M22 VS TIER 5 CHALLENGE – BUSH TANK ( War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

M22 VS TIER 5 CHALLENGE – BUSH TANK ( War Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. FIRST

  2. Jon Karlsen (NorthyPark)


  3. Terminator _Pro


  4. DrVinyl Scratch

    Notification squad assemble!

  5. 5th

  6. Notification squad hype!

  7. Once I was in a T-50 and drove into a small stone wall and every died in
    the tank

  8. I have ze challenge!!!!!!!!!! Kill 5 Leopards with a T-50 ONE SHOT ONE KILL

  9. DrVinyl Scratch

    Land the me narwhal in tank rb and kill a heavy tank

  10. you never get behind a mouse and a M22 Locust when you get behind a mouth
    it fart will instantly kill you

  11. “put your tracks behind your turret” hahaha

  12. YES

  13. The sheer force of crashing behind a Maus’s ass ?

  14. Alexander Åström

    Are you streaming this week?



  17. Henrik Vollstad

    Probably the funniest Phly video I’ve seen lol. The editing was amazing,

  18. Churchill MK.VII vs Tiger 1!!

  19. Scourge “youtube newb” GAMING

    Braun is nothing without brains

    what are u doing back there broooo. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  21. Try to land a pby catherina on the lake of Poland

  22. Vanquisher109 The Commie

    Use po-2 with t-54 PO-2 is 2-OP


  24. Abdulraheem Al-taweel

    BT-5 and mig 17

  25. Michael Piticar

    Get a tier 5 tank kill with the PO 2.

  26. get a bomb kill in a stall

  27. +PhlyDaily Take out the Hurricane Mk.IV and go against 9.0 BR Planes :P

  28. Kuwatchaka Le Canard

    Land on a fucking T-35 With PO-2

  29. BT5 in a tier 5 battle get 4 kills FOR DE MOTHERLAND!

  30. Zerocookiecake [Karnipex]

    Pz.II H and Mig-15Bis

  31. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Drive the new kv 2 Polly.

  32. “The average T-54 driver” Haha, so true! :D

  33. What’s the name of the “sad song”. I hear it all the time but don’t know
    the name

  34. Fly the Zika plane! Kill everyone with your venomous 4 20mms and 4 7.7s!
    (The first mosquito)

  35. Challenge: 4M GAZ & Mig-17

  36. Zoltán Takács

    Kanonenvogels (Ju 87 G-s) vs Tier 5

  37. t 80 and mig17 Soviet stronk

  38. Use Po-2 and BT7 in tier 5. Try to get a kill.

  39. ProblemOfficer3000

    Lmao those lights

  40. Waiting for that famous “mein kommandant” quote to appear……………
    (Nice vid Phly)


    M4a1 sherman vs tiger2

  42. I was gonna say this would be a fun custom game but rip stream snipers.

  43. Sad video

  44. Clint Johnson (Foxydude)

    Fury destroyer challenge as a tiger 1 destroy 3 m4 Shermans

  45. Well… the zsu 37 isnt a tier 5 tank :/ but good job anyway, funny vid !

  46. Komrade. i has request T-10M and IL-28 show them the power of the Russian

  47. There is an impossible challenge – try to use Archer

  48. Hodný Islámista

    Challenge- e100 kamikadze

  49. hahahaahahahahahahahaahahahha

  50. CreepySyvanator

    I mostly enjoyed this video, I always enjoy watching low tiers in high
    tiers, bu the royalty free music was quite unnecessary and a bit annoying

  51. OriginalMetalMan

    just how i like my women

  52. In Soviet Russia, bush shoots you

  53. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    bush t 34 85 flanke

  54. Никита Начаров

    ZIS-30 AND YAK9T VS 5 TIER ,MMMMEGA COMBO!!!By the way, greetings from the
    Russian-speaking subscribers and KGB IS LOOKING FOR YOU !!!

  55. 6 minutes in and I think this is his best video:)))))

  56. The editing was terrific.

  57. phly will you watch the battlefield 5 reveal? it’s probably going to be WW1

  58. much bush, such leaf, many mobile

  59. Do for tanks the E100 and for planes the ME262 Narwhal

  60. UNSC “PRO” Dodge

    maus is to OP, just crash into it and dead

  61. SubAtomarGaming

    use maus but… use only gun sight and telescope

  62. laughed so much…

  63. Started watching you for Crossout. Now I want to play this more

  64. Hello, sorry to trouble it, but I need help with channel name. Channel
    named Funny Games is in fact a lot.
    Thank you in advance for your reply. :)

  65. Guilherme Velhote

    I have a challenge, first, you need a full squad. 3 will take some rocket
    artillery (calliope or the Russian one since they have more ammo) and the
    third will use a light tank. The objective it to use light tank as a scout
    and artillery fire corrector and the other 3 will act as artillery. Just
    try to get at least one kill

  66. The smallest tank in war thunder and put all over it Busches

  67. Phly, take the 2 OP PO 2 in a high tier (3-5 would be alright) tank RB and
    try to kill something.

  68. Atleast you are not using Czech flag as police lights this time :D

  69. haha, the maus is to powerfull….even for the mighty m22

  70. Phly, planes don’t load in the bushes because of the range.

  71. Bram van Diemen

    Èpicness all around. Great vid.

  72. connor mccomb keep er going!!

    I have a challenge for you. Make a sneaky maus (with bushes) and try to
    kill one tank on the ground with Horton 229

  73. R u drunk

  74. Take out the Ki-43 Otsu and get an Ace using the Cockpit View.

  75. 18:02 orange doom confirmed

  76. Kshdkfhdnfjxbskfh Sjdbxkdjenwijn

    This is some MLG dank edit shit man. Kedp it up xD

  77. trainfreak14 143

    go in a battle with the Maus against Tier 1/2 tanks

  78. ehhello mypotatoe

    Love the editing

  79. Phly PLEASE take out the PANZERWEFER and try to shoot down a plane with it!

  80. use the ratatatatatatata mobiele and get 2 kill in any teir above 3, gut
    luk comrade xaxaxaxaxa ))))

    ( SPAA’s dont count )

  81. Phly play hide ad seek :D

  82. Anyone else notice TheOrangeDoom in the killfeed?

  83. Fly this was great.Do more stuff like this. :D

  84. Shocker Media (Shocker6142)

    baby kv-2 vs kv-2 mama

  85. Daniel “Frosty” Watson

    MY FRIENDS AND I WERE COOLER THAN YOU I’m surprised you made a deep vid

  86. Tuukka Junttila

    nice vid :DD

  87. Damn the cancerous behaviour is strong with this one

  88. Get in a tier 5 with a low tier tank and destroy the tracks of the enemies
    to annoy them. No killing

  89. 18:08 u can see in the kill feed the orange doom was killed XD

  90. What is the name of the soundtrack at 15:30?

  91. juan david uran acevedo

    Thx Phly for playing this, Cheers from colombia ^^ btw nice Way to say my

  92. that shit always happen crash and die

  93. Swedish Armed Forces:

    Centurion Mk 10 (Stridsvagn 102/104)
    The de Havilland DH 100 Vampire.

    Both of these vehicles were introduced to the Swedish Army in the
    Make sure to use that 105mm to full affect against the Communist Soviet
    Union’s tanks! And those x4 20mm Hispano-Suiza cannons to eliminate the
    Soviet jet aircraft!
    Please use the Swedish Air Force Roundel on both the Centurion (European
    camo and roundel on the Centurion) and the Vampire! hope you enjoy this
    combo!! love from Sweden! ;)

  94. Challenge: 1 derp gun (kv-2/su-152) vs 20 panzer II tanks

  95. That intro. Whoops.

  96. the moment he killed the zis-30 made this tier5 video looks so awkward. XD

  97. Magnús Már Magnússon

    1.Use a tank of your chose
    2.only use a machine gun


  99. Bill Papadopoulos

    Really liked the new edits.

  100. Obeniyah Thomas

    That camo look lik Marijuana xD

  101. Get 3 air kills in an arado-234 C-3

  102. That was awesome!

  103. UltimateVideoMonster

    I love how OrangeDoom was in one of these games trying to record with the
    IS-3 ,while Phly just kicks ass with the bush.

  104. take out a caervenon and kil 35 tier 1 tanks

  105. land the MBR 2 on the river of Eastern Europe

  106. Wilmer Nahnfeldt

    take out the m18 in arcade and go to the enemy spawn point and back to your
    own spawn point without getting killed. Good luck?

  107. Harrison Rawlinson

    As always, a great video sir Phly, I think a suitable next challenge would
    be to play tier 4 SPAA and kill 1 plane and one tank.

  108. Russian nation players are sooo bad lol

  109. Your intro always makes me happy when I’m sad… It makes me dance

  110. This was the most amazingly edited video well done and plz take out the
    Sherman and do no brake challenge it’s were u must acceleration and never

  111. I have a challenge take any plane of your choice and drop a bomb on another
    plans while both of you are in flight

  112. BarbaricBafoon28 PS4

    I am sorta new to War Thunder (PS4) and am having a hard time picking which
    nation I want to focus on for tanks and planes. I am in tier 2 for the
    Soviet Union by the way. Just want some feedback on what seems to be the
    main route to go!


  114. KATYUSHA ANTI AIRCRAFT challenge. do it for the motherland.

  115. I’m still waiting for that firefly and the typhoonMK1B with rockets

  116. Philippe De Keyzer

    so the Bush Tank did 9/11?

  117. lol
    well, clearly phly, you do…. ayy

  118. use a TIER 1 tank to destroy 2 different TIER 5 tanks. TIME TO BUSHWACK!

  119. Bushes only render fully at 10m. They stop rendering at all past 100m. They
    are purely cosmetic and serve no real function in game.

  120. Kittyhawk vs. p-61. Kitty vs Blackwidow. Who will win?

  121. gg Phly

  122. it I was that t44 100 I would had just toyed around with you

  123. Get someone else to play like a Maus with you and then both of you just
    completely cover a single side of your armor so that way when your friend
    is behind you, you guys form a hedgerow.

  124. Kill a tank by falling on it.

  125. the airbornepotato

    ZIS-30 Bush Tenk next

  126. do the BT-7 and the hortent 22

  127. Nice Phly !!! More !!!

  128. Nice tank afro.

  129. Black Metal Daz 666 (Cyberdeath666)

    I know ppl that kill (teamkill) fools that take very low tire tanks in to
    tire 5 lucky they was not in game with you

  130. I Love this Video so much Phly ??????♥️

  131. use the m2 and try your best to kick ass

  132. try to kill a plane with the calliope rockets!

  133. Arent those bushes not rendered after 300m

  134. Yeah, that first bit happened to me, too. Lesson: don’t drive into the back
    of a big, heavy tank if you’re in a much smaller, lighter tank. Even if
    you’re a M-18 diving into the back of a M6A1

  135. ??

  136. Can i take you for a ride on my big green tractor phly

  137. Challenge: Through any means necessary, get your tank on top of an enemy
    tank. Only rule is you can’t bribe the enemy :P

  138. Communism Long live

    I like watching u and Baron’s video very much, pretty fun!!

  139. can you do the T34?

  140. Here’s a challenge: Fly the Ki-61 with the shitty default Japanese 12.7mm
    mg’s. It’s guns spark more than the 4th of July and ACTUALLY DO LESS DAMAGE
    THAN THE BRITISH .303’S. Oh and by the way that thing wobbles in the air no
    matter what you do so you probably won’t even land a shot. Good luck

  141. This was one of the best episodes of War Thunder in my opinion, great job

  142. phly use the panzer 2 in a teir 5 match

  143. Super Étendard

    I cried when you pronounced acevedo like that D:

  144. airsoftlord 122

    I’ve done this challenge on my own before it’s really fun and hard 3 kills
    no deaths

  145. booty shots all day long

  146. Anyone else noticed The Orange Doom got killed on the enemy team at around
    18:10? He was in an IS3

  147. Absolutely awesome :DD

  148. valerie oconnor


  149. The bush baby

  150. This was very fun to watch, really enjoyed it all lots.

  151. I think Phyl just became my favorite Youtuber

  152. take out the Russian pby and the pt 76

  153. BorisThe Pissed off Russian

    Ghillied up tiger

  154. you should face 30 tier ones in the t10m, for reasons

  155. This was actually one of the only vids i have laughed at so hard of yours
    phly keep of that good kush

  156. David “madindie” Dew

    Lol that was awesome mate!!!!

  157. “Target undamaged my asshole” lmao this video was fucking hilarious

  158. sometimes the littlest things can be the biggest problem.

  159. wow what a fucking noob

  160. Fiesta del Chorizo

    Blenheim, pro dogfighter

  161. do p-26 peashooter in jet battles an see if you can get a kill

  162. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Use the ZSU-37 as an anti-tank killer.
    The true Russian bias.
    Play it at it’s BR of 4.7 and use it’s highest penetrating rounds. Easy.

  163. At 11:55 I couldn’t stop laughing! OMG great video!! ???

  164. Edmunds demonds

    He is of bush

  165. Trump wins once again
    Murica f*** ya!!

  166. Edmunds demonds

    That t34 penatrated your bush

  167. By far the funniest challenge video to date!

  168. MOAR OF DIS

  169. Vincent Ericsson

    So sneaky! I Love The video!!

  170. Brandon English

    The m22 has these weird gear shifts and it doesn’t accelerate properly, I
    use the m3a1 and gets kills on a everything but the Maus and heavy Russian
    tanks. Other than that the 90mm of pen can go through the side of pretty
    much anything else and you get 20k of silver lions which is nice :D

  171. edit today was quality! nice job!

  172. Jonathon Hopkins

    Use the Matilda to get out the Hunter

  173. crusier vs tier 8

  174. Try to kill a maus with a m4a1

  175. Try to bomb plane while flying, u can use any bombers u like, greentigs
    from russia

  176. Daysen Bushmaker

    Wtf is that song at 15:37?

  177. unfair plane he kemp bush xD

  178. Paulwantacracker

    really good video phly , thanks for the laughs XD

  179. The skills are REEAAALLL

  180. i hate cunts in faggy turreted tank destryers that fland to edge of map and
    kill at spawn.

  181. Kelvin Irizarry

    Kill a Tier V tank in the comet

  182. calliope vs maus

  183. Land a bomber on a carrier then take off again

  184. The thing in intro just happened to me 30 minutes ago WTF

  185. Rip Phlys feelings 2k16

  186. Bush did 9/11. Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel.

  187. Ghostboy Gaming

    Phlydaily this fudging made my day!!!

  188. schwerer saurus

    M-22 and p-40 in a tier 3 match against tigers and shit, hehe more locust
    for you Phly

  189. 18:11
    lol orangedoom got messed up

  190. Этот part был русскоязычным игроком , он не понимал тебя .

  191. T95 camp and snipe

  192. PHLY

  193. Arado 234 C and MAUS! show them what GERMAN ENGINEERING MASTER RACE IS!

  194. Raymond indrawan wijaya

    more edited like this

  195. LOL, loved the vid keep up the good vids

  196. This video dismantles the Russian bias bullshit that every buthurt german
    fanboy spreads around.Learn to play before spreading cancer!

  197. Fat maus :3

  198. OMG I loved every minute of this video, M22 is one of my favorite tanks.
    I’d love to see squad play of M22’s in high tier so you can swarm spam

  199. Once i managed to kill 3 tier 4 tanks in one game using a pz.38

  200. OMG!!! You Son Of A Bit*h ~ GOOD JOB !!!! XD

  201. the maus just farted on u

  202. Krzysztof Urban

    Best… video… ever! :D

  203. Валера Крылач

    Try to put 10 kg bomb on the roof of Maus.

  204. Ashton Stephenson

    no one will see it coming until it was all over

  205. Phly, please use the german or russian premium sherman and try to trick the
    enemies into thinking you’re one of them, then shoot them in the back. It’s
    very easy in SB but a challenge in RB.

  206. BT5 plane snipes Phly it’ll be sick

  207. Be an Anal Penetrator Tank
    Get kills only from the behind! Make sure you hav the tank with the most
    penetration, oh and make ur tank look as obvious as possible too!!!
    Happy Anal!

  208. Funniest shit ive seen in a while XD

  209. flank and kill someone at least 2 tiers higher with a flak gun

  210. The Blenheim and Chieftain ;)

  211. Do it on a Stug42? Put the bushes on that, should look pretty good

  212. Baron maybe sea venom war thunder ?

  213. Use torpedo to kill tanks XD

  214. Clash with a Noob

    he really made me laugh today a lot more!

  215. UnknowingPlayer

    “Oh god we did it….OH GOD!!!!”

  216. Giampiero Serra

    That T-54 guy is going to go in the Forums and complain the M22 is OP now.

  217. 18:11 the orange doom was killed XD

  218. Gregory Matthews

    fly you should do the maus and ho 229. clash of the titans!!!

  219. the yak5 and t54


  221. Get an ace with tiger 2 105 and stock ammo. Have fun bouncing! :)

  222. 12:30 I would know I was KGB :P

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