M1 ABRAMS CONFIRMED | Burger BOIS REJOICE (War Thunder M1 Abrams Update 1.77)

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M1 ABRAMS CONFIRMED | Burger BOIS REJOICE (War Thunder M1 Abrams Update 1.77)

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  1. Rusian bais well it will leave a huge hole even a t 26 will kil it

  2. savagesandwich wuud

    isn’t this a ww2 game?

  3. The DU round for the M68A1 gets 450-500 mm of pen I believe. I had to do some digging to find it

  4. Fucking Abrams hell yeah

  5. Hey Phly. New french challenge with FCM.36 with FCM1892 rounds. They Have ONLY 28MM OF PEN.
    Kill three AA vehicles or two tanks with one armored vehicle xD. Good luck

  6. I bet the T64 will be able to pen it in the front, and if 105mm has similar performance as in the game currently it will be a terrible gun.

  7. phly man I just joined the notifications squad, I want you to take out the kv2, daah camarade.

  8. SPaMuRai GRaNaTaBRu

    Why not the X-M1?
    For blow out though, maybe if you get shot in the ammo of your turret your fine, but say if you where in a Leopard with ammo in the hull then your doomed.


  10. Sharpshooter Gaming

    can I fly a FA-18F Super Hornet with it?

  11. i wan’t amx 56 leclerc

  12. Freedom intensifies

  13. so modern tanks… modern jets? I want to see mig-21s and f-4s soo bad

  14. This is proof war thunder will eventually push to the modern era

  15. M900 is late 80s round. Should NOT be ingame. At max M833. And again – DU is not something magical, just another type of material.
    And yeah, armor values you were naming are mess. Not ones usually used for stock M1, not ones form IPA1.


  17. The chills phly…OMG, I’m so excited!!

  18. Leopard 2 pls pls

  19. gaijin 1 : 0 war gamming

  20. INB4 April fools is modern jet testbed

  21. I have a model from this tank

  22. It will be shit, the Chobham armour will be crap ‘cause gaijin, and you will never be able to argue the point because the armours performance is classified, and you will have an endgame tank armed with the L7 105mm

  23. With regards to new game modes, I’m not too sure. You see at the moment we have health 20000 to 50000 players at any given time (I’ll use 40000 as main time average in calcs) . It’s ok number of people. First of all we do have 3 main game modes ab, RB and sb. So I guess 15000 play ab and RB, about 10000 play Sb. These are still healthy numbers. Let’s now divide it in 2 for air and mix battles. 7500 players ab and RB; 5000 Sb. Now the numbers are getting a bit low but still okay. Oh but we have battles ratings 1.0 to 9.0 so really we need to divide numbers again 7500:9=834 for RB Andy ab. It is slightly different in SB (I will leave SB here as it’s complicated). Back to RB&ab. 834 players divide by 7 main nations that’s only 119and that is a bit low now. battle last about 15 minutes on average so it makes 4 battles per hour. That would make 30 players at any given time. That doesn’t take into consideration PvE mode, squad battles, world war mode or naval beta testing. More modes will only dilute players even more and that would lead to queue time, players getting frustrated and so on.
    What I would like to see would be charge of Br compression. At the moment, especially high br’s being upteared makes it impossible to play and downteared is stroll through the park. Anyway I’ve just spent 30 min on my phone writing this post and probably no one will even read this. All best. Have fun on the battlefields!

  24. Pls the tanks LECLERC french

  25. Alptürk Eren Cesur

    Wo de fuk

  26. But is it a german gun on it…

  27. tyqe90

  28. Now all we need is new game modes like an actual “Assault” game mode. Or the mission in bf3 where the Abrams armored division assaulted across the desert. I think the M833 rounds was depleted uranium.

  29. Sooo… fa18s, su-35s, j20s? Air to air missles???

  30. Wait so if we will get the m1 a1 will we also get the challenger 2 ?

  31. Jeff da gamer Mintah

    War thunder is actually listening to us , this is amazing

  32. Still no proper cold war jets 🙁

  33. Then when is the Type90 or Type10 Japanese MBT going to come out too

  34. Still no mig 21?

  35. Now they must bring an Leo 2a1 that is just fear
    The 2k dosent stand a Chance vs the Abrams and the challenger or the New T64

  36. Um excuse me gaijin said “if a case was hit and powder charges caught fire” the Abrams doesn’t use powder charges -.- fuckin stupid Russians at it again. The Abrams uses a casing with the projectile attached.

  37. just put it in BR 1.0 and it should be underpowered

  38. Are we ever getting the f100?

  39. Jeff da gamer Mintah

    Cya Russian bias , farewell

  40. Would be prettig funny If They gave the export version that has shit armor

  41. Nice to see the germans getting shafted yet again, M1 Abrams, Challenger 1, meanwhile the germans gonna get the crap prototype version of the Leopard 2, even though the standard production version of the Leo2 was the first to enter service out of the M1/C1/L2 trio……GG Gaijin again.

  42. is the T-72 coming

  43. Challenger is better tbh

  44. Phly play the cancerous war thunder. To do this play a stock tank with a stock crew in tank rb (anything you want) or a stock plane with stock crew in air rb with any plane you want. Attempt #3

  45. I still want my T-72 and T-80 because cyka blyat we need russian bias

  46. The Modern ERA

  47. I get excited when they release a new plane but tanks no not really it’s lame the keep putting tanks out its called war thunder meaning sky fighting it doesn’t say war roar like no more tanks more planes and phly might need to change his name to tank daily

  48. Next: the T80 with the gas-turbine engine Gaijin pls

  49. Haki & Sake Network

    Really Tiger II vs m1 abrams

  50. And the most important question: When will we have T-72, T-80 and T-90 in the game? 🙂

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