M 41 90mm goes ham

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Well played! and 13 90 yellowshitter shame on you!

  2. He’s alive!

  3. 40k battles with 50% winrate, he’s still not that good.

  4. Ferdi-Barn great name :)

  5. Even at 10m a 13 90 misses most of it’s shots unless you sit and aim for 10

    But this was just a dick move. No excuse.

  6. So is this tank joining your favourites list?

  7. you should update your video description for your new rig!

  8. What an idiot 13-90 xD

  9. Foch>Quickybaby

  10. …and then comes the idiot that ruins the game for everybody. what a nice
    game wot is…

  11. Your microphone sounds kind of louder and worse than in the previous vids

  12. I hate time wasters like that 13-90 but I’ll only give away the position of
    someone who is AFK or someone camping on assault (so we’d lose either way)

  13. Still alive man ?

  14. Why is everybody going ham on your channel? I mean, what ever happened to
    beef? Beef is more popular and it doesn’t even offend Halal critics. And
    let’s not forget about turkey. I am told going cold turkey is the hardest
    thing to do. Nope, just “ham”. ham, ham, ham, ham, ham. In retrospect,
    bacon is quite tasty…

  15. It’s so depressing that even after 24 hours of sleep deprivation, you still
    do better than I do at the best of times. 😛

    Kudos, good sir! Looking forward to the 40-hour 40k follower stream ;D

  16. Don’t be harsh on the 13 90, he just likes historically accurate gameplay

  17. seen this live while watching the epic 30h stream, yay!

  18. You changed microphone? There is a little noise…

  19. If you use a NVIDIA graphics card, record with shadow-play. Much better
    quality and no FPS loss.

  20. 13 90 coward scum

  21. you mean after 24 hours of live streaming RNG still doesn’t screw you?

  22. Timotej Andonovski

    Update your system specs in the description…

  23. ”borrek” lol

  24. Maybe he was out of shells? The only excuse he could have, that 13 90…

  25. that 13 90, oh my.

  26. Just a minor issue I’ve had with your video descriptions ever since you
    started using the new intro: The intro song is from the Steel and Glass EP
    – it’s called “Noisemaker” and not “Steel and Glass”.

  27. noice

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