M4 Rev LIVE review

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System specs: Asus Z170 Pro LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 2080 Super
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. no cap kill all loss lol this is how ez wins are lost

  2. I like it, but 200 pen is just sad imo.

    I have a mark on it, but I wish it just had a little more pen.

  3. I love me the M4 Rev. I remember being giddy when it finally got the upgraded engine and 10 degrees gun depression as a buff. Just feel like it always works

  4. bartek Bgraczyk

    That arty shot was actually so annoying, typical wot. Shit

  5. bartek Bgraczyk

    100% understand your frustration, that is bots wot sadly now

  6. Henri Aernoudts

    This tank is the best bang for your buck currently in the tech tree. Not gonna say 7200 gold is a steal for some pixels but it’s so much cheaper than the other good tanks.

    • Don’t forget that its one of the better money-makers as far as premiums go too. Its a dirt-cheap vehicle to run and repair, with big alpha and APCR standard ammo (which helps a little against all the spaced armor everything else has now).

      Its not strong compared to some of the other premium tanks available at tier VIII, but I chalk that more up to the fact that this tank is actually balanced.

    • @Λndy it’s a good credit maker right

  7. Love the new video format!

  8. DarknessInferno15

    I actually do prefer this to your old content. It’s like a mix of your old stuff and the content Circon puts out,

  9. I like how this thing has the same alpha as a T44 with the 122, but the T44 sacrifices so much to get that alpha, DPM, pen, velocity, a working fucking gun, everything, while this thing gets the 390 alpha for free cuz the gun is actually ok. Idc if you say “but the M4 revolver has no armor” neither does the T44. Yes you can bounce with the T44 from time to time, but is not reliable. Nor a fair trade

    • T44 is better platform then this tank. This is not a fair comparison.

    • @Nekdo no is not. The gun on the T44 sucks while the gun on the M4 actually works. Yes the T44 is faster and has more armor, but the M4 has the way better gun. I would play the M4 any day of the week over the T44, even tho I play the T44 with the 122 for the memes

  10. That`s some fochTiming there with that T95. I would`ve the game uninstalled after experience such as that.

  11. Sometimes pushing your ally against a hill or rock to help flip them helps, I had to flip a jagtiger 4 times with my panther 2 against a rock.

  12. That Jagdtiger was never stuck, he just hadn’t found his A and D keys yet. Although a loss, that game must have been a valuable learning experience for him. Not sure if the M46 understood the idea of wreckage blocking shots by the end of that game though.

  13. mediocre tank at best….200 pen is not helping

  14. The M4 Rev basically is what the AMX CDC should be!

  15. Thanks for another vid Foch, I subscribed to you way back when when I used to play this god awful game ( it wasn’t quite so obviously toxic back then apart from artillery ) I do still enjoy watching you play though and you’re salt inducing efforts 🙂 Keep up the good work

  16. 440 milion credits ?!?!?!
    do you need more gold tho ? lol =)))))

  17. I would prefer having AP instead of APCR

  18. 3:59 is just beautiful. “He’s probably gonna shoot blind now”

  19. I own it, and I love it, it’s a great credit maker tanks, sirfoch forgot to mention how cheap it is to shoot the standard round, the round only cost less than 500 creds (not quite remember) and good damage per shot

  20. Foch with the streamer MM DansGame.

  21. I hate this tank and you show it why i do it.
    Arty destory this tank very fast, the armor is a joke for high tier artys.
    Even the Cars pen this tank with no problem with he.
    Its big, slow and has no armor only the gun is ok.

    But the good gun has another big problem only 200 pen with apcr.
    When you push the 2 key then the shells fly like slow motion.

  22. I remember your older M4 Rev video. Just as in this one today you mentioned that the reload is just long enough to get unspotted between shots which fits the tank nicely.
    I bought it back then and it was one of my favorite tanks but nowadays the pen feels a bit low thanks to the armor powercreep. But it still is a very enjoyable tank to play.

  23. That second game was the perfect reminder as to why I stopped playing this game entirely. Gave my account to my clan as a sock and said fuck it, do what you will with this shit, I’m done. The trouble is you can’t just play this game for the competitive side. Eventually you HAVE to play randoms, because you HAVE to earn credits and XP in their bullshit economy.

  24. Scott McLaughlin

    Was playing earlier and had nearly 5k combined damage with the FV4202P and got more or less one shot by a tier 10 artillery. Sucks the small amount of fun out the game.

  25. Joubert Jasokie

    I personally love my Sherman E8, even though its seriously under powered now, no armor and a plink plink gun but It handles very well.

  26. It’s a fun tank, the only downside is the pen is slightly lacking on the standard shells considering the armour power creep

    Games against tier 10’s can be rough

  27. Love the Rev but it can’t carry most of the time. You can’t push with it. But it’s fun..

  28. Skorpion is better in everyway.

    • No it is not. They are different tanks. People saying this shit eater do not own both or do not know how to play them.

  29. This tank with that thicc gun was all well and good, until they released Guard.

  30. Great content Foch! You have always been my favorite WOT player. I love the new format!

  31. social3ngin33rin

    @7:04 LOLOLOL YES!!!!!!
    @12:32 wonderful game changes for anti-teamkilling…

  32. how the fuck does this thing have 10 degrees of gun depression
    seems historical allright

  33. I just had a nearly 6k damage carry yesterday in my Renegade but arty penned me aswell. 🙁

  34. Le Compensator.

  35. Dude u really need to do something about the keyboard noise, it’s freaking annoying.

  36. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    The audacity to bitch about arty, just don’t camp like that you noobshit.

  37. I really like this tank as it is basically a charioteer-esqe gun, which is a really solid td, and gives it better dispersion while moving etc

  38. Lovely tank, the cheapest tier 8 premium that isn’t a light tank
    Unmatched alpha at it’s pricepoint
    The platform does just well enough to make it work
    A good bang for your buck if I ever seen one, cheers for giving it some good rep amongst all those expensive OP premiums 🙂

  39. Really like these live reviews. Nice format!

  40. As SirFoch mentioned, this premium is a tier 5 Sherman with a big boom on it…
    AND since tier 5 Shermans can be penned by tier 5 arties, its not such a big wonder when tier 7 ‘clicker’ does the same, especially from behind…

  41. Good stuff. That arty pen and subsequent loss would have caused me to switch off for the night.

  42. Honestly, the reason why me and the boys bought this tank was for the 1500 m/s apcr shell velocity which basically meant I never really had to lead a shot.

  43. You need “RTX Voice” for that loud keyboard man

  44. Thanks Foch.

  45. 14:41 I’m dying xDDD

  46. Btw we are waiting for T-34-3 god to show us how to play this outdated tank

  47. Question for my understanding: Why didn’t you go to the 0 line an the last map, where most meds would go?

  48. Seeing games like the 2nd one, makes me remember why i left this game long time ago

  49. 17:06 well, well, well, looks like now in this game every retard can get stats almost 60% and a PR over 10k…., amazing game

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