M 41 90 mm review! Is it worth the gold!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. I feel like they bumped up the income multiplier, seems to make decent
    silver to me and I don’t even run premium time.

  2. not heard someone say “plebs” in years :)

  3. dat arty though

  4. Abbadon Despoiler

    Is it sad that this tank is better than tier 8 medium Chinese tank, the

  5. First match with the Blackdog was on Himmelsdorf at tier ten, by the end I
    had 4 kills and 2300 dmg. I immediately picked it up afterwards. If you
    like light tanks and you liked the play style of the pre-nerf single shot
    bulldog, the Blackdog is for you.

  6. i love my wz-132 why so much h8?

  7. Brett Strickland

    gg lot’s of action

  8. what ammo loadout’s he using? (on mobile and can’t see shit)

  9. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    What the heck? Did I just see a tier 1 IS-8 in your garage? What the hell
    is that? It looks like those UFO things in World of WarPlanes.

  10. Foch saying a light tank is worth the gold? … Who are you and what have
    you done with the real Foch?!

  11. for gold i would have bought it, but not for normal cash.

  12. You can’t really pen the front of French heavies with 100 pen. They are
    weak, but not that weak.

  13. gj by the skycancer as well ;)

  14. will you be doing a “IS-8Ball goes ham” video?

  15. This will be my first tier VIII premium. :)

  16. I made this video before it got released so pls ignore that part at the

  17. Wow, that T10 had the D25T gun.Just wow, how does one even go for the T10
    without researching the BL10 on the IS3 ?

  18. hats off wargaming :D

  19. Better than the AMX 13 75?

  20. Balc0ra's Gaming

    WGL logo… no go. Though the price was not bad as it was not in a bundle.

  21. That handbrake turn at the end

  22. Tom Seligmüller

    should you buy this thing over a cdc ( smaller, better camo, about same dpm
    but some shortcomings) or is the cdc a better buy?

  23. i think i will buy that tank :)

  24. Sadly I can’t buy it with gold…

  25. You can already buy it

  26. it’s already on sale on the US service

  27. wew

  28. “and the arty picked up the kill”
    “and the arty picked up the kill”
    “and the arty picked up the kill”
    “and the arty picked up the kill”

  29. I seen it in store and this was the first place I went to check for this
    video 😛 and you’ve apparently just made it available.

  30. Mîșu Iulian-George

    great game, keep it on m8 :)

  31. 36sec ago…

  32. Trolololo time :)

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