M4 45 – BUFF PLS!

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  1. I really don’t know why you think this tank needs buff. It is pritty damn good already.

  2. When you compare this directly to the t29 you would think they were different tiers.

  3. Did you mention the horrendous side armor?

  4. The gun handling needs a buff for sure, and then they have to either give it more speed or stronger armor. Which direction they go doesn’t matter that much as long as they focus on either speed or armor. At least some better turret armor.

  5. It’s a tiger 1 armor platform with tiger P gun handling and dpm, but gun depression….

  6. Don’t forget there is also the terrible Batchat 12t in which you need to grind multiple tanks. Just buff these, it’s no fun this way

    • BC 12T is absolutly amazing it dishes out that 680 damage clip so fast and runs and reloads so fast… only thing what could be better is that the turret should be on the rear of the tank like the rest ..

    • Well maybe I should forget about the old tier 8 light tanks… About time. Still love my M41 90 though

    • Only thing to buff on bc 12t is the view range to 390m. Cause apart from that its an amazing scout. Focus mainly on that. Best tier VIIi scout camo, best mobility yet shit view range

  7. M4 45 is great tank, that’s widely disregarded by the player base as such you can take advantage of them underestimating this tank…..

  8. If I could buff the M4 45, I’d improve gun stats (accuracy, dispersion, aim time, and I’d probably raise the dpm a little bit) and raise the top speed to like 40 or 41. It doesn’t need to be looked at like a Tiger clone just because it has 240 alpha and good pen.

  9. The Tiger II needs a buff too…

  10. that -1 gun depression it has over the sides was a realy funny joke from WG.

  11. I just got into the 50-100, and this was a bit of a grind. I have the same complaints as most. Bad gun handling, slow reload, minimal armor. Still did OK in it, but that gun takes ages to aim. Thanks for playing something no one likes to showcase on their channels… now for some more M3 Lee action.

    • Nicolae Ioachim Trică

      Mike Harner “M3lee action” sounds funny af, considering the tank looks like a handicaped war veteran with a head tumor xd

  12. ur supposed to mount the 100mm and shoot full APCR in this thing

  13. Imo, if they would just buff the turret front a bit and give it better gun handling, that would be fine for the tank.

  14. God damn I remember this thing. Never bought it again after I grinded it.


  16. It needs better accuracy/aim time and better dpm or mobility.
    Right now, with 3,5 sec aim time, it cant hit shit.

  17. i loved the m4 45 when i played it, maybe it just suited how i played at the time, but i always seemed to do well in it, even so the dpm was baaaaaad

  18. Yes buff the frackin front armor

  19. The number that people were questioning is the amount of shells you have remaining. It changes with each shot and it displays the shell type you load

  20. Honestly I’d like a boost to speed and agility, maybe gun handling, make it more of a support tank that can stay with the fight and relocate to get better shots

    • “Maybe gun handling”
      Yes cause I want to go around 50kph and then have to stop 200m away from enemy, aim for literally 10 seconds to just miss my shot

    • eh. The gun handling could be better, but that’s what crew skills and the gun laying drive are for. Personally I’d like more flexibility and to not feel so damn ponderous

    • Eagle262 sorry but 3 perks with bia, vents, gld, food,gun handling perks and it’s still beyond fucking trash

    • Eagle262 it’s like Rhm Pzwagen before change. On paper – 1.9 aim time and 0.36 accuracy, seems amazing, but the gun handling was soo awfulll… While T100LT has 0.44 acc and 2.1 aim, but gun handling is GOD LIKE (best in game)

    • Eagle262 I’d like better gun handling to not feel handicapped

  21. This tanks has only 1 good thing – penetration on top gun. Other than that it’s atrocious.
    – 35 km/h and lackluster acceleration
    – godawful gun handling
    – no armor
    – no dpm

    • KR33P and above avg view range

    • KR33P and acceleration is actually pretty decent (18bhp/t)

    • Lol what? how 360m is above avg? You should check the vr stats on tier VII tanks (excluding LT) again.
      Unless you’re comparing it only to USSR HT which is kinda pointless thing to do.
      Also acceleration isn’t pretty. It’s hindered by mediocre terrain resistances. It’s closer to 15-16 hp/t to be exact.

    • What? I thought it has 370m LOL
      Then it has nothing to go for it (but srsly, acceleration isn’t this bad (best accelerating tier VII HT)

  22. le forestier damien

    that’s the first tank i thought i’d rather pay than continue the grind -_-” full female crew, fully developped, still shit…

  23. gonna buy it back for the grind to tier 8

  24. Started grinding dailys yesterday with personal reserves.Patch is supposed to go live in about a month.Hopefully I’ll have enough xp by that time.

  25. If it does get buffed, I wonder if it will be the same situation as the Panzer III/IV. Really good results before the buff, increased credits+xp=win rate after the buff.

  26. Good review, and yes it needs a buff, just a better gun handling maybe?

  27. Pen is not bad, but the ROF is. Even vs a Tiger you are screwed. As it’s basically a HT with no armor, with the crap ROF of the Tiger P. It needs at least 1.5 sec fast reload on the 90 mm. And buff the 105 to be an alternative with less DPM, but a tiny bit more pen vs the 90mm etc. I am playing it atm for the new tech tree changes. And I remember why I hated it. It’s not even a good support HT.

    • Balc0ra’s Gaming RoF is very good. You trade dpm for amazing -gun- pen. This tank is bad in every respect. What it only has is the pen on long 90 and above average view range. Everything else is worse than trash

    • Sure the pen is good for a tier 7 HT. But that pen is useless, when almost everything out dpm’s you. And your armor bounces nothing. Tiger has an insane ROF and great pen since he has 100mm flat armor, and is a support HT. Tiger P has 200mm armor and is not a support HT. So he got a 3 sec slower reload. AMX should be between those , but he is by the Tiger P more so then in the middle. If my armor was effective. I would not complain about that ROF. But it’s not. So either make it a support HT and buff the gun. Or buff the armor and keep the gun as slow as the Tiger P. As you said, everything is trash. So is the Tiger.. besides the gun, thus it works. AMX just don’t.

  28. #buffM4-45

  29. Does 3633 DMG in tier VII, asks for buff 😀 You could have done something more convincing 🙂

    • Expletives But it really need a buff. 3,6K for this tank is EXEPTIONALLY good. While for other tier VIIs even 4K is kinda “meh”

  30. If they buff this, could they also buff the Tiger P? The Tiger P gets 9 sec reload on the same type of gun, gets less pen, debateable armour with humungous weakspots, and about the same speed.

    But hey, I haven’t played this tank, whereas I’m grinding through the Tiger P now.

  31. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    I just played through the BlackPrince. It is WAAAY worse than this. I played through this too and had a way less painful experience

  32. there was a large comment thread that got deleted fro some reason

  33. What!!!! That’s one of my favourite tanks in the f***ing game!!! Call me an idiot, but damn I love the m4 45!!! All I want for it is to mount a VSTAB like you could a couple of ears ago, which buffed it from bulls*** awesome snapshots to f*** you I can’t miss shots. That gun is amazing!!! I’ll always love it in matches with no higher than tier 9 tanks. And the m4 45 is a super stable, semi reliably armoured and agile (if not fast) platform for it. If the tank could go 5 km faster it might just be my second favourite tank… FCM will always be my favourite though…

  34. Took mine out again first 3 games kv-2 in side, o-ni derp gun in the side, o-ho derp gun in the side 🙂 I found you can not snap shot but had to fully aim if you do then gun performs if not all over the place.

  35. It definitely needs some love ths tank and the ARL 44 in regards of Aim time and dpm. Just to make them bearable.

  36. Tiger P don’t like this video

  37. I will say the one cool thing about this tank is as soon as you unlock it about half of the upgrades are already done.

  38. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    i am not bothered with the caliber… if the gun had a better DPM and better andling (aim and accuracy) and a litle better agility and torret front armour (just enought that you could use the gun depression, with out making it too OP)

  39. surely not as bad as the Black Prince 20kmh and 150 alpha and armour you can ignore…

  40. It’s supposed to be a Tiger chassis with a better engine, but for some reason the M4 caps at 35kpm while the German Tiger can reach 40 despite having literally no reason to surpass the other tank in top speed. In fact, If you or another big-name content maker for the game could highlight this particular info in some way, I think that’d be a huge step in getting WG to take a look at the tank.

    If it were up to me, I’d make two changes to the guns on this tank gun-wise. First, I’d normalize the alpha on the 105mm… It should just be 320 on both AP and APCR shells, like on the T29/T32. The pen values and accuracy on this gun are where they should be, it has crazy dpm but poor pen and handling. The AP rounds have lower pen than the IS, so there’s nothing wrong with that AP also having the same alpha as the T29 with the dpm of a Tiger. That and the aim time are plenty of tradeoff, which the player then has more than enough room to mitigate at their leisure via GLD, crew skills, etc. The second would be a small buff to the AP rounds on the F3, it’s clear that this gun should be a middle ground in pen between the 105mm and the DCA45, and 170 is not nearly enough of a step up from the 105mm’s 165. So for the F3 to really stand evenly, the AP pen should be somewhere between 180/190. Aside from that… eh.

  41. can you give us a link to your mod cicron?

  42. this tank blows, i’ll free xp to the new tier 8 rather than play this crap again

  43. I hate the low top speed! 35 kph is so slow. And it has a decent power to weight ratio so if it could go 40-45 it would be more tolerable.

  44. Cironflexe what modpack do you use and does it work for apple laptops? If so can you give me the link to download it?

  45. Thank you for reminder

  46. The 50/100 was good til they nerfed it. It does okay as long as you got shells in the chamber but once you run out you just a big easy paper weight with mediocre armor
    Its the T9 and T10 tanks that are best.

  47. It’s just my opinion or most people in this server are braindead compared to sea?..

  48. I agree with the gun buff, but it also needs a speed buff. It is sometimes to slow to get into or out of the fight. View range is another problem. I run with coated optics as I dare not to skip the fire extinguisher. As in this video the M4 45 is surprisingly good in top tier MM but sucks otherwise.

  49. Galant Human it’s good when played by good players with x perk crews and food and shit

  50. Skott62 50 100’s only weakness is its 3 year reload. Apart from that its very good. You will be surprised how much better the gun handling is, even tho on paper it should be worse. 50 120 is boring. I rebought mine but sold it after 20 games. If the in clip reload was like 3sec or even 2.73 then it would be quite fun. Now it’s good, but meh.
    And 50B is straight up not boring 50 120

  51. +Double Double 4G
    well, what about the BP ? Its way worse then the M4 45, you dont have enough armor but still have 20 km/h speed limit, with weak pen and alpha…
    +Galant Human
    well, if you run the 90mm, almost any other t7 heavy would be better as a top tier… Tiger 1 : more dpm, IS : alpha, T29 : invulnerability ( and almost same dpm ), Tiger P : trollish front armor, better dpm… Circon being what he is, there was no doubt he could carry this battle…
    With the 90mm, the amx m4 45 is one of those tanks where you’re gonna be much more usefull as a low tier since you can stay afar with good pen and accuracy to provide fire support ( even if, as such, you’re still rather useless, since low tiers are what they are… and the Tiger Brothers do this job much better than the Anemix m4 45 )

  52. “want want a tiger with less dpm, similar mobility, and no side armor?”

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