^^| M103 Stream Highlight

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  1. unicum vs unicum. And thats why you fiar da puarble, bois!

  2. Nice work Circon. Too bad the rest of your team couldn’t reset the cap in
    time, but oh well it happens. Thanks for posting.

  3. i have a question about BC 25t AP. is it a better 1390? with nice aim time
    and pen with 1390 lacks. question is about mm, light tanks gets mm like one
    tier higher medium. so BC AP will get same mm as 1390?!

  4. Circon, can you please upload your videos at 1080p or 1440p? The video
    quality really is not good / is in no relation to the content of it. Thank
    you :)

  5. 8k damage and 7 kills = 1003 exp now?

  6. пендосы тоже в танки рубяться….

  7. Jedi with the carries! :^)

    Actually, Jedi should have gone around the other way. If he had taken the
    eastern route instead of trying to cut straight across, he could have reset

  8. Is this War Thunder

  9. ACE WANKA!!!!!

  10. Sometimes it just does not seem to matter what you do. No matter how much
    damage you do, no matter how many areas you win, no matter how many enemies
    you kill, you are going to loss, ha.

  11. sweet game you kept the gun singing :D

  12. Circon, the king of effortless gaming.

  13. Franjo Pintarić

    just commenting so circon gets an annoying email

  14. For something like the first half of this replay circon’s face is stone
    cold. And all I can think of is “yeeeees! Let the hate flow through you! It
    helps you focus, makes you stronger!”

  15. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    That friendly Jagtiger…
    Why even exist

  16. no 15 kills? im not impressed

  17. The M103 might not have the best armor, gun or mobility at tier 9 but I
    love that tank so much, so dependable and adaptable in every situation.
    Just like every tank in that line it’s a jack of all trades, does
    everything well, nothing perfectly but nothing terribly.

  18. Sandro The Great

    It’s a good thing that JgTiger 88 was there to reset the cap… OH WAIT

  19. Dang, bit of a heartbreaker.

  20. Mike Pegg (Pegguins)

    Out of interest, is there a reason you dont use the bounce mod? It’d be
    nice to have it for these videos so I could post it to the “hurdur heavies
    gold=worthless” trolls.

  21. How do you make it look so easy

  22. is.. is it a ace tanker???

  23. This was sad…

  24. This was sad…

  25. “8k damage meh that’s not bad it’s ok” -circon 2016. WTH MAN 8k DAMAGE IS

  26. my 3 marks on the M103 was also an ace on a loss :(

  27. World of lowrolls.

  28. Talk about heavy lifting…one man team…#bounceallday

  29. easymode no-arty battles don’t count ;)

  30. Dear diary, today I saw an M103 bounce something.

  31. Going live very soon! at twitch.tv/circon – Also Q&A vid is tomorrow, MAYBY
    wednesday :)

  32. So… …when will we see the first episode of Mingles with Circon?

  33. soo circon u r not doing a Q&A vids?

  34. Thomas Anonymous

    *sircon video starts silence ensues*

  35. I shit you not that friendly jagdtiger 88 sat in D7 for like over 90% of
    the match ^^

  36. Finaly someone make video to m103 TNX SirCircon :D

  37. Haha that Jtiger teammate ill get my share of bleach

  38. with m103 i barrely bounce something…. and to be honest the t32 tier for
    tier is 10 times better then m103

  39. Good old M103… a little bit like the small brother of the mighty E5 ;)

  40. ThereWillNeverBe AnotherTupac

    Sup Circon, nice vid keep it up :)

  41. WOH! Thank you for sending me this video in my quest out of boredom!

  42. danke mim

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