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releasing the M-IV-Y, a Tier 8 premium Heavy, with the brand new RESERVE TRACK! Here's a full review!



  1. The new tanks inside te boxes are boring me .

  2. This tank looks very good in its stats. But I am a bigger fan of the tornvagn, not cause its armor is OP, not because of its stats. Just beacause of its stats but I do agree on both reviews so far. But I will do my utter best to love the tornvagn the most, no matter how frustrating it might be.

    Good review!

  3. I am sure they will release the tanks in the premium shop later so no need to get loot boxes

  4. why does wot on the ps4 look like complete trash now, not played it in like 2 years it looks horrible got on for a few games and every game was over in 5 minutes

  5. ebr’s make game broken because you can’t track them… WG: introducing reserve tracks on heavies!!!

  6. Yeah you can compare this two tanks M-IV-Y and Tornvang cuz are in the big boxes with money, but is not like you can choose betwen them :)) is about luck, you pay and you stuck with one, of curse if you one to stop when one of them is droped, and when that happen is good or bad, depends on your own play style. I don’t do that but if I dream, I image I like Tornvang, cuz I’m an arty player also, so I have the calm, I’m not so competitive, to be the first in everything, is kind of my game play. But in reality I have Lansen C and I’m good with that 😀 no more money no more tier 8 premiums tanks for me.

  7. Yes. Because people would never know that the mechanic is coming into the game if they were not subbed to you. I mean there is no way that WG would make a video about it months ago and also give it to other content creators that people could watch that are not full of themselves.

  8. This tech tree has been in blitz for a while, the M-VI-Yoh is a great tank, nearly impenetrable turret but with some large cupolas. Mediocre hull armor and decent speed and traverse values. Accurate enough and had the special tracks. It allows you to reverse at 4 kmh once your track has been broken

  9. I come to your channel for your opinion, not to argue. Great work QB. I appreciate a critical review, especially when gambling is involved

  10. QB, you mention the terrible view range of this tank, and how another heavy tank has much better view range. Shouldn’t view range on a heavy be redundant? That is the job of light tanks an medium tanks.
    Seems kind of pointless to be trying to scout in a heavy.

  11. What tank will it branch off from?

  12. Why doesNT AE phase 1 not have RESERVE TRACK?

  13. I’m struggling to understand why coated optics are always a choice, for a heavy tank. This begs the question, how often are people sitting in the back sniping with a hea…wait. Nevermind. Answers itself.

  14. I just still don’t think having 2 tracks worth all that trade off compared to renegade, like it’s really worst in most part of the stats, just for that very situational 2 track.

  15. I already see the morons in my DMs: I tracked you and you are still driving you cheater

  16. WG should do something about tanks blocking shots with their guns. like if we fire on the gun of a tank, the gun should be destroyed (red) and useless until repaired.

  17. Why are you testing in sand river?

  18. Shouldn’t WG now allow the AE Phase 1 this same ability to use it’s separate front and rear tracks?

  19. That is one ugly tank.

  20. Hey QB, you sounds pretty tired, don’t burn yourself out buddy, get some good rest.

  21. oh another good premium tank how interresting 😀

  22. At-tracktive 🙂 nice one qb

  23. From your reviews everybody can see how one-sided u are,besides your dedicated fans. So,in your pov,the tornvagn is shit,because is not broken,it only has a good turret,it is slow and easy to get behind him,not a great dpm…so its a tank that anybody can kill. But if a tank is broken,has 4 tracks,good dpm,good overall armor,good gun,its fast,not easy to flank even if u are in a medium….now this tank,the MY is well rounded and u are complaining that it doesnt have a good cammorate and is tall…dude u are such a bullshitter.

  24. riav conncer cmander


  25. Is quicky baby doing a charity stream this year?

  26. The midnight gamer

    Thank you QB for your information and help hope you have a wonderful year

  27. We need spare tracks on jagdpanzer

  28. Someone have the link of quickbaby discord pls ?

  29. EXTREME differences you mean lame differences . The extra track is so boring its crazy . Least blitz gave them auto loaders .

  30. Trim that moustache, you look like a homeless dude

  31. Its just QB selling stuff for wargaming while saying he is against it . That commanders hatch is 130 mm and huge it ruins this tank . Cant wait for the raging when i play it at long distance when not top tier or on the medium line . Man the 3 new loot box tanks are awful .

  32. .4 disperion is good . You heard it here ladies and gents this .4 is the new . 3 sigh . What trash these 3 tanks are . Cherry picked games vs lower tiers and its still trash .

  33. I wish they wouldn’t put the new mechanic on a tank that is already good at everything and already has good mobility and armor.
    “Here is a nearly perfect mix better than almost any other tier 8 tank. How about we make it even stronger !”

  34. i’m just test out the first 10 boxes and what did i get: Caliban & M-IV-Y xD
    this year’s drop rate is insane

  35. Arnt Petter Andersen

    No F*****’ way that I spend money on loot-boxes to get that tank!!!! Dosen’t happen!!! -It’ll be available on later occation anyways!!!!

  36. hope we get the low tier gameplay on Friday, as you promised QB 😀

  37. Soooo. Caliban review is to be expected soon? I’ve just got mine in a box and boy, is it a strange tank… The stats have changed from supertest – but it is still a really strange tank to have.

  38. Its insane seeing these coming to PC, as they already exist in the Blitz version of world of tanks, and the “tier 10” tech tree tank PC will have is the tier 9 on Blitz, just another one of the strange Quirks and Features about the Mobile version along side the Kran being an Autoreloader and the fv4005 being a 3 shell Autoloader

  39. Oooo look at the duck on turret shoot it only he dies too not tracks booo who WG and saved for gaming guide

  40. Alexander the Great

    The hull shape somehow reminds me of 279e but of course the armor not

  41. Better comparison is E75-TS. If you like that one this tank is a little better in everything except gun which is basically the same

  42. 3 new rubbish in loot box, well done fking WG

  43. I guess I got lucky, tornvagn at the first and the M-IV-Y in box#37….so far I can just say the tornvagn is a great choice for a mediocre player like me. works pretty good!

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