M163 GALTING GUN SPAA – Brrrrrrrrrrrrt (War Thunder 1.63)

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M163 GALTING SPAA – Brrrrrrrrrrrrt (War Thunder 1.63)

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  1. Do the me-262 c-2b :)

  2. This was totally needed, all planes need to die

  3. all i got to say is
    America F@#% yea come to save the mother F@#%&@# day yea

  4. so A10 anyone

  5. They said no armor piercing for this

  6. p-38e and the m4

  7. TheHilarious GoldenChariot


  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/M163_VADS look at the ammunition pls,

  9. rather have the gepard

  10. I can’t wait until they run out of things to put in and just start putting
    in modern weapons like the Metal Storm, let’s go for 1 million rounds per

  11. wait… WHAT! there is war and Ads!!!!!!!!! GET DEMONETIZED YOU FAG!!!
    youre being unfriendly to the advitiser!

    lol love you me boi

  12. The Shilka.

  13. Mature discussion in youtube comments? …… meh…. I turned my notices
    off a long time ago and dont read them myself. X.x

  14. Honestly, I think it is a little OP.

  15. Radar guidance systems? are we going to start to see that?

  16. That’s is fucking coolll

  17. Just add the Leopard 2 for Germany if you’re going to add modern shit to
    war thunder

  18. op new spaa

  19. now we have gatling guns confirmed, do we get the brrrt plane?

  20. My computer spec is potato welp rip me in tier 5.

  21. I request the Mighty tu-95 to be added in war thunder

  22. The sad thing is, I will never be able to experience Tier 4 or 5
    vehicles….. I dont have the $300 to spend on free XP either.

  23. Wow that is gonna be op

  24. Personally I feel that Gaijin needs to start getting their act together.
    Baron is correct in suggesting that there should be a split of time
    periods. A vehicle like is going to chew it’s way through most armor of

  25. in honesty this would make the game better, it doesnt have much pen. if
    they replaced the zsu 57 with the zu 23 4 shika aa would not fuck up tank
    drivers days

  26. Wirbelwind 1800-2000 rpm

  27. How much you want to bet they will add the ZSU-23-4 Shilka into the game…

  28. I like how you spell “Gatling”

  29. BTW oerlikon is pronounced :

  30. hope it gets hvap

  31. i want the IS 7

  32. and shilka?

  33. If War Thunder really tracked planes… then the game is RIP. No way they’d
    do that.

  34. Mike “Thatcher” Baker

    Shilka when

  35. just add jets already. i want that eurofighter typhoon

  36. When or if this comes out do a custom battle with these against bombers

  37. Phly it’s Gehpard not Juhpard ya nut

  38. War thunders gone too far…

  39. Modern Warfare is COMING!

  40. after next year we’ll see a dev blog……. A10 warthog bein added next
    patch…….. tiger 2 will have to fight it

  41. pretty sure the next upate we’ll see an M1 Abrams

  42. WOW cool Gaijin is taking WT tanks into the Cold War era:D

  43. M113 platform ………wait for M901 ITV or M113 with TOW launcher
    ……..premium with 600+ pen……

  44. oi phly do you thinks it;s a good thing that there are modern tanks now

  45. đam mê bóng đá

    M163 vs zsu-23-4 who will win?

  46. The Catlings were all limited to 1500 or 3000 rpm 6000 is just theory. The
    recoil was high enough on 6000 rpm to stop a Starfighter on full power from
    1000kph dead in a 10s burst.

  47. But…but…I want a MkIV :,(

  48. well fuck it then mine as well add fucking T90s and submarines and fucking
    M1 abrams and A10 warhog FOR FUCK SAKE GAJIN COME ON

  49. Uranium rounds…….JCH!

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