M1A2 ABRAMS “SILVER BULLET” 600MM PEN ROUND (War Thunder Top Tier Gameplay)

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  1. *Phellas enjoy your Sunday!! See ya’ll tomorrow* watch a xmas movie for me 🙂

  2. hey phly can you play the american p-38l-5 with it’s gun pods you have no videos at all on it and it’s something i bet you never knew it had attempt#15

  3. Also those T-64/62/72 where using training shells

  4. And then you think about the poor dudes having a nap on the deck of their t55 in the dead of night when they are suddenly engulfed in flames from Abrams raining depleted uranium apfsds rods into the ammo racks from beyond the line of sight… the corpses left behind must have been a good cause of PTSD when they finally drove up to all the casualties and body parts covering the desert

  5. Majority of Iraqi main battle tanks in Desert Storm were T-54/55/62/72s , Chinese Type 59/69s which didn’t have a chance infant of American M1A1 Abrams MBT equipped with M829A1 Silver bullet

  6. 10:38
    A very nice score

  7. my parents just escaped Iraq from desert storm they lived during the Iraq-irani war and my aunt was shot by bullets of Iranian mig fighter jets and shrapnel got on her back my grandfather worked as an anti aircraft and shot down Russian mig fighters as well and lives in the usa now and is 90 years old so yeah

  8. don’t phreeze too much 😂

  9. I have had enough after the first battle.
    You have returned to your old stupid version. Glorifying the abrams for being what it isn’t.
    What we see is you having a fcking good time with the Abrams. Why?
    1. You played alongside russians. That’s it. Instant win.
    2. You upload only your best battles. You said it yourself.
    You saying how good the “silver bullet” is is extremely irrelevant, as practically all your shots would have had exactly the same effect even with fcking m735. You never once really needed that extra penetration. So stop saying how good it is, making people believe in things that don’t exist. Well deserved dislike.

  10. Wait that’s cold for yeh eh? Wow luck we got -20 in canad

  11. Phly I would like to let you know that I just found a medicine that helps me a ton with my depression and anxiety. And over the last two years you have made everything so much better. Thank you phly.

  12. Pls play the K 4

  13. U should try the new Maus round

  14. 5:28 hehe

  15. phly: ohhh it is cold here
    me: looking at the hot dessert with phly’s Abrams on it

  16. To drive an Abrams you need to pass the Abrams driving simulator at Fort Benning. They have hydraulics to simulate tilting and huge server racks to power them. They have all this money put into it but then the graphics look like it was made for the Nintendo 64 XD. I know this is a Russian game, but it would be cool if the Army hired them to modernize the graphics for our simulators.

  17. Just for the record, the Iraqi T-72m (monkeys not the actual Ms that the soviet allies had) were downgraded so much that even a rusty bucket could kill it. Look it up.

  18. Phly please try playing the AMX M4 you havent use it in a video

  19. Даниел Йорданов

    Thats a lot of abilitys

  20. Leo2A6 best

  21. High penning rounds were for shitty vehicles to make them good but I guess they are bad

  22. Do you have the Ariette PSO? If you do pls drop a play of it

  23. Can’t buy that tigor because the gaijin shop isn’t the same for those on Xbox :c

  24. Yeah give the U.S the oldest depleted uranium round that’s not designed to defeat T80 and T90s new heavy reactive armor… Instead of giving them the A2 or A3 variant specifically designed to defeat russian heavy reactive armor by having about a 1/5th of the rod being steel so once it detonated the reactive armor it would break off leading for the depleted uranium portion to continue through without being bumped off course.

  25. irl the abrams can pen 760mm at 2k but warthunder isnt ready for that yet

  26. why are the germans always alone in this game ? I mean, while the WW2 I understand but while the Cold War…I really don’t understand why

  27. Hacker! You should be reported. 😀

  28. welcome to north carolina, one day its raining, next day its snowing, next day its windy as hell, next day its hot as shit

  29. Imagine that, they were playing a video game… Yeah killing scores of men.


  31. attempt Day #11

    you should really make a compilation video but with only your intros.

  32. You want gulf war experience in game? Suggest 9.0 german lineup and wait for night battle vs ussr only:D

  33. Can’t get enough of Americans saying its cold. *Laughs in Canadian* wait he said the temperature in fahrenheit and celsius… this is why i watch these videos, inclusion and explosions.


  35. And they had GPS.

  36. phly complaining its cold when in new England we got snow the day before Halloween and it was 18 degrees and currently is 23

  37. With this new shell I feel like I went from being an RP pinata to a Spicy RP pinata.

  38. 2:32 you just described florida

  39. I’ve been waiting for another Abrams Video I love these. (I’m also wearing an Abrams shirt while watching this)

  40. Still waiting phor oblyphans

  41. That damn tank sounds like an F1 car

  42. The M1A1 should have the M829A1 and the A2 should have the M829A2

  43. Idk if your civilian viewers fully understand the military silver bullet innuendo😂

  44. you think north carolina is bad well then try living in ohio when one day it’s 60 and the next it’s 20

  45. Hey Phly, Tigor is adorable, got him right away, and im glad you liked my “Slayer”

  46. How did you get this skin!?!?!? I love it!

  47. 0:22 I wasn’t paying full attention and I thought he said my name 😅😅😅

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