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  1. I aim, when I can, for the ammo box on the 88mm flak bus. Always goes boom for me.

  2. It’s the small things like that oof sound that makes me smile lol.

  3. Day 10??? of asking Phly to play the British Hampden TB I for 5000lbs of destruction at 1.7 in ground RB.

  4. True potential of M36 start at 25:17

  5. Ah yes the m36 jackson… a superb ambush predator and more so than some of the German tanks namesake’s. A cusorsy glance at the tank and the conclusion that is just a big gun is common, Tank destroyers had a designed function in doctrine to ambush and blunt enemy offenses and enemy armored spearheads. Chieftain has a great video on TD doctrine that lays it out. It’s worth a listen

  6. Not a big fan of this edit tbh

  7. This thing is on my 6.7 line up with a super hellcat and a couple of Pershings.
    Still strong at those brs, maybe not a first spawn, but great against second wave.

  8. The tortoise in the British tree doesn’t belong that high up. Virtually everything pens it, it’s slow and the gun isn’t anything special but the M36 gets fairy dust, smh haha

  9. 08:31 du bist sehr fucked (I’ve only been learning Germana week have mercy)

  10. I saw the thumbnail and i thought it was a Panther turret in a T14 hull ngl

  11. Heu Phly, what is your grass set to mate?

  12. while the m18 is at 5.7 Lol

  13. “I signed up for the Germans”- basically what every allied soldier says

  14. It’s so fast because it has Russian terrain resistance, looks like KV-1 rolling resistance.

  15. The hell cat and M36 were always my go to for america, even up tiering the hell cat it was still an effective TD. Mobility is just so useful

  16. Antony Theocharidis

    I’d take this over the M36B1 any day, and I couldnt care less about the HEAT.
    APHE supremacy.

  17. kamal khairi Kamaruddin

    That’s panther camouflage is cursed

  18. when are they gonna add the b-36?

  19. im dutch and i also speak german.. its: Wo sind die deutchers?

  20. without overpressure and overlap crap , M36 can be 5.7 . but once you get stationary artillary kills you every time . every heat round kills you everytime .
    short 88 killsyou every time . all by overpressure.

  21. This tanks is like the M10 and the Chaffee had a baby together

  22. Panther starts on 5,3 so , yeah .

  23. Whats the tank in the thumbnail? Looks like a T14


  25. Why are you not showcasing airplane to take with the tank? I miss those

  26. Audio is VEry Low!

  27. I skipped this vehicle because I thought he had the same performance as the M10 which for me was boring and slow as hell

  28. 10:28 Good overtake there, Verstappen would be proud.

  29. It is a nice vehicle.. And nice butchering of the arseholes in Ez mode nazis and commies vehicles.. Fuck em.

  30. I game I do research too

    Everytime you kill a tiger, I suffer internal pain, because we all know how much suffering those guys have to go through since gaijin made armor useless and their only advantage is armor..

  31. 15:31 Lovely nation china is
    Social credit +1000

  32. Oh hell no America deserves something like this

  33. If Nashorn can be 5.3 you can’t say shit

  34. -10000000 social credit

  35. you seem rather quiet in this video had to turn up the volume to hear you

  36. Goes to show average german main iq

  37. Hey phly you should try the italian m36 then, it gots a HEATFS round with 300 mm of pen at 5.7

  38. Day 259: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  39. Wait the m36 is now 5.3 holy shit HANZ HANZ! get the jagphanter I need help

  40. Im gonna start the ultimate quest

    Day 1 of asking phly to bring back the old intro

  41. The only down side from the hellcat comparison is the reverse speed.

  42. I am ecstatic that this is now at 5.3. Now Americans have a big gun at that rating. About fking time.

  43. 109,388 views, 488 comments, but only 6 likes. That’s a sad number, so here’s lucky number 7.

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