M1 ABRAMS Gameplay | Gas Turbine POWER (War Thunder 1.77 Gameplay)

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M1 ABRAMS Gameplay | Gas Turbine POWER ()


  1. i think that the replenishment during battle means that when you use a shell from the primary ammo rack, they’ll move a shell from te other ammo racks to the primary, to have as many shells as possible close to the gun.

  2. What happened at the end? After you popped smoke the screen went black then played your intro and music..

  3. Timothey Vinyukov

    That was EvilMav that killed you with a 20mm.
    And I thought you two were friends.

  4. Your voice is too exaggerated. Try to calm down.

  5. Phly!!!!!! The LEO 2K

  6. Wished I saved my gameplay from last night I had 15 kills best game ever especially when the enemies just kept driving past me

  7. The shrapneling explosion of the hit at long distance rendering is beautiful bro

  8. CCR~Fortunate Son intensifies….??

  9. Pretty much confirmed that war thunder is always against the American tankers and pilots what a fake

  10. the end of the video the last 30 seconds blacked out for me?

  11. Phly is not meant to speak german. AKTONG AND STORMPENZER.

    Phly, pls stop.

  12. We all know that derp gun is the bezt gun in the game

  13. Insultin' Sultan

    My proudest fap

  14. Doesn’t RB get turret momentum even?

  15. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    Drive out the Challenger 1 next

  16. Duminic The Dumb

    Oh. I thought they had the M1A1 with the 120mm. M1 with the 105mm is less exciting

  17. Todays tabla has the ammo at a chamber to redirect the explosion out of the tank and save crew

  18. that gas turbine sounds good

  19. No one literally watched til the end. Not even phly. The last 20 seconds are bugged, black screen, then intro and spawn menu.

  20. Some say..
    The APHE is still the best round..

  21. Did someone say boom and zoom? Take out the xp50 in air rb and show them nazis how to climb..

    Attempt number 2

  22. Maybe this is xm1 not m1a1 or m1a2

  23. Diligent One-Six


  24. prashantmakemerich

    dat new bullet flying sound is dope. abrms goona spoil u !! :p

  25. The M1A1 was a huge improvement over the standard M1 Abrams. It nearly doubled it’s armor protection against KE and chemical rounds, while equipping it with the 120mm smoothbore gun.

  26. Thermals pls. With that glowing sight instead of the usual wt tank sniper scope

  27. now. ASU 57 killing Abrams memes will ruin

  28. “HEY JOE! Our tank doesn’t have any fuel!” “It is a gas turbine! Just put something in there!” *few minutes later* “Why is the rom gone?”

  29. Ohh my if tier 10 king tiger or tiger tank can kill a m1 Abrams or m1a2. That will be a night mare of it

  30. This is western propaganda! Best tank is T-34!!

  31. The real tank can percision shoot a target while moving 40 miles an hour if it was anymore realist you would select target and it would slaughter them,

  32. it just looks like your playing arcade (witch looks ridiculous) and i hate the new sounds tbh

  33. golden intro

  34. Bro I didn’t got the update! And no French tanks! What should I do???

  35. Tetrach with a kill score 1337 ??

  36. Chocolade_ Games

    you shal fear the flakpanzer 1 at 1,3 with 64 mm of pen on 10 meters and 90°

  37. Marcus Feldthaus

    Hey phly the sound quality is prety sh*t every time u fire your canon the sound scratches

  38. DontFear Respect

    Very underwhelming compared to what it actually was

  39. Crazy how something built in 1942 could probably wipe out a modern MBT.

    Also, seeing as they’ve programma the blowout compartments, we should be seeing a pretty big shift against the Russians high tier, seeing as nearly all western tanks have blowout compartments, but even today in 2018 the Russians don’t.

  40. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #19

  41. As i said one year ago – WT opened pandoras box with that modern tanks…

  42. sturmpanzer best tank in history period

  43. I think Kinetic is a round that penetrate your armor and chemical is explosion?

  44. this game is moving WAY too fast

  45. This tank makes me laugh

  46. KV-2 will still rekt it m8 ?

  47. Best way to kill the Abrams? De-Ammo him. Giggle as he is now a 60 ton MG Wagon…

  48. lol sturmpanzer 2 kill m1 abrams XD

  49. Armando Rodrigues

    Phly I think the DM might be wrong because both XM1’s and the M1 are supposed to have a bit of composite armour on the side above the road-wheels (probably from the nose up to the turret) without forgetting the skirt that acts as spaced armour as well

  50. Phy! I actually killed an enemy plane with my bombs! Fricken works!! GG

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