M1 Abrams with New Crew Voices Sounds Amazing 🔥 Gunner, HEAT, PC! Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gunner, HEAT, PC! Gameplay with Crew Voices/Sounds – a new Military Tank Simulator featuring Modern Tanks – M1 Abrams, T-72 and many more come!

about the game: https://gunnerheatpc.com (NOT Sponsored, just trying help the project)

After couple months and many requests from you, I am finally back playing and testing out GUNNER, HEAT, PC tank simulator. The weirdest title for the game, but it looks more and more promising.

What do you think about that?


  1. 1st comment?
    IGN: allan_kay
    Server: NA

  2. Skulls for the Skull throne Blood for the Blood god

    Nice game world of tanks starts to get boring

  3. Shoot im late for second

  4. I love how it’s actually realistic. There is swearing and stuttering. I love it

    • meh its not realistic from all game i tried.
      it should account gravity and leading the aim.
      the most realistic one is heroes & general on steam from what i known.
      check their tank action on youtube preferably tiger one. sadly its same as WOT.. pay to win shoot gold

  5. is this because of chems roast?

  6. You guys wanted to see me keeping my eye on this game from time to time, so here is another look at GUNNER, HEAT, PC!
    In such an early stage, it already looks quite promising, like the newly added crew voices… What do you think about that?
    *Also, a little disclaimer as always – This is not sponsored, I do not have any relationship with the developers, I just would like to see this project succeed.*

  7. seems fun, im in desperate need for a new tank game .. and i don’t like war thunder

  8. Look kool af

  9. HEAT, not APFDS oe APDS?

  10. The tank combat game market is very dissatisfied with Wargaming. I could fill the page with the changes we hate. The time is right for taking over the market.

  11. Maybe one have to check this out!! Again!

  12. Has anyone seen the Certificate of achievement on the table? in the garage.

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