M4 Improved Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

First Ace in the M4 . It really isnÙt a tank!

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  1. Typical “Irish” M-plate 😀 Gotta love it.

  2. Brian “geeknik” Carpenter

    I like this tank. I hate the slow shell trajectory on the standard ap
    shells though.

  3. God you are a good advocate Irish. I have the Ram II and the Fury and so I
    had rejected this as I really like the M4 and don’t need another U.S.
    medium premium for crew trainig. Now you have pushed my collector
    button…damn it all!

  4. I keep coming back to your reviews, because of some of the points you made
    in this video of other reviewers, as a tier 5 premium it is decent, it has
    better mobility than the T14. Also the M4 Improved has surprising good on
    the move accuracy, better than the Ram II, so it might just be the range at
    which your taking shots.

  5. Like you said, it’s nothing special and the gun is lack-luster. I still
    don’t see them very often. I wonder how many they sold and how that
    compares with other tier five medium tanks they’ve sold. I’ll bet it would
    have done a bit better if it had been sold form the tech tree rather than
    with a bundle.

  6. Got ace tanker first game still don’t understand why. Did not seem to be
    anything special, only trying it out as I had bought it.

  7. I don’t know if you had a chance to see but KV-220 is no longer special mm
    after the “buff”.
    Edit: this only appears in my garage via Aslains modpack there is no info
    in wiki for now.

  8. i like the tank, it works for me, got it as a gift from a friend, and i
    enjoy to drive it, good video.

  9. By the way I LOVE it when OI’s get killed by Arty. Big stupid fictional OP
    pieces of crap that they are. Heh heh!

  10. I think the reason that it gets a lot of hate is because of the mediocrity.
    WG is the thing to hate because they sell this shite. They seem to have
    contempt for their viewers/players. That is the reason for all the well
    deserved hate.

  11. I will wait for a special offer for the tank. Couldn’t see it in the shop
    or the wiki so I’ll need to refer to your review when comparing prices.
    Thing is I’ve completed MT missions so my mediums are not getting much love
    from me at the mo’. I can wait. Oh and first!

  12. love you voce!!

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