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0:00​ INTRO
3:04 Well the years start coming (game one)
11:11 they don’t stop coming(game 2)
19:02 they don’t stop coming(game 3)
26:34 (BYE)


  1. *HOPE you enjoyed the meme video earlier today! Gonna be doing those more often!*
    Oh and that is a Mexican flag I believe

  2. That was a Mexican flag not Italian


    *some italian tank just joins in with offerings of spagettti*

  4. Judging by the timestamps in this video, Phly I diagnose you with “repeat song itis”
    Hallie, the big book of boo boo’s please!

  5. Honestly excited for this video, I have 103 kills on the Grant and am catching up with the Lee lol

  6. I kinda miss the soobtitles
    I wanna hear even while not hearing

  7. and they dont stop coming
    and they dont stop coming
    and they dont stop coming
    and they dont stop coming
    and they dont stop coming
    and they dont stop coming
    and they dont stop coming

  8. Phly. Thank you for creating quality entertainments. Much love. ❤️

  9. hey phly u should play the VK 45.01 it is daddy panzer

  10. Intro: Mexico has accepted the Zimmermann Telegram

  11. George Alexandru Uzunov

    “Except for that one stug that is waiting to resurrect Hitler.” “Bless his heart…. Not really tho, Implode his heart”

  12. Muslim Roblox Play channel With my brother

    When i wouldve seen that group of german tanks with my bt-5 at the intro i wouldve put on cheeki breeki mode

  13. Phly, if you love this tank how about you follow up with the M6a1. also has 2 guns, a 76mm and a 37mm.

    Also did you forget how you can SEPRATELY select the guns, so you can look though the 75mm sight?

  14. 2 guns 0 brain that tank is unplayable shit

  15. Panzer IV and Bf 109 E7/U2. Combo videos back !

  16. no they dont stop

  17. I hear hellmarch i insta like

  18. Phly’s first interaction with blitzkrieg 21:33

  19. Plaz you can play new games

  20. In USSR tankers called this thing: “Mass Grave for seven”…

  21. hey phly do air realistic battle give you more research and arcade battle give you more little research pls answer 🙁 thx

  22. Niklas Nelimarkka

    Fun fact: if your driver gets killed when you have only 3 crew members left he doesn’t get replaced 😀

  23. 16:14 PhlyDaily doing his best Vickie Guerrero impersonation “excuse me, EXCUSE me, EXCUSE ME!” lol

  24. Omg the 5 or 6 boys or girls with her
    Tanks i hat yesterday 10 and i came to the side with my tiger II P and i kill 9 Tanks

  25. That zis 30 disguise as italian juat broke me XD

  26. Very normal channel 68

    Day 4 of asking to play with you:)

  27. FL Studio Tutorials

    Dude even this is not what game is. Could you try to play on unpaid account and meet the real gaijin, and suffer.

  28. Whats with sound and this game, even the stuka which has a literal air sirene in the tip of its propeller you can barely hear.

  29. M3 Lee must have been equipped with a crew detector, whenever Phly plays it it goes from dumpsterfire bad to awesome

  30. I love that u did the all star lyrics as parts of your video!

  31. Robert-Jan van Loon

    next the m3 grant?

  32. Best thumbnail?

    : Phly, man. No discussion.

  33. il nabbo di quel gioco

    Day 2: play mig 23

  34. ngl the tank from the thumbnail is looking epic

  35. I remember years ago haveing fun with this tank ohhh the memories now playing top tier planes and tanks… good old days

  36. Unsubbing for the clickbait thumbnails

  37. Phly: “I’m one of the best NA players in the universe!”

    Me: And humble too! LOL

  38. 4:30 pretty sure phly didnt realize he killed a F2 instead of the puma lol

  39. 0:28 ” Confused taco blyat noises”

  40. “I love low tier because everyone is trying to have fun and engage except for that one stug at the corner of the map who is trying to ressurect Hitler”

  41. Day 1: Play the IS-2 1944 version

  42. If you say the M3 Lee is bad…. try the Lago I XD

  43. phly the a4e

  44. Ha, love the Smash Mouth reference in the video timelines.

  45. by the way that intro music Red Alert C&C hell march if anyone is asking…

  46. I know you joke about being a good player. But every time you bring it up all I get is livid that the crew xp system in WT is pay to win BS.

  47. the one day you missed a day of content D:

  48. Hi phlydaily

  49. Low tier is so much fun. There is so much dumb shit that happens.

  50. ZIS-30 and TIS MA combo!!

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