^^| M36 Jackson I’m sorry miss jackson. (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Tier5 arty… 820dmg.. no problem.. SeemsGood

  2. Norge e best!

  3. Imma third mark this beast

  4. Arta

  5. SirCon is a gold noob

  6. 820 health. So dangerous. Could win it for them. Arty: Orly?????

  7. That music from the start… in the background…. what title? Which band?
    Loved it!!!!!!! Gameplay too :)

  8. You got the same lighting as EmbryonicJourney, now you would have to be
    topless to be the new EJ :P

  9. what songs are playing in the background ?

  10. Me and a friends of mine wonder if you are still enjoying wot like you used
    2. I stopped playing because there is still quite a lot of bs in the game.
    ps I would watch you play other games, like some of your vids.

  11. Now 3 mark the M6. You want to see how bad Hell can be? And I LOVE that
    fucking clunky thing.

  12. You should have died at 2:25 but Nashorn didn’t have top gun… :D

  13. please more M36 Jackson games !

  14. I can think of no reason why this “zoom out a mile and look at all enemies”
    mod can be a “legal” one… Circ, you can definetely live without it for

  15. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Yay, successfully ordered myself the Memelord Hoodie

  16. Jeremy Dorfschmidt

    when I saw this, I just yelled, Circon my hero! because I love this tank,
    yet its never recognized for how good it is

  17. TheTiredBobcat6222

    M36 Jackson, forgotten in the shadows of the Hellcat.

  18. “never meant to make your daughter cry”…..

  19. that poor M6, you can’t carry the whole team on your shoulders #feelsbadman

  20. Yeah My Favorite Tank! The Jackson! MURICA!

  21. so much better turret rotation and aim time than the Achilles.

  22. That Chi-To could carry, he actually could. *blap* Oh, never mind.

  23. Dat reverse speed. Makes my eyeballs fly from their sockets

  24. Yess Circom playing in my favorite tank :D

  25. Sweet memes are made of this…

  26. Do you know what else is made of potatoes Circon? French Fries. Yum.

  27. Have you already 3 marked Pershing o.O

  28. “820, he could carry D:” *poof*
    Gotta love arty

  29. Ruinberg middle is a mystery for me. How do you not get shit on sir. My
    and proceeds to die one by one.

  30. its easy see this men make huge games and give me motivation but when i
    play, my team die in 2 min xd pl mode every time, well sometimes good
    ps: sometimes= 1 win in 5

  31. i am for real

  32. Stop kemping

  33. I just knew the artillery was gonna to one shot him remember kids artillery
    is in World of Tanks for to counter camping heavy tanks.
    #fixartilleryWargaming Victor Kingsley should get shock in his balls every
    time a tank get one shotted by artillery.

  34. best use of 820 hp i have ever seen.

  35. What’s the name of the opening track plz?

  36. man…what song was that on the beginning

  37. mmmmmmmmm su 122 a could one shot chi- to mmmmmmmmm thinking mmmmmmmm

  38. Jackson in 2K17 Kappa

  39. 2 Fury hits, 2x 269 dmg

  40. Is the top gun on the Jackson is the exact same as the prenerf hellcat?

  41. I guess you know why they ask for something like the Panzer IV. In General
    i find it a bit more entertaining when you take out tanks with a
    mediocre/bad Reputation and still rofl stomp the enemy Team. Its a bit more
    challenge for you and further proof that the Player can make the game not
    only the Equipment but thats just my opinion.

  42. I had this tank. After 50 battles: 3500 WN8, 42% WR… FML (was 18% after

  43. Ahh just the motivation needed to play my own Jackson more, Thank you based
    god of WoT <3

  44. snowisthebestweather

    “Oh no, a full hp Chi-To!”
    Or not…


    Man I miss playing with both the M36 Jackson and my M18 Hellcat such
    awesome vehicles. :-)

  46. Anyone’s got a clue as to what is the name of the last track playing in

  47. M6 great tanku

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