m163 vulcan vs torpedus – War Thunder Gameplay Night Battle

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Thumbnail Credit: http://live.warthunder.com/post/506856/en/

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  1. THE M163 CAN FLOAT??!!

  2. 0:50 Return to Battlefield 1

  3. i want more of those 1v1 “test” video


  5. halloween special ??

  6. WIAT WHAT? The Vulcan is das boot? Well shiet

  7. the company of heroes or medal of honor allied assault spearhead theme song
    sounds sick when slick is coming in on an atk run

  8. Can we get a M163 party vs all type of jet bombers or jet attackers?!?!
    Like the comment if you would like to see Some Brrttss taking out Arados,
    Migs15 and Some Il28’s! :3 PLEASE Baron!

  9. night battles are terrible to watch, its just to dark and you cant really
    enjoy them. pls dont make them

  10. It’s amphibious?!

  11. The Wyvern is generally a terrible torpedo bomber. In order to use the
    torpedo you have to slow to what is essentially stall speed (basically
    you’re screwed because every Anti Aircraft gun on a ship has a nice, big,
    slow moving target). You’re better off using bombs and rockets, even on

  12. I feel that Baron and Phly actualy want to play together again but they
    just dont want to admit…

  13. What does the triangle on the side mean?

  14. Baron do you think sometime I can play with you and slick on warthunder
    I’ve got some pretty good shit

  15. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Baron you need to explain why you have a floating Vulcan .

  16. Baron can you plz take out the M103 and the M551

  17. What happened to you and Phly?

  18. “map size”

    Ok with engagement ranges of 22,000m for the guns on some of the bigger
    ships. even 12,000m, the maps would have to be fairly huge. Lets take a
    look at a single destroyer, the Russian built Ognevoy class of ww2. These
    ships mounted the B-2LM turret, with 2 – 130mm cannons per. the max range
    of these shells is about 25,000m. with a rate of fire of 12 rounds per
    min… with a shell weight of 75 pounds. and with 4 guns total… thats 1
    shot per second it could put out in sustained fire… out to 25,000m

    Now what would happen if the ship simply targeted the cap circle and
    started firing on it for 20 seconds or so. thats a fair sized artillery
    round thats just going to flatten the cap again and again. but the
    destroyer can do that from 25,000m out. So is its starting area going to be
    25,000m out? it travels at 69kmph speed, how long should it travel to get
    into firing range? 1 min? 2 min? 5 min? each min is another 1000m to add to
    the size of the map.

    Now think of the aircraft scale maps… thats about the size of the maps
    you’d want, with big ships taking 5-10 min to get into position for firing.
    now.. how long is it going to take the tank to drive across that map? Heck
    does the tank even have the FUEL to drive across the map… (some might not
    have enough gas LOL). this is a 1939 destroyer… traveling at 69kmph. so
    its likely facing br 2-3 speed tanks. huge maps, slow vehicles, some plane
    spots the poor KV-1 trundling along… and… the destroyer opens up just
    splashing the area its in with HE rounds damaging all sorts of things on
    the tank.

    then we take the planes, the poor torpedo bombers facing off against…
    37mm AA flak guns… on a 69kmph ship, that can turn tight. destroyers were
    HARD to hit and some had large numbers of AA guns.

    Hence the whole… small boats small maps thing they are going with.

  19. Happy to see another comp video with you you ans slick, keep it up

  20. A Vulcan minigun in the water… Aka ciws?

  21. Do some tank torpedoes vs teir 5 tanks! )As in the teir 1 tenk with

  22. Mr. Baron, I see that War Thunder is having a special for each country
    starting on the 29th October to 2 November. Could you do a video on what
    you would buy? (tanks)


  23. Torpedos needs to nerf

  24. I love your photo shopping Baron. :)

  25. u doing Halloween video tomorrow

  26. looking forward to the 3d decsls

  27. next video Halloween plane and he’ll cat plz

  28. and yeah what did happen to men of war mondays

  29. it can float?….

  30. Oh cool, Slick was there. No wonder he had SLICK moves…

  31. #drinkingoutacups

  32. You should do something like that again with the m163 but have someone bomb
    you instead and, with the high fire-rate, see if it can destroy bombs
    before they hit you. This would kind of act like the anti missile system’s
    on a modern ship but with a tank.

  33. It can float?!

  34. Baron a new tank was found please do it for men of war. Heuschrecke 10 The
    Heuschrecke 10 (English: Grasshopper 10) was a prototype self-propelled gun
    and Waffenträger (English: “Weapon carrier”) developed by Krupp-Gruson
    between 1943 and 1944. The official designation of the vehicle was 105 mm
    leichte Feldhaubitze 18/1 L/28 auf Waffenträger Geschützwagen IVb and was
    to be built in Magdeburg, Germany. The Heuschrecke featured a removable
    turret which could be deployed as a pillbox or towed behind the vehicle as
    an artillery piece.

    Krupp produced only three prototypes from 1942–1943. The Heuschrecke
    initially made use of a shortened Panzerkampfwagen IV (Panzer IV) chassis,
    but it was later switched to the Geschützwagen IV chassis, developed for
    the Hummel self-propelled gun. Mass production of the Heuschrecke 10 was
    scheduled to start in February 1945, but never occurred.

  35. You should do a bunch of KV-2’s Firing at TU-4’s and stuff.

  36. putting that gun on the a 10 would be terrible because the gun they
    currently use is so powerful that firing it to long actually slows the
    plane from its recoil.

  37. wait… IS THE M163 AN AMPHIBIOUS TANK????

  38. “Oxi” 0:43

  39. Sir Stefan Channel!

    God damn I wish night battles would happen far more often in War Thunder.
    They’re beautiful.
    I know during Halloween there is more of a chance for them, but I wish they
    were more common normally.

  40. A-10 with 30mm gun, rocket pods (up to 76 70mm rockets total), an Mk. 80
    series “dumb” bombs (250, 500, 1000, and 2000 lb). If can hold up to
    16,000lbs total, so everyone is screwed.
    Also, AC-47, AC-119, and AC-130, as gunships, quote me on this, “Aren’t
    that OP”.

  41. Hard to see anything

  42. Slick, pick the helldiver. It’s torpedo can be deployed at 500kp/h

  43. make a race pt vs vulcan

  44. Yes they can make the maps bigger, but the scale is still wrong for ships.
    Even a small destroyer will have at least 4 naval rifles of 5 inches of
    more. But let’s use one of the tier 1 ships from WoWs as our base line. The
    Orlan has 4 130 MM naval rifles that can fire over 10 KM in 2 turrets,
    travels at around 24 knots so lets say 30 KM/h and has limited AA

    So, in one vehicle you have : Artillery support from off shore bombardment,
    enough firepower to destroy a significant portion of the enemy teams
    vehicles, in one salvo, from outside of retaliation range and enough
    firepower to discourage opposing planes from making attack runs on it. In
    just one vehicle.

    Even a torpedo boat would be hard pressed to make a successful attack run
    against the return fire power of even 2 130 MM guns.

    You will probably get a PvE mode for attacking battleships, and that would
    be extremely cool, but even a small warship carries way too much firepower
    to participate in the combined warfare games that are currently in War
    Thunder. To include warships larger than PT boats and MBT’s War Thunder
    will need to create a whole new game mode just for destroyers and larger
    warships, A game mode that already exists in WoWs.

  45. Swordfish

  46. Before War Thunder goes insane with vehicles, War Thunder NEEDS armored
    cars, such as the Greyhound, Puma and BA-6. It also needs our good old
    friend M8 Scotty.

  47. You die so fast it kills you -slick

  48. Hey Baron, do you know how to install a user skin mod in the new patch?

  49. why does anyone in their right mind think that the actual big ships will be
    on the same maps as ground vehicles, thats stupid for a multitude of
    things, like the to small of a map size, water depth being to shallow,
    unfair balance wise…
    simply thats not going to happen, boats? yeah sure, they can be killed by
    tanks and planes alike and also have short tank like range and do not
    require deeper water or vast amounts of map space so they can be had on
    some of the current maps.

    the big ships if they will ever make them (which i think they likely wil in
    due time) will probably only be on large naval maps with air units
    specifically tailored to these, or on already big existing maps like norway
    and such… but on maps like the jungle map or Novorossiysk harbour map?
    no way.
    boats? sure.
    ships? not a chance.
    and the”bigger” ships anchored on for example jungle atm are decoration and
    occupy the only available space for a big ship to possibly be due to
    shallow water… and cannot be more then that for balance sake…
    Novorossiysk map might harbour some vessels on the full map size, but for
    balance sake likely without ground units (capture/occupy the harbour
    conquest style).

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