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  1. Phly you should of been on there was submarines for a bit! The phantom menace event was live last night. Submarines were playable for a short time!

    • Yeah and they took it down for some reason 🤦‍♂️ ive been waiting for subs to come back since 2018 and i missed it bc they can’t figure out tech issues

  2. Michael Kenn Peduhan

    DO A PART 2 OF THIS!!!🤣😂😅🤣😂🤣🤣

  3. Andre Gabriel Timcang

    If played well this could, in theory, serve as an ActiveProtectionSystem or APS
    Thats my idea
    So anyways welcome bach to the best place in google

  4. 0:12 oh hey its another DOLLARplays video!

  5. phly how long have you played this game for! u got me rlly hooked on this game

  6. Dont for get to subscribe

  7. Brokengamer XBOXGamer

    lets get Phly to one mill subs by the end of next month

  8. I never seen phlydaily so happy

  9. How many likes for you to help me get the maus

  10. Hunter: trying to make a high altitude bombing vid…
    phly: i have 82 backups of brrrrrrrrrrrrrt!!!

  11. CIWS whit thunguska roket vs pe-8 bombs

  12. So this is the small bugger aa tanks that I keep decimating in ac7

  13. So what was up with the clip where you locked onto an already dead plane? I don’t get it

  14. Day 13 of asking phly to play the ME 264, only 4 k left to a huge cellebration i cant wait!

  15. Finished getting the m163 today!

  16. You should play the m1o3

  17. American logic:
    take the M113 with 1 Barrel, mount a 6-Barrel Gun on it. Call it M163. And if you mount a null-cannon, call it M103 =D

  18. i’ll be real with you phly, if you hit that pe8 bomb i would called it fake regardless 😛 you will never win on yt

  19. Phly, every time you post a video I add an attempt ( # 95 ). We need a type 87 video! I’ve been at this for months… Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  20. *maus maus maus maus*

  21. Алексей Сафронов

    I wonder what’s Phly’s graphics settings. I’m playing on high after reinstalling the game and it looks terrible. I don’t remember it looking that bad.

  22. this brrrrrt sounds so cute nice effort made

  23. Hello Phly, I really enjoy your content, but I haven’t found any video on yo channel with the SU-76M in it. You should definitely try it out, now being in 2.0 it’s a monster.
    Attempt no.8.

  24. At 7:39 in the kill feed it said that a BT-5 killed someone, lol.

  25. Pls phly, hold on a second
    Did you notice in some tank youre able to change your suspension height so its easier to shoot over hills

  26. i really like the m163, but a 2 extra brain cells g91 still makes short work of it

  27. Land version of the CIWS is the CRAM. Just a fun fact.

  28. 13:36 Can we just take a moment to appreciate player iMDepressing in the Conqueror? You call for help and someone is actually paying attention and heroically comes to the rescue. There may be hope for the world after all 🙂

  29. Remember phly, sometimes in order to take out the bomb, you have to take out the plane dropping it.

  30. its usually easier to shoot the plane down before it bombs you lol

  31. Pe-8: loses 3/4 of one wing
    Gaijin: Eh, he can still phly absolutely phine

  32. This thing is kinda op but once I tried to rush it in a leopard 1 and it took out my track and gun and there was smoke everywhere so I couldn’t see where to shoot but luckily I shot it with my MGs and it took out its breach

  33. It’s all fine bey


  35. Hey Phly , I saw a five-year-old video earlier for a PO Box. Do you have one open

  36. Turn up in game volume turn off the music pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  37. Karolis Lukosevicius

    Play IS3 or IS4

  38. Виктор Фирсов

    Why M163 doesn’t have a stab?
    Because it would decrease accuracy)

  39. Arrighi Wildan Al-Fairuzaghi

    you can mark an aircraft with default key X, and mark it for your teammates with T + 1 + 7

  40. You should always fear the box creatures aka the m901 and m163 they will break your barrels tracks and or just fuckin kill you

  41. What is that green reticle thing I’m seeing while your in scope mode? Ya know with that trailing tether attached to it? Looks like a modern day cluster bomb sight style deal. Is that like an aim bot?

  42. Attempt# 186: can you phly the xp50

  43. You know whats a good bomber??? The pe-8 Easy to take down tho…Hehehe sorry Phly…had to

  44. I have a question, the auto aim on air targets when your a tank how do you take that off.? You make great vids!

  45. Enjoywatchingyoutube

    How the R3 have you gone below 1 mil subs

  46. Hey phly revisit the M1a2 they buffed the cheek armor, even the t72b3 cant get through it head on

  47. You should play with the m26 t99 I haven’t seen a video with that tank yet. I think that would be a great video.

  48. CIWS
    Captin It Won’t shoot

  49. Video idea – horde of 163s try to be proper CIWS vs single bombers. If successful move to 2 bombers, etc.

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