M1A2 SEP Abrams – The All American!

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Source: Bo Time

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The M1A2 SEP was added a couple patches ago. This is very similar to the other Abrams we have featured on the channel except as noted in the name it has an improvement package installed on it. I hope you guys enjoy the video and thanks watching!

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  1. Y no shoot through wall?

  2. We need acompilatiin of Jim loosing his mind, it always epic !

  3. Thanks so much bo!

  4. that accent at the beginning is a Washington D.C. accent from the late 1800’s

  5. So if the A factory makes abrams tanks does the B factory make Bradley fighting vehicles

  6. This video has 69k views upon my time of clicking. Nice.

  7. Strong with this one, the Austin Powering is! HM-MM!

  8. when are we getting the TUSK

  9. Suggestion for next week: Either a memeworthy vehicle or vehicles (Sturmtiger, milktrucks, rocketlaunchers, etc) or Tornado, since you’ve done the Falcon and Fulcrum

  10. The A factory is where it is at…
    That whole bit by Jim sounded like one of the alien ads on Rick and Morty. Hahaha.

  11. going through some bad stuff and i love you guys always able to make me laugh with the trouble you all somehow get into and the antics love the game but gets boring alone

  12. Bremer_Klabautermann

    Been watching you guys for years now and love every new video. Guess I would still watch if you played the same tank/aircraft for a month. 😉

  13. Jim’s comments are always golden, he makes me lol hard.

  14. God that A factory round had me in tears

  15. Always love when bo plays the abrams. Best and weirdest suff always happen with abrams series of tanks. Keep it up bo. You always make my day when you upload a video. Especially during school time. 🙂

  16. When was the last time jim was talking about the A factory?
    (what vihicle did they drive?)

  17. 0:00 this gonna be in “The best of 2023 Part 1”

  18. Generic Scottish Channel

    8:10 Jim AKA average wt ‘teammate’

  19. Today I’m research Panther D and Tiger E. So I’m wondering which one should I buy first, which one is better?

  20. Idk if had but i feal like you should try Gunner HCPC if it gets multiplayer in it.

  21. You should try playing dcs and spreading the pain

  22. That Abrams slide reminded me of Kramer in Seinfeld.

  23. What was actually made in the “A Factory” ?

  24. Why is it always Jim with the merging tanks?

  25. Skazz the Terrible

    Can Jim do ‘I’m walkin here!’?

  26. what about some l3 gameplay???

  27. I don’t know if it’s a ps4 thing but damn it feels like this game has updates every 2 days!

  28. I can only wish to have teammates like these guys when playing war thinder

  29. B might be better than A because it makes Brummbars

  30. Huzzah for the triumphant return of the A factory.
    That now makes abrahms.

    Cheers Boco.

  31. On drawing A factory raid right now!

  32. Who’s the pocket protector at 7:18 warning stick about threats behind him?

  33. Does Jim remind anybody else of the guy on Raider Radio in Nuka World?

  34. This will be an iconic episode

  35. Definitely enjoyed watching some Abrams Tank action goodness right here

    One of my Most Absolute favorite Tanks

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