less, this has made for a time of nothing to watch. Hopefully you have gotten them out of your system for a while, and in the future break it up a little, too much of anything can become tedious. Otherwise thanks for the content.

    • I would say I’m not enamored so much as trying to help others understand how to play them effectively. There’s too much yolo going on and people think that’s correct.

    • +Taugrim I think this is a good time to slip another tank or two to review before reviewing another wheeled tanks though. I totally adore your videos about wheelies, but we have reached the tier 8. Most people stop here for a while and use them for frontline and such, so we could have a breather before continuing to tier IX.

    • That’s fair feedback and I’m thinking of reviewing the Rhm Pzw so that I have all the tier 10 tracked lights reviewed.

  20. This is the first wheeled vehicle that is below 50% for me. It’s much more frail than the ebr Hotchkiss and the speed on this is too addictive.
    I need to be much more careful with it

    • +Vocassen don’t forget Hotchkiss has 40mm of armour so you can bounce when you face someone. It’s also much heavier than lynx.
      Two things to remember in wheeled vehicles, I can get hit and I can still use that speed late game. Oh and don’t let the team pressure you into bad pushes to spot

    • +Flavia Pitariu Just looked up , didn’t realize lynx had that worse armor. Mobility values are hopefully wrong for the lynx, top is 80 not 58 right?
      Anyway yes you’re right, wasn’t always the team but myself though (probs bc of all the videos where yolo-scouting does work out).
      Seems like the Lynx is quite the change again from hotchkiss that comes even closer to the final intended playstyle of the wheeled. I’ll probably have a real hard time, it’s going to be my first VIII lol

    • +Vocassen 58 is for cruise mode and 80 for rapid mode

    • +Flavia Pitariu Oh crap of course, thanks! Maybe should use that value or add some specific values, makes it seem worse than previous tiers.

    • has a drive mode icon next to the tank name on its page that you can tap/click to switch between “rapid” (fast) and “cruise” (maneuverable) modes.

  21. It was funny to see your teams chats in the first video because I was on the opposing team in the Emil II and we were having the exact same complaints. Arty Spam, getting spotted from mid uncontested, and “moron team” comments were frequent. Between the AMX M4 and myself we gave up the hill because of what ended up being your spotting. Hits from mid and arty made it impossible to advance which is what ultimately what did me in, it was nice to see the M4 hold out until the end. If you want the replay from the other side let me know, I’m sure I still have it.

  22. Thanks for this Taugrim, I’ve struggled with this tank. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this…

  23. Keep up the solid work Taugrim!

  24. Great video Taugrim! thanks for everything

  25. Enjoy your videos – thanks for sharing your games and thought process behind your actions/tactics. I know i’m picking up lots of good stuff, both big and small, from every one I watch.

    You shouldn’t have to defend your choice to use any of the in game equipment/content. Anyone complaining is, imo, just a complainer and as you would say it.. “salty” over nothing. All equipment and gold rounds for that matter, are allowed and completely available to anyone for the price of in game credits or time spent playing game as wargamming tends to hand out lots of premium consumables

  26. seriously? people get butt hurt about you using premium consumables? wow, thats insane, its kind of stupid to not use them! No doubt some of those whiners use prem ammo themselves, so they are somewhat disengenuous. 🙂 You rock bud, keep it up!

    • Totally agree Mike. Sometime I would like to read the enemy chat only to discover that they too rant about their enemies uses the exact same special ammunition.

  27. Another great vid Taugrim, I enjoy you verbalizing your thought process in these. Its also nice to see a high level player who aims and doesn’t feel the need to spam premium rounds.

  28. I love it, buddy. “Sensationalized videos where wheeled tanks are running around without being shot. If that happens, your team just sucks!” Yup!!!

  29. Trying to decide whether these wheeled vehicles are worth free experiencing into or not. I never liked playing light tanks but honestly my best stats are on lights.

    • I would recommend spending some times in each of the tier 6-9 wheeled vehicles. There’s a meaningful learning curve and if you Free XP to skip some of them, you’ll miss out on the experience.

      Plus, you can get a firsthand read on whether you enjoy the playstyle or not.

    • +Taugrim – I had the ELC and re bought it thinking it would not be elite anymore. Waste of money. Was thinking about free xp to the tier 6 one and actually play them till tier 10

    • I think that’s a good plan.

      The ELC AMX is nowhere near as fun to drive as it used to be, and the pen and DPM on the big gun were both nerfed significantly.

      That said, with the revised MM for lights that was release in 0.9.18, IMO the ELC AMX is still functional. I played 25 battles @ 60% WR with the ELC AMX to save up the XP needed to unlock the AMD 178B.

  30. Thanks Taugrim. Excellent vid as always. o7

    Question, would running Optics and Binocs be viable?

    Loved your digs on arty and the play-for-fun meme. Play-for-fun, in my opinion, is an excuse people use for not getting better at the game.

    • You can’t equip Binocs on the wheeled vehicles. It was an intentional decision by WG. It would be problematic from a balance perspective if the wheeled vehicles could do that, because Binocs would fix the view range limitation.

      E.g. imagine a wheeled vehicle rushing to a forward advantageous spotting position in a bush, activating Binocs, and spotting many enemy tanks early. It would be imbalanced.

      > Play-for-fun, in my opinion, is an excuse people use for not getting better at the game.


  31. Follow up comment. In my opinion, the wheelies are very strong in the hands of good light tank players and very bad in the hands of most other players. Your comment about win curves is probably dead-on. Good players always make better use of tanks, but in the case of wheelies, I feel like the difference between good and bad will be more significant.

  32. Just like to say thanks for such informative videos I have gotten better since watching your videos and find them extremely helpful. I play NA name Skorpian.

  33. Arty is like chewing gum and walking Taugrim. only the best can do it.

  34. i love the wheeled vehicles as scouts. They have the speed that the t50-2 used to have compared to the other tanks. I have to hope my team will move forwards and give me spotting assist as i can usually get campers shooting all over the place and smarter defenders coming back to get me. it looks like sui scouting and isnt. can dig out those pesky high tier passive scouts by zipping past them and lighting them for the team.
    good video, as always

  35. You said “tank curve” 827 times, I counted. (And yes, I’m the player by a similar name who always makes a “…we’re on the road to unicum” comment in battle when I see we’re on the same team.)

  36. I find the light tanks difficult to hit in laggy conditions

  37. I like your opinion on gold ammo. I Cary about 5 gold rounds in all my tanks and shoot them about once every 100 games.

  38. Yup. Their arty played well. Your arty didn’t. Laughed at ‘balls deep’. I do think a lot of players have either crap computers or auto aim when I scout and they miss a lot. 2nd game you had the ‘friendly’ Conway on block. Any reason?

    • > 2nd game you had the ‘friendly’ Conway on block

      Either I found that player to be someone I couldn’t rely on from prior battles, or they were rude.

  39. Amazing game play! Have you ever considered playing console?

  40. I do think that the HE has a lot higher potential on these tanks than AP and for that reason alone, it is worth spamming the HE in at least a 50/50 fashion just because the HE is so good compared to its contemporaries.

  41. James Bigglesworth

    How do you change the travel modes for this vehicle?

  42. Please tell in upcoming videos about what you here mention about valuable messages in the chat. It is very tiresome to read about all the toxic rants going on in many battles. Rarely the chat are really valuable.

  43. Long time viewer. I have always loved the light tank game play. I’m not very good, I don’t play enough to improve my game play, or even grind tanks. Your videos have improved my game without that in game experience for a long time. This video is outstanding. I absolutely love these tanks, so thank you for the education. I hope you will continue with more replays particularly about these tanks, although all your light tank videos are all outstanding. Thank you for your work, keep it up!

  44. Always a pleasure watching your work Taugrim and I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the French wheeled Lights. Staying alive is key, larger maps are more forgiving, I’d love to see how you handle Ensk, Himmelsdorf or Lakeview. I have a hard time with them running into buildings and detritus. Cheers m8, GL to you out there.

  45. Great content Taugrim! I have to agree about the wheelie players being non-light players, they seem to have this crazy yolo probability and the biggest complaint I have about them is the unpredictability that the people playing them seem to exhibit. I find it funny when I load into a game and hear people complaining because the enemy team has a wheelie, because for me I would rather they be on the enemy team since there are better odds 2 minutes in that our AMX 13 75 will still be alive when their EBR is back in the garage.

  46. I use to live on the 18th floor of an apartment building in downtown Hamilton Ont. which was about 4 blocks from a fire department… I do not miss the sound of those sirens. lol.

  47. The average wheeled tank player is a clown, they just yo lo around like complete retards. I personally think they have ruined the game beyond repair.

  48. If there’s a friendly that has the enemy lit and they aren’t rendering for you, good. Stay put, there’s danger ahead. Better yet, try to back up a bit. No a bit more.

  49. Atlantians Gaming

    Why the hell do you have firefighter on your wheeled driver/gunner?

  50. That speedometer on screen is quite distracting, every now and then I kept mistaking it for 6th sense. 😀 I think it would be better if it was green for example.

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