M4 54 Nerfed After 1 Patch + After Billions Years, Mines Rework | World of Tanks Update 1.19+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks BZ-176, Jet Booster Heavy Tanks. World of Tanks 116-F3, Tier 10 Chinese Autoloading Heavy Tank. World of Tanks T32M, Tier 8 . World of Tanks Map Rebalance – Steppes, Mines, Live Oaks, Cliff Westfield. World of Tanks Update 1.19+ Patch News.

Video chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Jet Booster Premium
01:17 116-F3 Changes
02:25 M47 Patton
03:00 T32M vs T32
04:00 AMX M4 line Nerf
06:50 Steppes Changes
08:05 Mines Changes
09:15 Westfield Changes
12:14 Live Oaks Changes
15:05 Cliff Changes

In today's news video going to cover cople older topics and tanks which were changed a bit, but the main focus on another batch of map changes.

What do you think?


  1. I guess the biggest thing to take away from the M4 “NERF” (which doesn’t change the gameplay of that too much) is the speed they did it with… Are things changing in the office? Also, what do you think about all the map reworks, like it or not?
    Here are all the video chapters for your viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:40 Jet Booster Premium
    01:17 116-F3 Changes
    02:25 M47 Patton Improved
    03:00 T32M vs T32
    04:00 AMX M4 line Nerf
    06:50 Steppes Changes
    08:05 Mines Changes
    09:15 Westfield Changes
    12:14 Live Oaks Changes
    15:05 Cliff Changes

    • I love the changes to Steppes, Mines and Cliffs, they were badly needed for those maps. However, I’m not too sure about Westfield and Live Oaks.

      The major issue on Westfield was that the heavy flank from the south just had too big of an advantage and I don’t think the changes to the map have done anything about that. In fact, they might have actually made the north heavy flank even weaker.

      For Live Oaks I’m a bit ambivalent. I can’t really say anything about the changes in the city, I’d have to play there before forming my opinion, but definitely like the two buildings they added on the east flank when you want to push to the north team’s base across the —line. However , I don’t like that they made the area in the south-east corner bigger for the south team. In the north-west corner I think it was a good idea to make the crossing to the city easier for heavy tanks, but one thing that I hate is that they added a building in the lower end of B2-3, which means you can’t get crossshots that way anymore. From the north flank that was my favorite opening move and considering that the north flank already has it a bit harder to play on the south-east flank, I don’t think that the city needed to be changed in favor of the south team all that much. I might be kinda biased on this one though.

      But all in all I have to say, that I do like the way how WG is changing the game recently.

      And obviously thanks for the interesting and informative coverage Dez!

    • @justin jia AMX 65T got nerfed because it would stand out and not fit in with +5 km/h, but WG could have buffed it a little for a change.

    • Put the memes in the bag Nii-chan

      IS 7 needs buff :V gun is wonky as hell, upper hull armor is like a butter now and getting penned even if it was facing them frontally not on an angle

    • They sucessfully buffed mines northspam because now if you drive freom the south to the little island you can not support your heavies in the middle because of the rock.

    • @justin jia Yeah, I wonder when you actually manage to get to the top speed with it ever 😀

  2. I dreamed about a super simplefied tech tree in which for example Italien and Sweden are one nation today

  3. you just cannot trust Wargaming anymore!!!!

  4. amd mines is still unbalanced… South spawn is still way closer to hill than North spawn.

  5. Fucking hell i just bought tier9 amx m4 51.

  6. Eweryone hate Mines on wrong side.
    Skill:There is no losing spawn…

  7. Did u say mines map is getting reworked omg! Its about friggen time!

  8. So what they do essentially is creating a New York city block structure. If you drive into lane A you’ll be shooting at who drives into lane A from the opposing side. You can’t reach the crossroads because you’ll die before that by autoloader fire or simply from 6 enemies shooting at you.
    The one ‘idiot’ who went into lane B is out of the battle, but can’t flank. No, instead he needs to drive all the way to the end of lane B where he get hammered by the redline campers.

    Yes, what a great game. The stalemate > snowball starts now even before you have moved, and is already dictated by tank lineup and RNG.
    If you miss the first 3 shots and you know a hulldown monster is opposing you, its an autoloss, because you can’t do shit.

    We want NEW maps.. NEW… 3 letters which you seem to have no problem using for introducing tanks nobody asks for, yet when it comes to maps…

  9. Grille 15 buff when. I dont even really care about the troll gun. Just pls buff the cammo value. My WT Pz IV have double the cammo of the grille. That just doesnt make sense.

  10. And even now, no 2nd way to hill on mines… Otherwise looking good.

  11. the amx 65t is so bad whyyyyy

  12. Wait, op tank buff gets instant Nerf?

    This isn’t wargaming

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  14. No they never nerfed anything in the next patch. And their team should use their heads a bit more. Cause it worth player’s their time and credits to recreate their tanks into the usefull status after their mostly stupid changes. Also there are tanks that should be nerfed instead of this like Chief or obj 279e.

  15. we dont know when patch/expantion is hiting

  16. The french heavy tier 9 was NOT buffed in recent patch. !!!

  17. We need more open maps where you can have enough space for maneuver, different aproaches etc. Most of the maps are two sided and linear so you go left or right, east or west… so many rocky and hill maps! Karelia is my favorite with all tank types, Prohorovka and Campinovka should get winter versions etc

  18. Late happy birthday Dez! I just need to play about 5 games to get M4 54 and now they’re already nerfing it. It’s just not fair!

    • Tank still will be very good and fun, biggest change that instead of 45kph you are going 40. thats still solid speed for a heavy tank

  19. I personally don’t like seeing those kind of “mirrored” maps they are trying to inforce nowadays… I mean let the map balance itself by having one flank with weaker positions and other with stronger positions, then players/clans will decide which part of the map they want to take and which to just control. Don’t force unnecessary total map fights from all positions all over the map. That’s boring af.

  20. If only they buffed some tanks like the Bisonte and Chieftain P. Those tanks are ass

  21. You gotta stroke the gun to make it hard again

  22. That t8 nerf won’t be noticable at all. You never get past 35 in that tank anyway even with a turbo or grousers

  23. Complaints Department

    The 65t was already a piece of shit, even after the buffs. The stock turret is better than the upgraded just due to the shape of it. It’s already fucking slow and couldn’t reach 40kph even on flat ground! Why the hell are they nerfing it again?

  24. Ramming with rocket-boosted Maus? We want jet-booster equipment 🙂

  25. Yo Dez, texted you on insta. Please read it asap.

  26. I got and email from you stating I had won a prize is this a Scam!!

  27. Femke Nynke de jong

    that picture of amx in the beginning xD

  28. and i sold it one day after nerf couse i dont like to be fooled around

  29. from 40 down to 35 does hit it quite hard, not as hard as the Kran but looking at other tech trees it’s just plain dumb to keep on nerfing top speeds.

  30. Femke Nynke de jong

    looks little bit cheap the change in the maps. typical WG, you pay alot for something but they change little bit , but new maps no !!! only the same boring maps

  31. On Cliff Point 1,3,4 and 5 are actually only there to prevent climbing. Makes me sad

  32. I have played the AMX 65t as recently as today – it is super sluggish as it is, and now they want to nerf mobility even further? It’s honestly not that the tank is op in any way after the recent buffs, so that seems kind of stupid. Also, the mines rework is a huge disappointment; the north side will still be able to get to the hill first, which is a massive advantage, especially on high-tier matches – good scouts can basically spot any enemy tanks in the south right up to the red line. Can’t say I’m impressed … and I have not even started on WG’s policy to start making M(money) editions of tech tree tanks like the T32, which are nothing but premium carbon copies.

  33. the AMX nerf is stupid… they never touch broken, unbalanced and OP tanks with 0 weakspots… yet once a perfectly balanced tank gets picked up by top players on the server, it gets nerferd halfway back to the ground… the mobility was one of the reasons people pick this vehicle up lol

  34. the amx 65t is absolute dogshit unless you got the big gun, but that one costs 46k exp and is not needed to progress.

  35. Wargaming needs to fire map designer immediately
    Almost all maps are garbage and are improving very, very slowly.
    But the game is dying fast

  36. I think the m4 54 needs very little nerf as it has very low shell penetration, a lot of weak points in the turret and hull, and a very huge tank size.
    But why haven’t they nerfed Kranvagn in years? Even without mentioning the Chieftain, which has no flaws at all, the m4 54 is about to be nerfed just a month after it went from garbage to a pretty good tank.

  37. They definitely should start nerfing those tier 8 is4 premium tanks that were a hot topic like 1 or 2 months ago…

    And normal russian tech tree tank can be nerfed too imo

  38. Good things are happening in WG lately. Balanced premium tanks. Only 2 arties. Less EBRs. Default 6th sense. Map fixes. Maybe they balance gold ammo next. Thank you Dez.

  39. Mines just needs and extra entrypoint to the hill on the east side and it would be balanced.

  40. Why are they nerfing the poor AMX 65T? Fxxking developers don’t seem to have any knowledge of this game at all.

  41. Nem sikerült jó nevet találni

    Me: finally get the tier 10 AMX
    WG: haha f u
    A wanted to use as a ramming tank, but wg dont let u enjoy the game

  42. I feel like the Mines change is going to make it even a worse map. We’ll have to see how it plays though

  43. Amazing , only 11 years to listen to players and making minor changes to MINES… Question: do WoT developers play their own game?

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