Lynx 6×6 Review/Guide, Vision Control and Flanking Tactics

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Source: Taugrim

This is my 2nd look at Panhard AML Lynx 6×6, a tier 8 French wheeled light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 Malinovka and Sand River battles.

I discuss vision control for wheeled vehicles given their very low view range and how to leverage their mobility to create opportunities for flanking fire.

I talk through how I’m reading battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full and FAQs:

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  1. Here are rental codes for NA players for the Lansen C, the new Swedish tier 8 premium medium tank (remove the asterisks):

    NA players can redeem a code here (remove the asterisks):

    I will post more codes later as a response to this pinned comment.

    P.S. I’m only 15k XP from unlocking the EBR 90. Looking forward to trying what looks to be an over-performing tank.

  2. The shell absorbing wheel is selected by a lot more users because it was annoying a f for all players except artillery. That said, I agree that the HE is also too good at meta breaking. That ammo eats almost all other LTs alive, and there’s almost no counterplay since it is much faster than other LTs so they can dictate the flow. The only ‘counterplay’ is playing a lot more passively, which changed how you should play your light tanks from your usual play — so yeah, meta breaking.

    • T49, Derp……. There’s your counter.

    • +Earthdrumz till the wheelyboy just loads HE himself and kites you around the map

    • T49 derp … as soon if you hit a wheel you won’t penetrate your shell and only do 400-500 damage and they will eat you after

    • Jamie Collingwood

      I agree. I love light tanks but honestly I don’t see their role going forward now. If you are playing a BC-12t the EBR will eat you alive. its faster, has way more alpha and is more nimble. Even passive spotting in the usual spots is tough when an EBR can make it to those spots long before you can.

  3. But isn’t the HE on the wheeled tanks more like HESH HE with higher Pen? So more useable?

  4. The most frustrating thing about the wheeled vehicles is when you smack them flat broadside with a gigantic gun that can penetrate 200mm of hardened steel armor, and the shell is absorbed by a tire? Seriously? The french should just cover all their tanks in whatever that rubber is and they’d be invincible…

    • That, and that a destroyed wheel doesn’t hurt them much. If you go 80km/h or more offroad and lose a tire, you should certainly crash, spin over and probably hurt your crew. If you hit a track, which should be much sturdier than a wheeled suspension, the tank stops at once, but a destroyed wheel doesn’t affect their speed and handling much.

      Armored Warfare handles that much better imho. One hit wheel makes a big difference in speed and handling, even for 8x8s. Also most shells and turret speeds are much faster than in WoT and many vehicles have autocannons. Nobody would shoot a fast aluminium light tank or AFV with a 120mm main gun if a .50 MG or 20mm AC would do.

    • It’s not actually the tire absorbing the shot most of the time, although it might look like it. It works as regular spaced armor. The difference is that while the hull is right behind the track on regular tanks, that isn’t the case with wheels. There’s actually barely any hull behind the wheels, so most of the time it goes straight through the wheel and hits nothing, and it registers as a critical hit because the shell passed through the wheel.
      With HEAT and HE it obviously is different due to normalization.

    • +Sivert Haukedal +Sivert is right, there is no such thing as tracks and tires “absorbing” shots. If anything it’s just some bad wording on the damage report.

  5. I’m enjoying them a lot, reminds me of the good old days of when AW was still playable pvp wise, The Fox was so much fun! I can’t wait for the Swedish mediums though, they sound fun and interesting, and I do like that they have high alpha rather than RoF. Do you have thoughts on them or you going to wait to play them first?

  6. This does tend to fishtail a lot, though I am helping it out with the handbrake.
    The wheels can absorb ridiculous damage but I think they should, these tanks are so easy to destroy and they usually get outspotted by anything

  7. looks like you dont know what aim assist is.

  8. Suggestion for you Tau.

    A video analysis of what the ENEMY should be doing to counter you as you engage enemies.

  9. Đạt Nguyễn Phi

    Can u give me some tip to play obj 430 without spamming gold, i can’t fight in city, i’m bad at HTs playstyle

    • I haven’t played the Obj 430 but I did review the T-54 in two episodes.

    • Play as a support tank wich has armor on the turret I never shot gold in the last 9000 matches of mine in random(not in clan thats different) i think obj 430 is an insane tank i had 58% winrate with it i played like my cdc when bottom tier and played like a super heavy tank wich has insane mobility if toptier.

    • Go in front, bully and face-hug people and especially lower tiers. Be mindful of tanks with very good gun depression as they can shoot down on your hull cheeks which are your weak spot. But most often than not they’ll shit their pants once you charge at them, hitting for 400hp at a time.
      You don’t need gold at all in the obj430, as opposed to the t-54. Just a decent crew, rammer, optics and vert stabs.

    • Đạt Nguyễn Phi

      In my server, i almost never have -2 MM, mostly 7-8 + -1 MM, should i play like HT when enemy very likely that have some same tier HTs


  11. Well actually Taugrim, the wheeled vehicles do have an increased survivability when dropping off steep ledges thanks to their improved suspension. That is intended to avoid crashing with the increased speed. Obviously you’ll still crash very often, but it’s a quality of life thing that WG did put in.

    • That’s very fair perspective. So the suspension helps with drops, but wheeled vehicles tend to crash / fishtail more.

  12. Hi taugrim, could you maybe post a vid of otter doing strongholds or something like that?

  13. The play style of all the clown cars are all the same, right?

  14. when a vehicle can make mediums and lights look like heavies by circle jerking them then its to damn fast

  15. That recticle problem you saw I saw Guido1212 have it as well so it is some bug.

  16. the biggest problem” w/the clowncars is that the view range is so bad, it incentivizes yolo scouting by new/avg players

    • This is very true. They get away with it more than they should too. Although that EBR 90 in the Malinovka battle had a 33% win rate after 27 battles in it.

  17. your tank has extreme fast aim time and apcr ammo, thats why you hit that wheeled vehicle no problem

  18. I love the HWK 12. 3 Marks, 764 games played, 56% WR, incredible view range

  19. is it possible to play tier 6 end tier 7 with binocks and net?
    passive true 1st half of game, then a little bit agressive?
    you are great player, but we noobs maybe should find different style of playing whiled tanks!?
    p.s. thank you for one more great video.

    • wheeled vehicles cannot have binoculars installed… i don’t know about the camo

    • As Lubomir said, they can’t use Binocs. IMO Camo Net is a waste for any light tank.

      For wheeled vehicles: Optics, Rammer, Vents. And Food if you can afford it.

  20. On the subject of arty players crying, check this out. Best I’ve seen so far:

  21. WG must remove or nerf fucking wheeled troll in game. They use AIM BOT but for tanks is illegal.

  22. over the years WG has made many mistakes, but this one of the wheels is the most serious.

  23. I think that reticle snap was a result of your tank over turning when it popped up over the hill and your turret had to catch up to your camera view….I think. You can see your tank was facing parallel to the T29 as you were cresting the hill with your turret facing the T29. You went into sniper mode to shoot, and when you came out, your tank was rotated over 90 degrees. I think you went airborne and with the angle of the slop and you trying to stop, it jerked your tank to the left upon landing and your turret had to catch up to your camera view.

  24. Thanks Taugrim, quality vid as always

  25. The gun of wheeled vehicles are definitely too accurate. This IMO is the biggest imbalance, since they can make shots while running 60-70 kph. This makes chasing them down by other lights or mediums very difficult, since wheeled vehicles also get amazing HE shells. They can hit you far more reliably and do more damages. And quickly the hunter can become the hunted. The speed and less tracked wheels are basically good view range trade offs. I just do not see why the guns of wheeled vehicles have to be that accurate if they are supposed to be dog fighters. Now they are insane snipers as well.

    • The gun handling overall is too good in terms of dispersion and aim time.

      However, the guns are not that accurate: Lynx 6×6 0.40 accuracy, EBR 90 and EBR 105 0.38 accuracy. So they are not really built to snipe.

    • +Taugrim Gun handling is part of what makes a tank accurate. The fast aiming time and extremely small dispersion values of wheeled tanks fully compensate that slight accuracy limit disadvantage, which are not that bad in the first place. Lights and mediums rarely fully stop and fully aim without turret movements, even when sniping. As the result, wheeled vehicles can shoot at an accuracy comparable if not better than other tanks at the time of sniping. Grill is a good example of other end of spectrum of having extremely good theoretical accuracy with terrible dispersion values, which make it not as accurate as it looks on paper. In FL mode, I found wheeled vehicles often make shots very reliably at long distances. And in this video, you had countless shots made at ~400m.
      Just checked on, with Vent, BIA and food which you ran, the accuracy limit is 0.35 for Lynx. Even better.

    • > Lights and mediums rarely fully stop and fully aim without turret movements, even when sniping

      You and I play our lights and meds almost completely differently, if you rarely stop and fully aim. To put it another way, I try to aim in whenever possible.

      I seek to get the 1st Shot Advantage over and over, because it’s effective, safe, and smart.

      > Just checked on, with Vent, BIA and food which you ran, the accuracy limit is 0.35 for Lynx

      Yes, and it would be around 0.31 or so for a tracked light tank of the same tier, similarly crewed and equipped.

  26. Another great vid thanks for sharing 🙂

  27. Nice games

  28. These wheelchairs will kill the game, you can’t shoot them as they don’t even render within the game engine. Also for some reason they bounce shells they have no right in bouncing according to the game mechanics

    • Admittedly I have seen some stuff that should be autopenned due to overmatch bouncing. Might be that the model has spaced armor ala the Sheridan that looks like hull but is just ghost plating.

    • Also the wheels are bigger than the hulls, esp on the EBR 75, EBR 90, and EBR 105. Low shots may pass through the wheels and not contact the hull.

  29. I’ve noticed how positive you are in your games, congratulating players for a job well done and thanking people for help. I need to do that more. Stay positive!

    • yeah, but don’t text and drive lol

    • I personally try to compliment every time I see a good move like Taugrim does, even after battle I will compliment the guy on the opposite team that I felt was the reason me and my team got their asses handed to them. I do this mainly to counter the salt I spew at my team when I cant handle donkey’s wasting my time by creating scenarios that are unwinnable. I will never win a “nice guy” award in this game. Ever.

    • +JoeTinnySpace ! Totally agreed! @Taugrim should get a speeding ticket and wreckless driving ticket.

  30. Taugrim just doesn’t cheat, period. Good vids but I hate wheelies.

    • Paul Rigby – I agree Taugrim just does not cheat. I also hate wheelies and do not have one in my garage however I just love his videos and the tips he gives us can be used in other vehicles. Knowledge is power in this game.

  31. Timothy Creekmore

    Sub 2 Pewds!!

  32. How do I do what you did at 6:45 and shoot twice, without sixth sense?

  33. So here is one way to frame the Lynx’s OP status:

    T92: WoT t8, AW t2
    Object 430: WoT t9, AW t4
    IS-7 : WoT t10, AW t4
    Object 279: WoT “too powerful for game”, AW t5
    Lynx (aka ERC90): WoT t8, AW t5

    Beyond shoehorning a t10 into a t8 slot, the entire line is ridiculous. We asked for WW2 era armored cars: The Greyhound, the Puma, the Humber. Instead, for some reason, they gave us this. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  34. I heard companies of Formula 1 racing called War Gaming to find out how these french wheeled tanks maneuvered better then their Race Cars.

  35. “Helps offset the cost of making these videos.”

    The offset of $0 is $0, right?

  36. My vote in the poll came from my experience playing wheelies. I have taken so many zero-damage hits from big guns, in what are supposed to be paper tanks, that it feels absurd. It seems like you get a lot more of those in wheelies than in standard light tanks, although that could just be confirmation bias at work. It’s not always the wheels; sometimes it’s just funny angles and RNG, and the fact that you’re moving so damn fast. Either way, it feels a bit like cheating. .

  37. My biggest problem with wheeled vehicles is, that they are extremely hard to deal with:
    – they have comparable guns to light tanks
    – they have way better autoaim ability, while locking aim or leading shots and gun accuracy on the move is worse on light tanks. They are extremely hard to hit at close range, while they can hit light tank more reliably.
    – they are unpredictable, some players are nearly suiciding close to enemies (like LT on Malinovka), which can make enemy light tanks spotted before they reach their position. Survival of LT on open field is way worse.
    I’m not sure if they are overpowered or not. They are likely somewhat better damage dealers than light tanks and they are more flexible. I think they can win vs. light tank 1vs1, but they are worse at spotting and they are completely unable to spot for themselves. With tier 6 amd, i noticed that i’m getting into situations where I can’t decide if i will get spotted when I fire, because I don’t know where are enemy tanks and there’s no way to find out.

  38. 9:50 I don’t think there was anything weird with the aiming reticle, your tank just slid and turned, so your tank was looking another way and you had to rotate your turret again.. happens sometimes…

    • Ah you are correct, my tank fishtailed to the left, so my turret had to rotate right to get onto the T29.

      Thanks for figuring that out 🙂

  39. Dude, i love your content

  40. honestly taugrim, can’t get enough of your content.

  41. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I wish I could type and play at the same time, usually it comes out like, “Alknjrs krgfno as slafd; firkj!11”.

  42. This video is definitive proof that Taugrim haxx0rs! Break out the brooms for the shenanigans!!!

  43. You look very Asian. I feel more connected. Looking up to you.

  44. That moment when you mentioned your aiming circle snapping from the left to right onto that t29… @9:45 You were driving left to right in sniper view and you tried to maneuver, what happened is your tires lost traction at the peak of that little hill the second u went into sniper view @9:46 and your vehicle spun to the left, when u left sniper view @9:49 your tank was facing to the left. That “lag” was just your aiming circle catching up to the fact your tank was now facing in the opposite direction it was just a second ago. No lag, just the games physics working against you. I had that happen to me twice where I rolled up on a ridge in sniper view, my vehicle spun 180 degrees unbenounced to me at the crest and when I tried to back up I ended up driving forward further over the ridge because my tank (car) and controls were backwards at that point. I had to ask the guy next to me if he hit me because I was really confused.

    • A guy named Duke Frywokker explained exactly what I tried to say here. Only he did it 12 hours ago. I wish I saw his post first. that is 10 minutes I wont get back.. lol

    • It’s all good , your explanation was more detailed. I appreciate it.

  45. Cool vidéo. Merci Taug. I learn a lot watching them.

  46. Jamie Collingwood

    Here is the problem I have.. I watch these videos and then i try these things out. The difference is me @1:51 … i take that shot and IMMEDIATELY, I am hit by arty, 2 td’s and a medium. And if I am lucky i hobble away with 10 HP left.

    • I hear you. Part of the point of the video is that wheeled vehicles lack the view range to spot from G6 meaningfully. Next time I’d go to D6 early.

    • Jamie Collingwood

      +Taugrim Right on man. Love your stuff and definitely it helps me. I am a newer player and just need more time I think. Just saying to us non-unicum’s for whatever the reason is we can never seem to pull this stuff off. I am not saying your lucky… in fact your guys playing is impressive to watch. Just saying you guys have way more map awareness than the average player and I think thats what sets you apart.

    • You probably just need more repetitions / experience. You only really learn by doing. Part of what you need to assess in real-time is what you can do and what the risk / reward picture looks like.

      E.g. I wouldn’t go to G6 mid-to-late game, only early game, and not in a wheeled light tank based on what was seen in the video. I also don’t yolo field like that EBR 90 – it’s relying too much on too many players to miss, even though EBR 90 can be difficult to hit. I don’t like gambling my HP like that.

  47. Could you make a Road To Unicum and tell all you know about crew skills? I don’t understand why people do repairs first, or this or that, I frankly don’t understand at all, maybe you could help.

    • The repairs first is because it is one of the most important skills and it provides a benefit as soon as you start training it, unlike 6th sense and BIA where you have to reach 100% on before they do anything. So people will play with repairs (you can also do it with camo on lights/TDs) until they reach 100% and then retrain to 6th sense / BIA with gold, thus getting the maximum benefit while grinding crew XP.

    • +ARCNA442 Oh all right, that makes a lot of sense then, thank you… I still have a LOT to learn…

    • Must have:
      1. Sixth Sense

      Should have:
      1. Camo, for lights, meds, non-assault TDs
      2. Repairs, for all classes, especially heavies, assault TDs, and brawly meds
      3. Situational Awareness, for lights
      4. Safe Stowage, for all classes

      Nice to have:
      1. Recon, for lights and meds
      2. Smooth Ride and Snap Shot. I used to be big fans of these skills until showed that the improvements numerically are usually tiny. I still take these skills for tanks with slow aim and bad gun handling, e.g. many heavies
      3. Off Road Driving

  48. The tank is too fast for the servers. I’ve watched rounds go through the models and not register a hit.

    • What kind of ping are you playing with? I’m on the West Coast playing on US-C server, and IIRC I average around 70 ping.

  49. I must say, Taugrim is one of the good guys. I’ve been lucky enough to play with him multiple times. Even in game he helps you and works with you like a brother from a clan. I was Honored and look forward to the future. TBONEOATHKEEPER

  50. I just got to the 6×6 Lynx I find it a little hard use properly, so your insight is very much appreciated. Thanks I’ll try what you just did and be a little more active in scouting as well as more cautious. I do like the wheeled vehicles but it’s comes with it’s shares of problems especially their view range !!

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