^^| M36 Jackson ACES. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Skorpion G is really a great tank, tier for tier. But because it is so big,
    and has no armor, you either do a lot of damage or next to none.

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t ram that Ikv 65 ll in the first replay. They are
    very light in weight compare to most tanks.

  3. Siege mode for the Flak Bus/Death Toaster would be amazing.

  4. Circon make battle #40k be in arty XD

  5. Tier 6 games are my favorite. There is a huge mixture of bad and good
    players, and it keeps the variable factor up.

  6. I loved the Jackson. I grew quickly bored with the next couple of tiers.

  7. casually radley walter all fuckin day. <3

  8. Scumbag move, DENIED!

  9. jackson could actually ram and kill an IKV 65 easy, thing has no armor at
    all, like 10mm

  10. Man you have a real love affair with this tank lately.

  11. O-I bouncing tier 9 pen premium apcr lol.

  12. autoloading the subs 🙂 nice meme @Circon
    Great vid too!

  13. SUB HYPE auto-loader is here!

  14. can you three mark the t30 or have you done that already?

  15. motherfucking rigged game, amazed anyone still plays it

  16. 0.0 I just looked a circons subs and noticed he’s at 72k XD nice! probably
    will have 100k soon

  17. Jackson better than Hellcat?

  18. You have premium mm!!!

  19. I like it, you got a much better idea what these tanks are about and how to
    use them well. Thx Circon, much better then hearing something like: “this
    tank got 14.87% more dpm but 6.78% less ground resistance but can bounce a
    shot on the right lefthand corner of the cheeks from the T-lalalala.” Hope
    you got what i am trying to say. 🙂
    My point is, for me it is better to see a thing a few times, rather than
    hearing about some stats. Like seeing how long a tank takes to get
    somewhere on diffrent maps is better for me, then know the tank got XY
    ground resistance or XY top speed.

    Small hints would be nice, about what you are thinking at the moment. You
    are already doing this. For example: “I wonder where the VK is, didn’t see
    him in a while”, or “No use shoting IS-3 with standard ammo”, these are
    useful informations, quick short and everything i need to know in it. 3
    short games are just perfect, better then 2 longer games.

  20. 2 years later Circon will three mark the arty xD

  21. Ramming Walter medal, best medal

  22. Dang. Really nice play Circon. Makes me want to go back and get the

  23. The Jackson, The First teir 6 i got, I was determined to 3 mark it and it
    took nearly 1000 battles for me to do it XD.

  24. Great video, it was even “clean” enough that I let my 3 yr old watch. She
    loves watching you zoom around and shoot tank. She sits here and says
    “bang” when you shoot and “boom” when you kill a tank. It is really very
    cute. TY for the fun and future memories. Keep it up.

  25. Auto loading E100 match

  26. 13:54 Kreygasm

  27. Really, i just joined that stream after you got these 3 great games lmao

  28. Tanks.gg says the Jackson’s got pretty bad gun handling, how the hell does
    the reticle look so small when Circons playing it? Am I missing something?

  29. which tank is flatbus?

  30. Hahaha! The autoloader subscription was hilarious! xD
    [7:20 – 8:25 – 11:00]*”Guys…I need to p-p-play the game!”*

  31. Sup, Hai! *boom* STREAK

  32. Jackson is my favorite TD, got 3 rd marks in 120 games. lav

  33. loved the Jackson far more than the Hellcat :)

  34. I also vote for 3 marking the Ferdinant!

  35. Circon think you should try to 3 mark the t95!

  36. My favourite TD. Its a very good TD that was overshadowed by the Hellcat
    which is essentially a super Hellcat with the Jackson turret and 90mm gun.
    Circon makes it look so easy, maybe I might take off binos and put on

  37. can you please say what percentage youre on when you look at it i watch at
    a low quality i cant see sheet

  38. Sebastiaan De Vries

    you have optics on the jackson instead of bino’s?

  39. I get a ACE in every 1 in 10 games he get 3 in a f****** row!!!!

  40. I Just 2 marced my hellcat

  41. It’s raining Subs.. Haleluyaaahh. haha

  42. He should do the T95 3rd mark sessions. He would rage the shit out of that
    tank, but sorry circon, that makes it only funnier.

  43. Always interesting to see your positionning.. for average players, what do
    you recomend, to play upon X2 or X3 or whatever X or to concentrate in one
    tank at a time?

  44. Would love to see Circon try to 3 mark the Löwe now that it’s been buffed

  45. the gun handling remembers me of the hellcat’s before nerf

  46. Jackson OP pls nerf

  47. I don’t know why but I feel like I’ve heard “Sub Hype” pretty often
    somewhere today

  48. Circon hype!

  49. Have you 3 marked the su 122-54?

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