^^| M 41 90 GF New Prem Tank! Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. I agree, this map and Ruinberg suck for scouts.

  2. 2:00 Did that in my VK2801 on Erlenburg lol


  4. TheBlackSpider82

    Nice. circClap circ7

  5. That moment when circon does mt-15 in a light tank lol

  6. So you don’t take dmg when you roll over :O?

  7. Wow you just did MT-15 on a LT. GG.

  8. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    I sat up straight and paid attention when I saw what this tank can do (my
    only light is a VK 28.01) definitely gonna be getting it, looks awesome

  9. I dont get it why the tank is german and called LeKpz I mean i am german
    myself and we would call this thing DER LEICHTE PANZERKAMPFWAGEN MIT EINER
    90 MILLIMETER KANNONE. And not shitty names like le or so ^^

  10. Well that was again an epic game.. If only i would ever get spots like
    that.. If i did go to the E4, there would have been 1 JGE behind him, 2
    BC’s would have come flying there, and the IS7 and JGE would have come back
    from front row to help him. But no, others can fking flip their tank and do
    circus and then 5 mins just troll the E4, and nothing. Makes me sick just
    to see this kind of plays. Of course i am not even half as good as Circon,
    don’t get me wrong!

    Played yesterday 7 games, 7 loss, had 7 teams full of morons like this E4.
    I am pretty much done soon with WoT.. has been like this about 3-5 months
    now.. only totally fking braindead idiots in my teams, they die in first 3
    mins or so. (my Wn was 2554 last time i checked, in case you are wondering)
    So i don’t enjoy the game anymore, no one want’s to get raped again and
    again being 29 vs. 1.

  11. so how is it that QB runs with chocolate and doesn’t have maximum view
    range and Circ does have max view range… gg btw.

  12. Wachira Narongsack

    calculated barrel roll

  13. black tenk not OP, circon is being OP!
    it is on sale on EU right now, and cheapest of all tier 8s out there

  14. Tier 10 tank destroyers rebalanced.

  15. A lot of really good players (according to xvm) were tooning up with this
    tank and dying in front of me all through today. I don’t understand why
    they all did so terribly. Not a single one did over 1.5k damage in all the
    matches I saw of this tank.

  16. where can i get ur modpack?

  17. biggest tomato team ever. wtf that e4

  18. Aced it 2 hrs ago with 1586 base xp

  19. How is this thing not insanely overpowered? I thought in my Bulldog the
    76mm was a good balancing actor. I can do a lot of damage, but I have to be
    smart about it as my damage per shot is not high. This thing is just
    insane, haha. I have all the advantage of my Bulldog and the only negative
    is no armor.

  20. Rolled the tank, and then rolled with the tank.

  21. Should I buy the CDC or the M41 90 GF? The reason I would buy one of them
    is to solely make credits. Which one is better for that? (This will be my
    first premium tank btw)

  22. Waell, that was a fine example of casual murder.

  23. the t30 just like e4 only 45LR degree turret ?

  24. 5:25 i had this bug happen to me the other day in my wz 132 where i fired
    about 4 shots while watching behind me because i was expecting an e5 at any
    second looked back and the jpz shoulda been dead he was a 3 shot at most
    but still had 700 health then just as i fogured out what had happened i got
    rebalanced by arty with ap

  25. dat 100% hitrate* apparently you didnt shoot through him after all 0_o

  26. It’s not a lot of money. In T54 mod 1 for same result you’d probably get

  27. Thank god another Circon video, I was having withdrawals already

  28. so it’s available for a month then it’s gone?

  29. Played one match in the Blackdog and by the end knew I’d buy it.

  30. 1:50 totally meant to do that for style points

  31. Its already for sale in NA and SEA and i think EU this monday. Got one more
    highlight comming up from this tank on monday! <3

  32. Its the best credit grinder for Strongholds since the CDC was first

  33. ayy lmao

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