M 41 90 Review/Guide, Countering Opponents When a Flank Falls

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I review the M 41 90, a tier 8 premium German light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with a replay of a tier 10 Redshire battle.

The M 41 90 statistically performs better than other tier 8 light tanks, probably due its excellent gun that offers good alpha, DPM, and gun handling. The driver has to be careful with the M 41 90 as it is a large squishy target and possesses sluggish acceleration.

I was surprised that this tank was the voted on the most in the last community poll, as it is not always available for purchase.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Excellent gun depression (-8)
+ Excellent view range (400)
+ High penetration round (102mm) in a non-derp gun
+ Good AP alpha (240)
+ Good AP penetration (182)
– Very large profile
– Very weak armor, subject greater-than-triple overmatch by 90+mm guns
– Sluggish acceleration

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players their gameplay.

“Road Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. 2:13 AM! Real gamers never sleep ?

  2. It would be useful if you showed the crew´s skills and perks. 🙂

    • The crew skills and perks are always shown in the first 10 seconds of the video, and during the review of the battle results.

    • Helt Utrolig Crew skills 4 lights are mostly the same… 6. sense, cammo, view range skills, gun handling Skills, driving skills maybe change the last two. repairs and fire ext. thats it. Rest is pure bonus

  3. Ayy, before 100 ppl! And also 69th episode ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. What’s the difference between this and M 41 90 GF? and does the black paint in GF already count as a “camo”?

  5. Thanks for the video, what’s the best tier 8 light tank in your opinion?

    • For me, the B-C 12t, but many people think that tank sucks. The B-C 12t has excellent camo and a solid autoloader, but it’s a high-finesse tank.

      For most players, the LTTB is the most forgiving tier 8 light because it has functional armor and it’s fast.

    • +Taugrim I think the LTTB is also the most enjoyable to play, the bat-chat is not bad, but sometimes really boring.

    • Taugrim and the lttb flips like no other ?. But even can bounce a T10 with ease. I like the HWK most. good cammo, good view range and good alpha.

    • The HWK has abysmal shell velocity. That’s my main frustration playing it. It is difficult to hit moving targets from range.

    • Taugrim yep your right. nur i Drive this tank for a loong time and sometime its ok. i like him in Bollwerk.

  6. Pls do a review about T92lt and Elc even.

    • I don’t own the ELC EVEN 90. Can’t review what I don’t own, but I think that tank is very effective in its role. Many players were expecting it to suck due to the low DPM, but the camo and small profile are nuts.

      I may review the T92 if there is sufficient interest, but there are other tanks I’m much more interested in reviewing and playing.

    • The T92 and ELC EVEN are both currently what I would graciously call “out of the meta” right now. The T92 has great camo, good view range, and pretty much the best gun handling in the game, but not much else. It has poor top speed for a light tank so long distance relocating on open maps is a problem (although the traverse speed and good ground resistances mean it has good close range mobility) and the 150 alpha damage is a ridiculously limiting handicap. You have to constantly expose yourself to get your full dpm, which isn’t even that great when you do manage to utilize it. The gold rounds are also way too expensive for some reason, meaning it’s one of the few tier 8 prems where you can actually lose money without doing something completely retarded.

      The ELC EVEN falls into the same boat for different reasons. The camo is even better, and despite “small tank hard to hit” is sort of a meme, it is true, which helps your survivability. That being said, this is where the good things end. A lot of people say the EVEN is fast, and I don’t really understand where that comes from, because the little lawnmower engine in the thing means it doesn’t accelerate very well for a higher tier light tank, and the gun is something else. The soft stats are bad, the reload is bad, the clip damage is at least similar to the batchat 12t, but overall it’s even more of a struggle to get damage done than the T92.

      Both of these tanks fall squarely into the “one in a million” category of tanks – that is, you play them not because they are consistently good in every game, but for when the stars align and you get that one epic game where you have an open map, and you can carry your team by abusing your vision control against your enemies to pull off a crazy win. It is for this reason that the T92 is by far my favorite tier 8 light tank: it honestly isn’t a good tank in every game, but once in a blue moon, you get an adrenaline pumping, edge of your seat carry against all odds.

    • ELC EVEN 90 is a great light tank if you have high skill level since you can just bully everyone in your small ittle shitter tank wtih 470 meters VR and 44% on the move camorating and 660 damage clip potential just run it with this equipment : V-Stabs, EGLD, Optics & Food consumable

    • Yes, what you said about the T92 having to expose itself is the main challenge in terms of using its gun. That said, it can bleed targets out quickly if it’s able to fire unhindered.

  7. Make sure to vote for the tank I review in Episode #70 in the community poll:

    • Taugrim great vid as always. I go to your positions in my light tanks……….I’m still crap, just crap in better positions

    • Please don’t drop HWK from the poll. If you actually have something interesting to talk about it, go for it. Popular tanks will always win the poll, while underrated tank from an unpopular and unfortunate line might not get any spotlight forever.

      I understand if you covered too many lights and want some break, though. Just cover it someday

  8. aahh yes, the M41 90 best tier VIII medium in the game

  9. Always love your Road to Unicum videos. There’s so much here.

    The M41 90 is really a medium-light hybrid. As you describe, it has sluggish acceleration, large (for a scout), squishy armour profile, but with a good gun and good top end speed. Would you rather play a T-44-100? If we’re going for premium tank comparison, the T-44-100 has better power-weight than the M41 90, better standing still camo (and with good crew skills, a decent >26 camo rating on the move) more accurate gun with similar aim time, 1 degree less gun depression, but better armour and 250 more hit points.

    • The T-44-100 is very strong since the buffs to its armor and engine horsepower.

      They’re both good tanks, but in the current meta the T-44-100 offers more flexibility.

    • Vlad_MinecraftPlays

      Taugrim T-44-100 stronk ruski tenk, bruh. Of course it’s stronger in this meta because… well, Russian tanks have *always* been the best in a certain meta.

  10. sexist air conditioner

    0:01 nice

  11. Would Vents not be better on a light for better view range? (Instead of rammer)

  12. just yesterday I played that tank in that exact spot right at the beginning, I lit a somua new french heavy premium, on the back side of the hill where their tds usually go, didn’t realize it at the time but he was platooned with a 12t who did a loop coming from behind that house at the end of those bushes and lit me while I was stationary in plain view of all their td’s and that somua. I died instantly. Could’t even get mad, that was a great play made by that platoon.

    • That can happen, but the 12t is essentially taking a suicidal path to try to spot you. In a Random Battle, I’d never ever do what the 12t did, because the risk you’ll get spotted and rekt is simply too high early in the game.

      Also, you can run away the moment you spot the 12t, but as you said, it may be too late.

    • Yeah, I used to do the same thing, and its too risky. While you can get big games, you can also just get murdered by the heavies moving up the 9-0 line, there is a TD position on the 9-0 that can hit you, and you’re at risk of getting tracked by arty. You can achieve much of the same result safely by just lurking around the river bushes if you want.

  13. Which modules are you using ?

  14. M41 GF is a bit OP, since it did not get affected by the light tank tier change (as a premium).

    Some things I found risky:

    Firing at the T100 LT in the beginning and getting spotted was kinda risky in the beginning, the FV 4005 wasn’t spotted at that time and would likely be located on the enemy sniper hill to shoot at your heavys crossing (which is why it is not really opportune for your sides heavys to contest the “heavy corner”, the other side has it much better, I guess that’s why the JPE stayed back).

    In the end against the enemy M41 loading an HE would have been nice to see, you could’ve potentially one shot him and if not, the next shot (that should have been a regular again) would have killed him. So it would have been potential one shot, or two shot anyways.

    But good video as always 😉

    • > Firing at the T100 LT in the beginning and getting spotted was kinda risky in the beginning…FV 4005 wasn’t spotted at that time and would likely be located on the enemy sniper hill

      I’d take that shot 10 times out of 10. Why? Both me and the Sheridan hadn’t spotted anything else, and it was very early.

      It’s possible the FV was there, but I hadn’t spotted him heading up to the hill. Granted, a smart TD player wouldn’t take the flat approach that their Rhm-B WT did.

      I wouldn’t have taken the shot a minute later if the FV still hadn’t been spotted, unless I had distance + solid bushes (15m+ behind them).

      > In the end against the enemy M41 loading an HE would have been nice to see

      That is true. On a potentially moving target I find AP much more reliable, but I was very close to the enemy M 41 90.

  15. I feel like that the M41 90 has become what the CDC should have been.

  16. I’ve been looking forward to this video for some time and it did not disappoint. However it was over all too soon, cheers.

  17. Here’s a good TD to put coated optics on: The T95. Yep, the doomturtle.
    It can max its viewrange above 445m fairly easily and do a very nice job of spotting for itself. I’m fairly sure that the optics are a big part of why I have 1025 average experience and 63% WR on that tank.

    • That is an interesting tip.

      The T95 has 380 view range.

      So to get to 445m, you need Optics/Vents plus BIA and ~80% Situational Awareness. Given that the Commander is also the Radioman, that means you ideally need a Commander with at least 2.8 skills (Sixth + Sit Awareness + Repairs, as Repairs is a must), or make that 3.8 skills if you want to throw in Camo too. So you need an experienced Commander.

      I do agree that for high-tier assault TDs that should be pushing forward constantly that Optics makes more sense than Binocs.

    • I used the crew that was in my Hellcat back before it was nerfed… so yeah, those guys are on their 5th skill. The Commander has BIA, 6th, Sit. Aware, Repairs and 75% Recon. I’m considering dropping the Recon for Camo, since I also use the crew on my M56 Scorpion. Right now the crew’s on the T110E3, with 492m viewrange. I’m not entirely sure I like the T110E3 as much as I thought, though. I might drop the crew back down to the T95, or even the T28. I really did well in the T28 (and enjoyed driving it), especially after the armor rework.

  18. once again mate, great helpfull vid and mate who comented on crew skills , dont need a great crew when you know , how to tank ay but good crew is a help all the same

    • For light tanks (and mediums), it makes a big difference to have:
      1. Sixth Sense
      2. Full Camo (which means you have 2 skills on your Commander)

      That’s what is essential.

      Then whatever is needed to get to 445m of view range in terms of skills, along with Optics.

    • yeah ok sweet i can ,not use lights and meediums to quick for, my poor old eyes yeah crew skills help alot but the amount of good tankers i watch do have crew skills on a tank first up, they still tank great tho, ay

  19. Now show us what to do with it against tier X in city map…

  20. Your a great player. I only wish more people watched your video’s. You also have a great attitude! Hope you continue to make these videos!

  21. Really appreciate this video. I <3 <3 <3 the Blackdog as a fun tier 8 light, but the truth is, there is a lot of misinformation out there about it that can create a miserable experience for a player that thinks its just an OP pre-nerf scout. The sluggish acceleration, low camo ratings, and large profile are a dangerous combination. Also really appreciate you showing a bottom tier game, as that is more the reality for this tank, rather than tier 6 battles where you can just HEP spam most things.

    • I agree with your comments 100%. Before I played it, I’d heard it was OP.

      It’s not OP – it has several very good strengths – but its limitations keep it from being faceroll strong.

  22. I feel this tank is only good because they nerfed all the other tier 8 light tanks firepower. It does well globally because people can spam heat and have a tier 8 heavy/medium tank pen. All the other tier 8 lights are hindered by shitty pen/alpha. I had it before the light tank re-balance and it was mediocre. Now it is a beast and can absolutely murder lower tiers if played correctly. You basically have a stock t49 at tier 8.

  23. Matthias Kreidenweis

    Wow you kept all your HP

  24. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    You mention at 6:25 main reason why people arnt found of arty. It severly restricts your vehicle and if your in anything slow and large out in open you basically screwed. I heavilt believe that arty encourages more camping than it does prevent it but its here to stay so its nice to hear from multiple perspectives

  25. where can i do this community poll ? so i can vote on a tank next

  26. I bought u this tank 🙂

  27. 10:00 “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”

  28. in the redshire map that bush is so well known, by so many light tank players , that the meta changed and people will counterspot exactly on that bush, no other spot on the whole map, only that bush, so i wonder if both sheridan ands the lt 100 in your team , play sporadically . because the way they play is suboptimal, and none of them targeting that bush for spots at start of battle makes them tier x noobs in my mind

  29. 69! Up top my brotha!

  30. My wife sneak-bought this for me. One of the best purchases in the game so far.
    I really like to load a lot of the HEP on it for tier ten games and the laughs. I hit an E-100 in the turret ring for full pen with the HE on the same map you just showed. I was shocked that it actually penned and did full damage, and I also fell in love with it from that moment.

  31. There is another big limitation of this “OP” vehicle and that is low shell velocity. Only 830m/s for AP and HEAT and 773m/s for HE. On the other hand, since AP and HEAT have the same velocity it does not matter what kind of ammo is used, lead is the same. However to hit moving target over longer distance is pretty tricky.

    But it does not change the fact this is my most played tank in the game, almost 2k battles of pure fun.

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