M-V-Y – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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The M-V-Y is a heavy in World of Tanks with a reserve track feature that enables it to keep on rolling baby, but how good is it?



  1. it looks stupid, op and it shouldnt have been added

  2. I think its to good

  3. With each new tank, this game is becoming more and more “World of Hull Down Attrition”!

  4. Has anyone tried to shoot the HE shells between the turret and the hull? That must be pretty thin.

  5. my biggest question, is where does the gunner sit lol

  6. Good work Man I love the way you break down the Tanks!


  8. QB you are cheating… bond improved hardening is not possible to get and the only way to see it is in the comparasing when you chose equipment.
    Prob. gonna be the ranked reward in summer like turbo.

  9. isn’t it supposed to be world of tanks and not world of star wars!!! using a tank that was a thought not even a blue print is gone too far now…

  10. Looks like a Battle droid from Star Wars

  11. turret foundations must be weak (not broken ) easily to damage

  12. So glad i stopped playing when french cars came out… but always a pleasure to whatch qb videos to see what monstrosities wg releases

  13. Therealsilvershadows

    Hmm you’re telling me that the cmdr, gunner and loader with all the ammunition are sitting in that turret, I don’t think so…. That’s why these tanks never went into production Wot is turning into a complete clown show.

  14. It’s not an autoloader!?

  15. this or kran?

  16. I’m still wandering how the hell 3 people got inside this turret

  17. Alexander kjellberg

    It rly dosnt look like it fits the game lol.

  18. arty target, its to ugly

  19. Hey quicklybaby. Next time. Try the yohs in world of tanks blitz because there are better! They have autoloaders!

  20. I’m very happy that the S.Conquerer is still a very good alternativ to all the other Meta tanks .

  21. Gabriel M. Simões

    The nickname of this tank needs to be JarJar Binks…it’s exactly the head of the character

  22. Bruh quicky has 666k subscribers

  23. 120mm is better. “Only 80” more damage is huge.

  24. Hello qb, I loved the video, but still think a game with the alternative gun would have provided more insight to the audience.

  25. the s conqs hull armor is not good on paper but the spaced armor make it so ive never even seen someone pen my upper hull, i wouldnt count that statistic

  26. WG is losing the realistic historical aspect of the game, but hey there are only so much tanks you can use..

  27. you still were luck i rember loains my whole crew to a single ap while driming my 257

  28. It’s m 5 y

  29. 26:50
    M-V-Y be like :O

  30. 666K subscribers

  31. With that turret, where do they keep the 40 plus shells?

  32. I think this thing is pretty well balanced, a bit on the strong side but its not stupid OP, its turret still has a weakspot, the gun is really good so is the speed, but low alpha so cant trade with other heaveys 1 for 1. I think WG did a pretty good job with this tank and I am really loving mine, think im averaging 4200 over 20 games.

  33. Exactly what i needed today

  34. My thought is that its ROF is too high for what it is

  35. 13:18 yep this tank is not russian

  36. Just three words sum up this vehicle…. Jar Jar Binks….

  37. It’s a bean of DOOOOOOOOOOM!

  38. I’m expecting obj. 269v4 183 II V in the near future

  39. Yeah topical YouTube bs talk, pick few games that are ok and say tenk is good ,l,o,l,,, garbage tenk in any way unless u get lucky

  40. Never seen a ricochet like the one at 25:02 before- why did that not register as blocked damage?

  41. Mostly I just miss my WTauf-E100.

  42. Why in wotb m6y is tier x but wot m5y

  43. Is it possible to double track it from the rear? Destroy the reserve tracks?

  44. wg should do kill this game.

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