M1A2 Main Battle Tank | TOP SECRET Classified Armor (War Thunder 1.93)

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KA-50 BLACK SHARK | LASER Guided No Aiming Required (War Thunder 1.93)


  1. M1A2 anti-air

  2. M1Aircraft Deletion Battle Tank.

  3. your local communist

    so we arent gonna talk about oddbawz ATGMing an f4 (10:23)

  4. Russian syndrome? excuse me good sir have you seen the amount of m4 cancer variants there are

  5. Kinda cool how im a gunner on an A2 and now it’s finally in the game lol.

    • Also that “HEAT” round is actually an MPAT round which has an air and ground mode. Air is for helicopters and the ground mode is good for light armor and trucks.

  6. Now it makes *35 attempts* of that little Sabot dog/bull

  7. If the M1A3 was added …..it is not yet builded

  8. T 90 when

  9. J.D. Productions03

    Phly go answer the door

  10. Still no DU. Very cool WT

  11. It is an SPAA

  12. “You kill one and they come back in the same darn thing 4 times”
    I’ve exploited and been exploited by this so many fuckin’ times.

  13. Holy shit the m1a2 what why dose it look like every other abrams shit I’m in a dream my wife is J Lo

  14. And grate now mid vid we got a fucking aa main battle tank lol not ranting I actually love war thunder going in to my 3rd year playing

  15. You shoot the plane like a AA gun


    They need to add the A-10

  17. If only they gave American tanks all the armor they really have instead of more bullshit

  18. M1A2: *exists*
    Po-2 try hards: ah yes 760 SL and 30 RP

  19. your shell is slower then your anticipating

  20. try the vickers mk7 or the new centurion

  21. Whos playing Modern Warfare right now.. i am

  22. It’s nice to dream but I’ll never be able to even get the abrams on xbox

  23. The abrams turrets are still to tall!! The “Weak Spots” or neck is not that visible irl!

  24. m830a1=mpat has a proximity fuse for helicopters.

  25. Side of Garlic Bread

    And if you kill the adats then they come back in a Bradley

  26. but what about the ariete pso 625mm penetration round i cant get on dev serve to test it it out but im pretty sure those cant even pen

  27. French weeled vehicles yay !!! I hope we have the AMX10P as IFV and the ERC90

  28. This tank as old as me

  29. Classiphied

  30. Seen a picture of that heat shell hitting a huey as target practice and that thing definitely packs a punch

  31. Warthunder should add electronic defence systems for mbts for lock on missles or active defense systems for mbts

  32. I love to watch your video’s Phly but how about you learn to use your FUCKING artillery. Thank you for your support.

  33. If we have modern MBTs, does that mean we’re getting modern tank killers? Perhaps ones that fly? ‘proceeds to waste my life away grinding so I can play 10.0+ tanks and aircraft in preparation for the brrrrrrrt’

  34. Russia better get t90 I swear.

  35. Colonial Gutentägen

    The armour has beads of steel covered at the plate, think of it as styrofoam but with steel it is placed at the front of the hull. Even on the side of a turret. And also… REVIEW THE CHI HA SHORTGUN

  36. not sure if it’s the right nomenclature but the A2 is around when we started messing around with the MPAT-air rounds.

  37. Teriak Pada Sesuatu yang Indah

    Ummm guys, i only have some tier 2 American Tank. How long do i spend to get the M1A2 Abrams?

  38. Gymnastiar Setiadi

    Phly : Holy Mother–

    Jesus : Watch you mouth my son!

    Phly : Goddess gracious

  39. I love the Phly’s self executed shooting sound effects… EEEEH and the poor guy is dead. XD

  40. The m1a2 is coming but the T-90 or T-14 armata is nowhere and these are still a slow, weak trashes, almost only the russians dont have wheeled IFV-s…one of my biggest mistake in my life when I chosen the russians.

  41. To be honest. I rly want so see some BR 10.0 ships. Nice navy from the 1990s +, with exoset rockets, massiv anti air support and yeah maybe but just maybe. Some little tomahawk ore anti ship missiles

  42. tiny br decompression

    baby steps, Gaijin. Baby steps.

  43. Ah! My baby!! I miss my Abrams. ?

  44. Holy shit a top tier us tank that wont get lol penned through the cheeks

  45. The armor for the M1A2 in game is the actual armor statistics of a M1A1(HA)
    the armor of the M1A2 should be 900mm vs KE not 625mm 🙂 THX GAIJIN FOR SWAPPING THE NAME OF THE M1A1HA to ———> *M1A2*

  46. Never mind M1A2, better maps WT

  47. The more modern tanks we get in War Thunder the more I get frustrated about the lack of modern aircraft. Planes were where it all started.

    Phly is sad bc new Abrams can’t fly and catch up to the people PHLYing, so he shoots them down with his main gun.

  49. Yangire Mouse Games

    How do you get all the Eagles. Are you spending hundreds of dollars or what

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