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  1. *DO IT PLAY IT*

  2. Play the Jumbo 76 and cruise in cruising gear 2 (still stabilized)

    Day 4

    also, what is the BRRRRRRRRTTTTTT line up hmm

  3. Funny, BoTimeGaming has a montage of the G-91.. it is clips from an entire night of streaming, of him trying to have fun with his buddies, and every time you start to hear a jet, he just says, I’m dead that has to be coming for me, then boom.. obliterated.. he was 99% acurate on when he was a target..

  4. Day 12: bring out the TAM 2C. 3rd gen thermals with DM63 for a 105. really fun and deadly tank to play at its br.

  5. M247 cant reload, thanks Gaijin. Great tank tho!

  6. Φηδησδησης Δηδησησσησς

    Play the Leclerc S2 Vivé France

  7. Φηδησδησης Δηδησησσησς

    Play the Leclerc S2 vivé la France

  8. It was murder.
    But there was *karma.*

  9. The M822 HE-VT is self destroying at a pre-set distance of let say 1.8 km to 2 km this is to prevent the round to detonate on unwanted area’s where possibly non-combatants are or other military units

  10. deathfighter661234

    I think the reason the M247 not showing up is cause its HE-VT sucks, Most of the time it doesn’t work

  11. Play the LeKpz please! I would love to see that

  12. Ok so I started playing war thunder on pc a while back on the British side and for my rank 4 upgrade I chose the Sherman Firefly. I regret everything cause I’m going into a 4.7 battle with 2 ranked 3 tanks

  13. Daniel Gianstefani

    Obj. 279 – Built to survive a nuke – 150mm artillery explodes a few metres away – immobilised

  14. Can you guess what treaty ends this year
    The nuclear defence treaty between Russia and America
    Putin hates Biden and China
    Get ready for ww3

  15. Play the sta1

  16. 0:16 are you okay?


    Im sad now my hero kill me :c

  18. Cn you play some Italian props?

  19. Day 2: can u make a challenge with ps 4 controller

  20. Gan you talk about span gamping in wt

  21. The York has to be one of my favorite vehicles! As a filthy AA guy, I love the VT shells, and the additional ability to quickly neutralize enemy light targets and even MBTs

    The only downside for me is that it only has a 12x scope, which doesn’t have a good fov when aiming

  22. I’m curious, how many people have issues with the the bagel panzer? I can’t spell its real name but y’know what I mean.. Because I’ve sat there and shot them with 130mm space cannon and then get yeeted by their atgm.. I have issues with them every time no matter what I’m shooting it with…

  23. Isnt this the tank that couldnt tell an airplane and a toilet apart in real life?

  24. Played all SPAA at 8.0 and I still think the Gepard is the best overall. Type 87 is basically the same but the Japanese tree is kinda lacking otherwise so the lineups aren’t as good.

  25. Laughs in Falcon……………

  26. CID_007 MVP

  27. As someone whos name is Brad I felt really good when phly said good job Brad 🙂

  28. this is just american veak 40 or vice versa

  29. M247 is great for those who knows how to play it. don’t @ me.

  30. Play a chopper in a pub lobby

  31. 8:16 Phly is like “plane where?”

  32. The power of the 40mm bofors

  33. Did Phly just say, “we gonna pop arti here” then he just popped smoke?

  34. Intro=Outro thats content


  36. I have a Micro Machines figure of this very vehicle.

  37. It is named the toilet seeker for a reason….

  38. this video made me grind for the wirblewind…. guess what happened to every plane that doubted me

  39. Clay101Dark Gaming

    Play some more world of warships scharnhorst. Please.

  40. “With more further ado here we further go” got me good hahaha

  41. Day2 of asking phly to play:tu4

  42. Day 123456789: just play something you want, were all good with that :)!

  43. Me spoting player at 1km in Phlys video, me not seen anyone at 50mts on WT

  44. Hey Phly! Challenge: Try to win with 4.0-5.7 germany (tank RB) – low tier IS NOT fun tier
    Great vids!!!!

  45. M247 = USA suffers…


  47. HI Philly…. i need help in war thunder i see you are good at the game so I vode like if you can help me???

  48. But PappaPhly! The M163 go Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

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