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Source: QuickyBaby

Here’s my first look at the Tier 10 YOH M-V-Y American Heavy which will be the first with the reserve track mechanic in of Tanks!


of Tanks 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Oh yes ofc from WG the message is going to be ” Thank you for your awesome feedback (got knows whos feedback). We decided to put the tank in as it was in the supertest.”

  2. Next are flying tanks that are firing lasers through everything…

  3. I wonder how cancerous that tank will be if they can dish out 1000-1100 clip damage in two seconds using a two shell autoloader like on blitz.

  4. How to make WG even consider doing something…
    *Some people will convert xp to grind it* / *You will just make money*

  5. Was this a real tank?? Stupid looking.

  6. The AE Phase 1 should also have this mechanic..

  7. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    roger roger roger

  8. Will, did you know in actuality a tank never stops when one track is damaged. It can still turn in circles both forward and back because each tread is individually powered. Its a bogus mechanic that WG came up with to shorten the game. One would actually have to destroy both treads to stop the tank dead. Btw taking off a track is far more difficult in real life by trying to shoot it. Only large an titan k mines do it reliable or by a close hit from arty.

  9. its weird how blitz made this tier 10 the tier 9 and m6 yoh the tier 10

  10. We are not far off from power rangers and the romanian gypsy cart tank tech tree now…

  11. It’s the weird
    M -V – YOH is a Tier 9 in wot blitz
    M-VI-YOH is Tier 10

    In wot it’s the contrary

  12. Those box doesn’t on the armor

  13. Cristian Calin Dreghiciu


  14. The weird part is in wot blitz this tank is tier 9…

  15. the entire Yoh Line was a medium tank line and WG puts it in as a heavy…… i don’t get it, the E50M weighs more and has a 105mm gun the 430U has better armor and a 122mm gun and is also a medium tank…. what are the criteria for a Med and a Heavy in WoT, cause i remember when WG added 10 tons of weight to the VK30P at T6 but no armor buffs or anything came after that, where did the 10 tons of extra weight come from????

  16. The Blitz version has been a mixed bag to assault.

    It is sometimes like tearing paper; hitting the cupolas and beak of the hull is super easy. Other times, the lower plate is assembled like a Badger’s; weak, with strong plates off to either side. So if people aren’t careful, they’ll bounce off the Yoh all day long.

  17. Hope its not O.P

  18. Seems another tank that you have to spam gold like crazy..Nice. Anyway somehow how prefer the E5’s gold pen.

  19. Krzysztof Tokarski

    M 5 WHY?

  20. The day they put WTF E-100 back in the game is the day i’ll start playing again. Since all WG cares about is money and releasing ridiculus op tanks

    • Don’t worry, soon enough we’ll get the Cobra, which will get a 4 second 2060 damage clip at tier IX, so that’ll be even more broken than the WT Auf E100 ever was. Except this time they’ll just keep it in the game and add more tanks like it after it.

    • a WTF E-100 16 clip mag, 20 sec reload, 500 damage per shot…

      Seems balanced enough to me

  21. On blitz, This tank can’t turn its turret to the side even slightly without it being penable by most rounds

  22. Wager: The Premium Yoh will be in loot boxes and the Yoh line will be released after New Year.

  23. 25 backwards. Thats more than a Maus forwards. And this thing cant be trscked properly as it can run away. As if that thing isnt OP eneugh already

  24. So i have seen a video about the Yoh tanks and their design process from back in the day.
    The naming convention was (Type of tank)-(Design number)-(Yoh)

    So the M-5-Y Means basically Medium tank, Design Nr. 5, Yoh Company.

    Your assessment is right while WG’s classification is wrong.

  25. I got 9 crew books ready for starting a new crews and 2 seasons 1 and 2 crew members ready. 50k on the T1. I’m ready to Yoh! 😀 Personally I would rather have a split USA Heavy line with 155mm guns starting at tier 8.

  26. I hope wot pc add a japanese tank destroyer line because we have it in wotblitz for a long time just in wotblitz we don’t have japanese heavies

  27. Anyone else here that “nice” after QB said 7.69 ROF…. Nice

  28. Boring

  29. Never has been HE more needed now that this Hull down beast has arrived.

  30. at some point, too goofy looking becomes too goofy looking…

  31. Such an ugly tank

  32. Hmm another hulldown meta tank great 🤔

  33. More Autoloaders. More broken Ass Hulldown Tanks to spam Gold at. Exactly what the game needs 🤮🤮🤮

  34. The best part of this review is the comment about Aliens and the fact you liked the non-canon version of Alien franchise. It generated multiple good games at least:)

  35. Well if you wanna see how it is you can allways play wot blitz lol even tho it doesnt have the tracks

  36. no way it should back up THAT fast lol

  37. 105mm for sure. Vents, rotation mechanism, and turbo (rammer was tempting but it shoots fast enough). I think a premium first aid is required. I would take a repair kit though and not skip it. Plus food of course (tier X, d’uh). Even so, I would need to stare at its field mods to decide if it is worth bumping the E5.

  38. Not really connected with the subject here, but the way you say ‘nice’ brings me back to good old memories of the TV show called ‘ Fast show’:P

  39. I wonder where WG could go in this game in terms of design space? The “Yet another hull down monster” is getting old.

  40. The tanks in wotblitz don’t have any reserve tracks but are very op

  41. I think that being able to move the tank and have the repair timer counting down at the same time is a bit overpowered. I believe it should be balanced so that your repair timer only counts down when you have the tank sitting still. So you have to make the Tactical decision of using your repair like normal to repair your tracks or moving out of the way to get behind cover or sitting where you are and waiting for the repair. Being able to move and repair at the same time will end up being a little too powerful because the amount of speed reduction is not nearly enough the matter in my opinion.

  42. I don’t even play the game anymore, but I still watch QB videos every once in a while to see how bad the power creep is getting lmao

  43. Crew commander needs a Jar Jar voice mod. Not that I’d ever use it…

  44. Its not M-5-Y, its eMVY, cause you will eNVY its owner 😀

  45. On blitz the 120 mm has 1.7 s intraclip with 2 shells bam bam 900 dmg gone

  46. anyway, this game is far away from its origin, becoming more and more boring, it is time to levae this game.

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