M-V-Y, New Most Annoying Tank? | World of Tanks M-V-Y First Look, American Yoh Heavy Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

M-V-Y, New 0 American Yoh Tank, Heavy Tank. New American Heavy Tanks – Yoh Tanks with Special Reserve Tracks feature. World of Tanks Yoh Tanks Tech Tree – M-V-Y, M-VI-Y, M-III-Y, M-II-Y, Pawlack Tank and a Premium M-IV-Y.

– Pawn Shop – Andreas Jamsheree

time is coming closer and closer when we receive the new American heavy tank branch – The Yoh tanks. Today, for the first time ever, I am able to show you first detail and characteristics about the cherry on the top of the cake, The M-V-Y. That new special reserve tracks feature + massive turret armor will be very annoying to deal with.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. gonna be new meta

    zombi58 eu

  2. it’s a weird tank

  3. I don’t know, it looks like it could be another op tank. It’s weakness will be on level ground, but it does seem that it’s the American version of the Kran. I don’t understand how WG can keep pumping out new lines of tanks without balancing the existing lines. The latest “rebalance” was a joke. Are WG really that out of touch with the product they created?

    • I don’t know that WG have been in touch with the majority of players for years. It’s all about $$$ & how can we make more even quicker. Look at how most premiums they sell become mostly redundant in about a year or less. If it’s not fast or hull down, it’s basically a waste. Ranked is a joke which might as well be full Kranvagn teams against each other. Black market is the greatest marketing scam they’ve come up with ever. Now they open the gulf between new players & even decent players & the top ones by introducing field mods & soon we’ll have Crew 2.0 as well. I was playing daily & now I’m lucky to open it once a week.

  4. ah I see another absolute Hulldown Monster

    Kampfschinkem18 , EU

  5. Why have these crazy tanks in the game?
    Dave7791 EU

  6. The “shit” is just getting bigger, but for some reason we will still play…


  7. Everything wrong with current meta… hull down monsters now harder to track.

    Marioooo1337 NA server

  8. I think we shouldn’t worry about how op it will be in hulldown. No researchable vehicles broke the balance so much recently. Not even vz 55 that much as expected.


  9. oh boi. its gonna be wierd when those are released…


  10. i hope the underside of the turret is not so strong that if he is not full hulldown


  11. Can’t wait to see you play with them🤣

  12. so…. dumb.

    Nothing else I can say that our commissar friends at YT won’t censor.

  13. AusCan Plant Support

    Not sure why I would grind this new tank over the T110E5? I don’t think it will be nearly as good but time will tell, I won’t be getting one any time soon anyway.
    IGN: Auscanplant
    Server: Asia

  14. Wg finds the right moment to add the worst things to this game, a new even crazier hull down tank


  15. Another stupid fantasy tank.

  16. Very ugly tank 😁
    VojvodinaSilbas EU

  17. I think hybrid tanks with 1 electric motor on each drivewheel, that can not be stopped will come into the game. WG should have a partnership with Tesla. The tanks should be called Model XI tanks.
    The end of the game is close!
    Yesterday I played with Emil II against a platoon of 279s. Our top tier HT were an E100 and a bot IS7. Can you guess the score ?
    Thx Dez for the content.

  18. Wrong, wrong and wrong as usual from WG…. sort out all the other bugs/problems/known issues before introducing a new OP mechanic/design.

  19. It certainly looks pretty cool, but it worries me how annoying it will be to deal with on the battlefield. Add this to EBRs and we almost have the full circus.

    Danistk1 (NA server)

  20. This double trak system is stupid like those staliniumwheels. Yoh tanks and ebrs needs little rework. Make them stay put if they want to fix traks/wheels.

  21. Damn, the player in the replay sucks

  22. Reminds me of jar jar binks

    Lughaa on EU

  23. Just one question: Y??

  24. Kranvagn will still be better

  25. yea hull down meta plus on top of that you cannot track them like every other tank it sounds like a real pain in the ass

  26. And its stuff like this that makes it hard to enjoy this game. Ive been playing this game for over 9 years and I had a better time playing it then, then I do now. 😒

  27. Go home WG, you’re drunk.

  28. This sounds like all the other tanks that are so fun to play but hell to play against. IGN: DMT4500 north america

  29. I hope they balance this tank more in the direction of Rhinoceronte than VZ 55.
    Because a super tiny turret and a crazy good gun would be kinda broken / op. But if the gun is not that great it would still be good
    Server: EU
    Username: OrcaSpiderJay

  30. so…..this is WG solution to fix the game?

  31. Username: Epoksyd
    Server: EU
    Will they fix Phase I to have the same?

  32. Kinda like it, but you never know with WG. I rarely play Tier 10, so probably I would never have M-V-Y.


  33. Wargaming should just buy Warhammer 40k and get it over with. They just want to build whatever anyway.

  34. If they give it reasonable weak points, i doubt people will even be able to hit them with RNG



  35. I can’t wait for the tier 11 tank of this line where you can launch the turret remotely as a drone with -90 degrees of gun depression.

  36. That’s Looks like Cartoon…

  37. I only hope at least have a weak spot somewhere in the turret…
    EU danidegraus

  38. Its getting harder and harder to find the fun spot in WOT…


  39. You know how WG does. That turret armor is in one little spot. The rest will only have 150mm . Kappa

  40. Ah well, they can’t screw the game up more than they already have but I’m going to give the Yoh line a try for sure.
    Kylock, EU

  41. Wargaming will allow this absurd tank into the game but not the M1A1 across their platforms..

  42. Yeah, it will rule until they all us grinders got it, then they will nerf it 🙁

  43. I really don´t like theese tanks! Although I like heavily armored and wierd (so called special) tanks, but this is too much. I hope that gun options will make most players away from this creature. i don´t want to meet this at the battlefield. F26698 EU
    PS. Dez, make some video about new mirny event, please. what do you think it will be about?

  44. New mechanics are always questionable and subject to change after it is available to the whole player base, not just only supertesters or common test platforms. History is proof. EBR line speed nerf, Kranvagn line shells in the magazine nerf. They were not adjusted after supertest or common test results, but after it was widely available to whole player base for a considerable amount of time.
    SEA server

  45. I think this is going to be kind of balanced, even if you cant pen him in hull down. At least it doesnt have an autoloader.
    EU, faymes05

  46. If I was a betting man id say its gonna be this years loot box main price….
    EU Server

  47. I wonder what the tank will be in practice, but I’m looking forward to it.
    I love your videos, keep doing it.

  48. Movement with the broken track is ok, but reparation in movement no

    Server EU

  49. Dez, since the Yoh tanks went to console a few month ago. What do you think about the posibility of the Sturmtiger line (from tier VI to X) of WoT Console landing on PC?
    I dont know why, but I belive it will land on christmas or next year.

  50. There are so many other nation tank lineups that are either missing or half complete, why keep pumping out USA lines or even worse yet, more Russian lines? I don’t get it…


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