M-IV-Y – PREMIUM YOH – FIRST LOOK – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

M-IV-Y will be the first Tier 8 premium of the new tech of Yoh Heavy Tanks in World of Tanks – here’s all we know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. use a hairband between the head rests of the audio technica headset, makes it much better and is almost free mod.

  2. “You can over angle the turret”

    *Me looking at a cylinder of a turret that rotating it makes no difference when ‘angled’”

  3. what are these tanks called? ‘YO’ tanks? what? lol

  4. This whole review I was looking on buffed statistics of t34 and how bad they compared to “balanced” statistics of new premium(((

  5. Can’t wait to see this in the Christmas boxs

  6. With that horrific cupola I don’t fear this tank at all and for the same reason wouldn’t want to be in it either. It’s just like the Renegade, like putting an ELC Even 90 on top of the turret, even a blind bot will be able to hit that monstrosity

  7. It looks like a turd with a gimmick I don’t care about. The typical American massive tumor will ruin it.

  8. Pretty soon WOTs will find drawings of tanks from a Russian kid that’s in grade two and introduce that new line in the game.

  9. I think the 2 little machine gun things on the tier 10 yoh tank might be a slightly week point.

  10. About that second picture, I unload 12 shells from my bat chat into JarJar. It’s a very simple decision

  11. “Let’s release a premium we refuse to balance before we even release the line! That way if it becomes a problem, we won’t fix it, and instead will charge even more money for the privilege of playing something broken!”

    Bear in mind that I’ve not looked at the specs of this tank, it might be balanced, but I am incredibly tired of Wargaming previewing lines by giving us something that cannot be fixed if it’s overtuned. They did it for the wheeled lights, and see where that’s got us.

  12. laughs in world of tanks blitz where we alr have the tank

  13. WG played a session of Sprocket

  14. can u add the washing machine into an Excel sheet for comparison with other Tier 8 tanks?

  15. Fcking thing so ugly i needed a dose of T32 after that

  16. QuickyBelarusy

  17. Speed is slightly overtuned, lower horsepower will solve it. But I do think it needs more vr (at least 390m) and a better gun (be it in terms of damage, dpm or handling).

  18. Whatsa bet this is a christmas tank like the double barrel was

  19. QB our reseve track in blitz is not like wot pc , we can only use it to back up , cant go forward cant turn .

  20. Quicky needs to get the load out of the washer and put it into the tumble dryer. He’s gonna get in trouble for playing tanks instead of doing his chores.

  21. If you see Jar-Jar, Hitler and Stalin cresting a hill and you only have two bullets you shoot Jar Jar twice.

  22. I’m expecting many or some to complain about it’s long reload and it being a pain play as stock.

  23. Worth noting if you get reduced to only both reserve tracks, at base value this is only going to have 5.6kph reverse speed and 16.8kph fwd, on one reserve track and one standard track it’ll be 8.4kph reverse and 25.2 kph reverse. So that’s… something to consider.

  24. So i own the entire Yoh line. The tier ten in blitz is the tier 9 on pc and its alot of fun. It has a 900 alpha 12 sec clip reload with 2.5 interclip. Very fun and very much an agressive gun. The other 2 shot 450 alpha roughly 22 second reload with a 1.7 interclip is more of a dumb and run gun. Its got good armor to, hatches are weak and so is the hull. The tier 10 is literally a noodle and is weird to use. Cant really explain it. Tier 8 is like a more armored and slow amx 50 100 and has a 2.5 interclip. The tier 7 is equal to a t29

  25. I bet these will be really good, but not too broken tbh.

  26. I am a blitz player and the Yoh’s are BEASTS! The top tier M-VI-Yoh has a two shot Vz. 55 gun or a dpm low alpha 3 shot gun. In wotb the tracks allow you to reverse slowly when tracked

  27. I’m not so sure about it not being OP. The mechanics of reserve tracks alone may provide it with a lot more survivability than its peers and thus make it a lot more competitive than the rest of its characteristics suggests… We’ll see what final statistics are going to be and the precise armor layout of course. But I’m personally wary of these new YOH tanks in advance. I hope their introduction is not going to worsen the existing balance even more and represent a leap towards a new level of OPness.

  28. Jar jar was good. I had thought of snuffleuffagus.

  29. QB the washer is part of your setup now it stays it is the real streamer. Just like your chair in the UK, this is the esteemed washer of Belarus

  30. I think QuickBaby should also try the Yoh tanks in blitz

  31. dont tell me its as good as the tier 10

  32. New years loot boxes you can win this tank 🤓

  33. this tank is already in the world of tank blitz

  34. the tier 10 is our tier 9 and its pretty pointless shooting the turret

  35. They’ve all got autoloaders, except for the tier 7 heavy, from there, the guns that can be upgraded are either three round autoloaders, or two round autoloaders, usually with more damage per shot, but a longer reload, but on blitz, we only have the from tier 7 and up, T7 – M-VII-Yoh, T8 – M-III-Yoh, T9 – M-V-Yoh, and T10 – M-VI-Yoh, we also don’t have the premium tank either

  36. I found a weakness on the yohs on the tier 9 and 10 idk if it works like wotb in pc just try shoot the thing holding the turret

  37. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Only holds 35 rounds total

  38. Are they going to patch the AE Phase 1 to have the same “double track” feature?

  39. To me it looks like a offbrand somua sm

  40. what re the chance this tanks get into the game ? are there any tanks that failed to get into the game ?

  41. Hey look its the lootbox tank for this year!

  42. They need to buff the view range to 410 it’s a huge weak spot. Atleast have the common curdesicy to see the enemy tank that’s going to shoot special gold ammo shells it over and over again.

  43. i hope wg buff T32 standard penetration to 218mm… i hope so….

  44. More useless tanks wot is putting in the game to suck your money out of your wallet

  45. When the holy chair is far away (but always on our hearts), there’s a new interest : hail to the washing machine !

  46. 781 pen buy A TD why get this new money drain

  47. Thanks for the heads up QB.

  48. Hi QuickBaby can you please do some replays on strv 103b

  49. Of course it’s going to be relatively balanced, it’s not Russian after all 😀

  50. Oh god not these tanks. They are a pain in console version

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