^^| M36 Jackson; The forgotten Tank Destroyer (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Blessed are those who play WoT for fun and not to pad their stats! ???

  2. Have you ever thought of moving the facecam somewhere else maybe to the
    bottom of the screen between the twitch chat and damaged module indicator
    so that we can see what you type ingame?

  3. enemy team has jackson so not rly forgotten :I

  4. the ghost shell is a problem in the game again
    this happened with me to i was about to kill a hummel with my strv 74 and
    the bullet just flew over in his side armor to the ground

  5. I enjoyed the Jackson too, back in the day. It will bounce some tier 4s, so
    that helps. Interestingly enough, comparing the tier 5s, I have better
    stats in the Wolverine than the T67.

  6. Hey guys, I’m about to download this game. I saw an invite code from
    QuickyBaby’s channel but I was wondering if you guys know of a better one?

    Also, I’ve done some research and it seems like I’ll be a medium tank
    driver but I’m not sure. Anyone know what line I should work on first?
    Don’t worry, I’m not a kid, I’m 24. I’ll make sure I learn the game before
    advancing. Any tips would be appreciated.

    See you all in the battlefield. I will be a noob but hopefully not a stupid
    noob :)

  7. GREAT idea BTW Circon, a base capping time curve,
    the longer the game progresses the quicker you can cap.
    OR a cap or kill vote at the end of the players left alive maybe too?
    I have always thought the whole cap thing could use some tweaking.

  8. Omg in about half a week you’ll have all 2800 tanks in the game 3 marked XD
    such skill deserves an Oscar

  9. What do you think of the T25 AT, Circonflexes? I hardly ever see it
    played…on paper it looks like a good ride when upgraded, and a 105mm at
    Tier 7 is quite nice to have. I’ve unlocked the Jackson, still working on
    unlocking the Hellcat and crew skills.

  10. I have always loved this tank, and can proudly say I kept it and camo’d it
    waaay before the hellcat nerfs. Still amazing :)

  11. I have so forgotten this TD, I actually have it sitting in my garage
    waiting for a crew never been played.

  12. I don’t know why but I thought this was going to be about the M4A1

  13. What kind of reticle are you using? It’s cool. I want it.

  14. do you prefer this to the hellcat?

  15. good idea yep agree

  16. Circon, you really are on to something here, really fucking hate it When
    the brainless noobs just drive to the cap and do nothing and win the game
    by capping in the first two minutes. Happens on this map on encounter and
    on mines encounter, I would honestly rather lose 15-0 and have Some dmg
    done than win with capping in 2 minutes with no dmg done

  17. I thing that cap should be locked for like 7-8 min and then you could cap
    with like normal standard battle time

  18. I cant do the td 15 mission and you almoust nailed it in t6…. I hate
    Jagdtiger…. I almoust want my JPanther II back, but idk if its worth it

  19. What graphics are these?

  20. I prefer the Jackson over hellcat myself.

  21. that stare at the cam was priceless xD

  22. you guys on european server play these maps different then we do on north
    american server.he would of been dead if he tried that on na server.

  23. Best CirconFace 2017 confirmed.

  24. Tasty 25% RNG

  25. I have 1,8K avg dmg on it and 38% wins… Silly WoT

  26. How do you get the round gun pointer? Help

  27. Yup, the retarded cap is a true nightmare especially on this map and also
    the Mines.

  28. Dat stare lol :)

  29. IMO, the Wolverine, Jackson, hellcat, t28 prot, and t30 are the most
    versatile tds in the game. The tier 5 and 6s have really good penetration
    guns. The wolverine can never not-make a profit, the hellcat can get where
    it needs to go, and the jackson has that slower speed so better handling.
    (and tiny m5 stuarts wont wreck you. The best part is that they can all
    equip camo, bino and you never have to move to fire- so you always have the

  30. What was going on with the covenanter platoon? Looks like they converge on
    the Rudi, then after about half a minute of them being around the Rudi, he
    fires and one of the covenanters is dead..
    Trolling platoon?

  31. Love my Slugger/Jackson. I have played it more than any of my other tanks
    as well as getting most kills in a match with it. Thanks for getting some
    game play vids of it up!

  32. Those Grille bounces…

  33. That face at 4:46 sums up the relationship between circon and rngesus

  34. would somebody buy me an AMX cdc?

  35. This didnt show how good the Jackson can be, it showed how poor the enemy

  36. T1 heavy taking third place with 15 damage

  37. GG, had to look up that flag to see it was Amsterdam.

  38. Confession time: I’ve always liked the Jackson more than the Hellcat. Even
    pre-nerf. Don’t know why, but it’s true! Great tank. Gave me the itch to
    dust mine off…

  39. Might just be me, but it seems the hellcat kinda sucks now . I never get a
    good team with the mm It gets then if I get a good team is like higher tier
    battle .

  40. I’m sorry circon I love you man but that look you had on your face when you
    missed those 2 potato shots on the grille had me crying xD much worth many
    wow not enough RNG on your side. nice meme

  41. I love my M36. It was my 1st tier 6, and is probably my longest owned

  42. D. Hall (Whiteknight 717)

    @4:46, the look of a man who wants to track down the morons who thought
    +/-25% rng was a good idea and use their shrunken and mummified skulls to
    plug the holes in a dike.

  43. Great game, in my Hellcat I still can not go over 2K damadge 🙁 …… I’ll
    get better in time ;)

  44. Great game Circon. The Slugger/Jackson has been a keeper in my garage for a
    few years now. I always felt it was a more comfortable TD to play than even
    the pre-nerf Hellcat. On another note, I had to finally take off Encounter
    as a game option. It gets really old having the rush to cap in every game.

  45. First Full HD ? O.o looking good!!

  46. I would like to ask all of you a question. How often did it happen to you
    that you saw something in the Chat or Circon doing something and then you
    wanted to type it in the Chat and then rememberd that you are on YouTube?
    Because i did this morethen once this year already.

  47. Matthew C (ToasterMatt)

    i stopped playing wot after the hellcat nerf. I love that tank too much

  48. The M36 really should be not in the game as its own tank.
    The majority of M36s that were ever made were re-gunned M10s rebuilt at
    depot level. And even the ones that left the factory as M36’s were
    identical to M10s below the turret.
    Also the M36 turret and 90mm gun should be the final unlock on the M4A3 so
    you can build your own M36B1

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