M4 Rev. goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. hey FOCH, love the vids and your honest oppinion, so here is mine 😉 are
    you using a script when doing your vids? you would have far less hangups
    and pauses when talking, resulting in a more fluent and engaging
    commentary. this last one was especially “boring” from your side to listen
    to. i dont mind your rants and insults, thats your style and i subscribed
    because of it but i almost fell asleep this time due to the monotone sound
    as if it were a backround noise and ii felt as if i was simply watching a
    standard replay by any other player. we know you make it look eas, but dont
    make it lok boring 😉

  2. Miodrag Mijatović

    There’s summer on the Baltic sea? Kappa

  3. “Obnoxious”, haven’t heard that one in that context yet XD “Oblivious”
    would be a better choice but hey, your channel, your rules 😀

    Nice match, due to your videos on this things I was tempted to buy it last

    I think you didn’t get focussed in that match because arty and most of the
    enemy team didn’t have XVM installed for a change, nice if it happens :)

  4. Its good to see you back sir. Great video!

  5. ‫عبد الهادي‬‎

    i love you :P

  6. Hanfgurkenhasser

    This tank was probably the best investment in this game.
    Getting so many ridiculous highrolls in it. 😀

    Playing in a platoon of 2 can also be loads of fun as toptier, you just rip
    through enemies with this insanely high alpha.

  7. Jantje van Speijk

    NP about the schedule Foch, you uploaded a metric butt ton of videos a
    while back so taking a relaxing break into the sun is more than logical!

  8. Double Double 4G

    Great vid, great game, my good sir!

    Gotta disagree with you on the M4 Reverse, though – it’s a tier 5 Sherman
    with a bigger gun that can see tier 10s! If I’m gonna have crap armor, I’d
    at least like some speed. I honestly don’t know why anyone would buy this
    when you could get the CDC instead.

  9. Could I have enemies like that for once?

  10. obnoxious, oblivous
    hope you had and have a good holiday and summertime

  11. Goch the word for the tiger 2 I’d oblivious. obnoxious means something like
    really disgusting. like that guys face was obnoxious.
    they end and begin similarly so it’s easy to mix up.

  12. fcm 50t or rev 4?

  13. Why do i rarely get to play against retarded teams that just sit in the
    open and get shot. That NEVER happens for me.

  14. How should you play this map with big and slow tanks like kv4 line tanks/
    superpershing/ löwe/ t34 / ???????? If i try to reach the heavy corner on
    the east i often receive some shots from mid or get spotted and raped by

  15. why you stopped saying “Duaaaa” when the ace tanker shows ? its really

  16. why not goes bacon or something?

  17. what is that gamage indicator at the top left

  18. Hahahah at 4:39 he bounces off of the Tiger 2’s hull and the shell pens the
    turrent XD

  19. even Foch needs a bit of vitamin D now and then

  20. damn I’m going to buy this tank

  21. hi. sorry for my bad english!

  22. Enemy bot team ftw lol gg

  23. been awhile foch great to see you back

  24. oh shit whattup

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